Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

This woman from India is set to enter the Guinness Book Of World Records for having the most fingers and toes in the world

***EXCLUSIVE*** Kumari Nayak, 63, was born with polydactylism - a common abnormality at birth where the person has extra fingers and toes. She has 19 toes and 12 fingers in total and is set to enter the Guinness Book of World Records this year. Kumari beats the previous record holder, Devendra Suthar who is also from India and entered the record book in 2014 with 14 toes and 14 fingers.

Mum reveals shock at being told birthmark on hand had turned cancerous – and needed two skin grafts to cover huge scar

***EXCLUSIVE*** This woman’s hand BIRTHMARK turned CANCEROUS leaving doctors no choice but to operate - resulting in her needing TWO skin grafts to cover the HORRIFIC SCAR. Technical saleswoman, Kristina Findalen (37), from Copenhagen, Denmark, was on holiday with her children and father in Italy in 2018, when she noticed some changes to her birthmark. What had always been an innocuous mark on her right palm suddenly became a nuisance as it began to grow in size, itch and lose its colour. Returning home in August 2018, Kristina visited her doctor who referred her to a dermatologist for further investigation. It was at this appointment in November 2018 that Kristina first became worried that the anomaly in her birthmark could be something sinister.

25-year-old Youtuber reveals how she saved a whopping £14,000 on a £20k salary in just one year by giving up ubers, takeaway coffees and alcohol - and is now hoping to save enough to retire in ten years time

***EXCLUSIVE*** Recent figures revealed that 53% of millennials in the UK, aged between 20-30 years old, have no savings at all. But Rachael Zoey, 25, from South-West London managed to save a whopping £14,000 on a £20,000 salary in just ONE YEAR. The 25-year-old You Tuber gave up everything from Ubers to takeaway coffees and expensive hair appointments to save the impressive sum. She is even hoping to continue her saving and put aside enough to have the option of an early retirement in ten years’ time.  Rachael - who currently works as a live-in nanny but is studying to be a nutritionist - is now revealing the savvy saving strategies she used. She is hoping to help others achieve financial security through her YouTube channel (Rachael Zoey) Inspiring Rachael believes no-one is ever too old to start saving and just putting aside £100 per week could be the difference between retiring with £1 million in 35 years time or nothing at all. She explains: „I started saving in November 2018 and within a year, I had saved £14,000 on a £20,000 salary. To do this, I adopted a minimalist mindset and completely changed my spending. I stopped everything from ubers, facials, dying my hair, unnecessary expensive food, buying alcohol to getting coffee out every day.”

A KFC restaurant is believed to the first in Britain to have installed BULLETPROOF glass in order to protect staff

***EXCLUSIVE*** Earlier this week a store in Birmingham was branded as "Britain's roughest" after putting up protective security wiring to prevent workers from being attacked.  But now it has emerged a branch in Nottingham has taken an even more drastic measure with a bulletproof screen which separates workers from the public.  The fast food giant has previously done the same in Detroit, USA, - but it is understood to be the first time they have done so over here.  Customers at the Alfreton Road branch on the outskirts of the city - previously dubbed 'Shottingham' due to the high levels of gun crime - are greeted by the unsightly screen which covers most of the serving area. KFC has refused to comment on the reasons behind taking the security measure at the Nottingham store but confirmed it was bullet proof glass.

Louis Vuitton opens a restaurant in Osaka

***EXCLUSIVE***After news broke recently that Louis Vuitton was planning to open a restaurant in Osaka, the French house has now given a look inside its new Louis Vuitton Maison Osaka Midosuji, complete with restaurant and cafe. The space &x2014; dubbed Le Café V &x2014; is a collaboration with Japanese chef Yosuke Suga, and sits on the top floor of the Jun Aoki and Peter Marino-designed store.

An eight-year-old racked up a £1,857 bill playing online iPad games - after she figured out how to spend money using her own fingerprint

***EXCLUSIVE*** Katie Phillips, 35, was devastated when she realised her daughter - who she has chosen not to name - had spent the cash in just six days. The schoolgirl made 255 purchases - ranging from 99p to £19.99 - in a spending splurge on game-making app Roblox. It comes despite Katie and husband Matty, 42, password protecting in-app purchases on their daughter's gadget. But somehow she worked out how to bypass the password needed to make purchases and set her own fingerprint as the default payment method. The couple from Wrexham, north Wales, say they are unsure how they will pay off the bill. Katie said she has confiscated the iPad from her daughter until at least April and has banned her from iTunes games forever as punishment. Katie, from Wrexham, said: „I felt sick and was in floods of tears. I was so shocked, disappointed and annoyed. It was hard to be too angry with her because she didn’t really know what she was doing and she didn’t understand. We are really angry but she is innocent. She said she thought it was free. She does look sorry. She looked white when we spoke to her about it and she started crying. But she just doesn’t realise how much money she spent and what that means.” Katie said she has tried to get money back from Barclaycard and Apple but because the card wasn’t used for fraud she’s unlikely to get any money back.

These unusual pictures have surfaced showing an albino rabbit happily snacking on grass while riding the bus

***EXCLUSIVE*** Londoners see a lot of strange things during their daily commute across the country's capital but one thing you would never expect to see is a white rabbit riding the bus. This was not the case for Suzanne Azzopardi who witnessed exactly that while taking the 55 bus in Lower Clapton, Hackney, East London. The pictures show the rabbit contently nibbling on grass while calmly enjoying the bus ride full of commuting Londoners.