Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Woman, 62, reveals how she's gone from being an 'average mummy' to a part-time model after finding her sense of style in her 50s

***EXCLUSIVE*** This glam woman in her SIXTIES puts her STUNNING physique down to „GOOD GENES” and admits she EATS WHAT SHE WANTS and doesn’t follow fashion. Business owner and part-time model, Nikki Redcliffe (62) who lives in Brighton, UK, has always been fashion-forward since and even as a child she would spend all her pocket money on her wardrobe. Her interest in fashion followed her throughout the years, even into her career when she left university and became a marketing executive in the fashion cosmetics industry. Although she was attractive in her twenties and thirties, she didn’t have as much confidence and even considered having cosmetic surgery. It wasn’t until she was in her fifties that she began developing her own unique style after drifting away from fashion trends and finding that no shops accommodated her individual taste. She is now firmly against the idea of cosmetic surgery and decided that instead of trying to turn back the clock, she would embrace the journey of ageing. She began posting photos of her vintage style wardrobe on Instagram and discovered a whole community dedicated to bringing back the fashion styles of the 1940s and 1950s. Her glamorous vintage look attracted an impressive following of 29,000. A few years ago, she was approached by a modelling agency who she signed with and has since done part-time modelling. She is using her platform to prove that just because you have surpassed the age of 50, it doesn’t make you „irrelevant” or „invisible”.

Lottery-winning single mum uses £250,000 win to give birth to miracle IVF baby

A Lottery-winning NHS nurse who survived a cervical cancer scare has given birth to a miracle IVF baby, paid for with her winnings. Rebecca Brown pocketed a life-changing £250,000 when her Mirror-reading family syndicate won the £1million jackpot in August 2016. But she was left devastated two years later when doctors found pre-cancerous cells of the cervix during a routine test. Rebecca, 39, was told if she wanted children she should have them “sooner rather than later” amid hysterectomy fears. So she decided to spend a chunk of her National Lottery winnings on IVF treatment - and fell pregnant after two rounds. Rebecca is now celebrating the birth of daughter Ethel, who was born by caesarean section weighing 7lbs 10ozs last week.

Former Goldman Sachs worker swapped Wall Street for spiritual fulfillment after she sold all her possessions and bought a one-way ticket to India where she studied yoga, meditation and reiki, a form of energy healing

***EXCLUSIVE*** A banker swapped Wall Street for an ashram in India. Sura Kim, 44, was making almost half a million dollars a year when she turned her back on the world of finance. The ex-financier, who began her career at investment bank Goldman Sachs, sold all her possessions and bought a one-way ticket to India where she studied yoga, meditation and reiki, a form of energy healing. Sura said living the “five star lifestyle” and working in finance in New York left her feeling unfulfilled. The meditation teacher, from Ann Arbor, Michigan, said: “I left Wall Street and I went to India.

Kiko the English bulldog who loves to skateboard

The two-year-old has become a popular sight on his skateboard in the Whitley Bay area. Kiko the skateboarding bulldog prefers to use four wheels than his four paws. The two-year-old is in his element going out to streets and skate parks in Whitley Bay with his owner Ebel Perez. The pair have become a popular sight in the area, with Kiko keen to jump on his skateboard, race down hills, then grab his board and drag it back up a hill. The British Bulldog takes a moment to catch his breath, carefully lines up the board with his nose, then launch himself down again. Tattoo artist Ebel said Kiko hopped on board when he was younger and quickly developed an aptitude for skating. Short and stocky bulldogs have a low centre of gravity, which helps them to keep their balance on four wheels.

A family says a pet JACKDAW has ruled the roost at their home for the past eight months - after they nursed it back to health when it was dumped in their garden by a seagull

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jaime Lee, 43, rescued the bird when it was plucked from its nest and injured by the gull last May. But she never expected it to become such a big part of the family - and said it still 'hangs out' with them at home for most of the day. It even ...... .some of the funny things it does. Jaime said she took the bird in and nursed him back to health by feeding it weetabix, and named him Jake after the pet bird in their favourite film - the Shawshank Redemption. She said that Jake has become so dependent on them that he refuses to leave their small home in Axminster, Devon. Jaime said: "We don't have any time for children, Jake is full-time. "My husband was washing up and he looked out the window and a seagull dropped Jake. My husband spotted it before the neighbour's got to it. "There were two cats hedging towards it and he unmanaged to snatch it up. "My husband brought him in and we tried to bring him back, we put him in the garden and all the other crows and jacks came over to see where he had gone, but we read online that they won't feed them when they're on the ground.

The Nash family has been reunited with their beloved cat Kitty after she was found by animal charity Blue Cross - 12 years after she went missing

***EXCLUSIVE*** A family has been reunited with their beloved pet cat after she was found by an animal charity -- 12 YEARS after she went missing. The Nash family assumed the worst after their cat Kitty went missing in 2008. In an incredible turn of events, Kitty was found alive by a member of the public who brought her to animal charity Blue Cross earlier this month. Thanks to Kitty's microchip, the charity were able to find her family and rang mum Julia Nash, 56, to tell her the good news.

This is the stunning moment a photographer was left in awe when we came across some mesmerising BIOLUMINESCENT algae off the coast of Australia

***EXCLUSIVE*** The gorgeous natural phenomenon took place at Plantation Point in Jervis Bay, Australia. The rare event is only known to happen once or twice a year so Jordan Robin was extremely lucky to catch the wonder of nature on film. The video shows the 26-year-old Awarding winning photographer moving his hand through the water causing the Algae to glow bright blue. Jordan from New South Wales, Australia said: „This rare occurrence only usually happens once or twice a year. The video was taken on the 14th of January 2020. The video shows me moving my hand through the water causing the algae to glow a very bright blue.”

Back to the Future...finally! DeLorean converted into a stunning electric eco supercar

***EXCLUSIVE*** A British car nut has spent over £200,000 converting his DeLorean into a stunning electric eco supercar for the 21st century. The transformation of the lame duck motor from the 1980's using Tesla battery technology brings the ill fated model right back to the future. Former music producer Phil Wainman commissioned engineer Clint Townsend to attempt to convert the Delorean using Tesla batteries as an eco experiment. And the spectacular stainless steel supercar even boasts a Flux Capacitor style gear selector and a sampled annoucement of  'Great Scot' as the powerful motor goes past 88mph.

Emergency service workers from around the world send 15,000 epaulettes to police officer collecting them in tribute to PC Andrew Harper who was killed in line of duty

***EXCLUSIVE*** PC Stuart Roberts, 47, came up with the moving idea after leaving his own at the scene of the young police constable's tragic killing. PC Harper, 28, died on August 15 last year while responding to a burglary call-out near the village of Sulhamstead, Berks. PC Roberts posted a photo on social media after placing his shoulder mark in a clear perspex box - and was met with an overwhelming reaction. This prompted him to set up a group asking for epaulettes from other officers - which has turned into a global movement. Workers from all 'protective services' are now sending in their collar numbers in memory of colleagues who have fallen in the line of duty. He has received items from people in New Zealand, Russia, Sudan, the Falklands and even the Metropolitan Police's commissioner Cressida Dick. PC Roberts is planning to create an artwork of the epaulettes once he decides to stop taking the donations and also hopes to display them in a museum.

Twoo you calling FAT? Rescuers nickname owl 'Plump' after she scoffed so many mice and voles she was too heavy to fly

***EXCLUSIVE*** An obese owl which was too fat to fly was finally released back into wild after being put on a strict diet to help her lose weight. The little owl weighed three times as much as a healthy female when a member of the public found the unnamed bird in a ditch unable to fly. With no obvious injures, her puzzled rescuers took her to Suffolk Owl Sanctuary where she was examined to find out what was wrong with her.

Rare wine bottles belonging to the 17th century Earl of Coventry made of GOLD and black glass are set to fetch £20,000 at auction after being unearthed by a builder in a digger

***EXCLUSIVE*** A remarkable hoard of 17th century wine bottles have been dug up at a building site and are now tipped to sell for £20,000. The unlikely discovery was made by a workman in a JCB who was digging foundations at the site near Kinnersley, Worcs. He spotted one of them glistening in the sunshine and stopped his engine before going to investigate. In total, seven 8ins curved bottles were unearthed from the clay during construction last November. They carry the seal of the Earl of Coventry who lived at the Croome Estate, which is less than a mile away from the site. The bottles are being sold with BBR Auctions, of Elsecar, South Yorks.

Ingenious 'Tardis' house that is squeezed into 11ft space at the front but spreads to 28ft at the back thanks to clever L-shaped extension goes up for sale for £1.25m

***EXCLUSIVE*** The unique 'infill' house which is just 11ft wide has emerged on the market for £1.25million. The Coach House has been cleverly designed in an L shape to fit perfectly in the narrow gap between two Victorian houses. The three storey, four bedroom property in New Cross, South London, widens out at the end and opens up onto its garden. The home, which is on the site of a former coach house, has been designed by architects Selencky and Parsons.

Farewell, my old china! Family hopes for £250,000 windfall from late mother's life-time haul of porcelain that filled 'every nook and cranny' of her home

***EXCLUSIVE*** One woman's lifetime collection of French porcelain that filled 'every nook and cranny' of her modest home is set to sell for £250,000. The late Judith Howard's passion for 18th century gallic ceramics saw the walls, shelves and display cabinets adorned with hundreds of plates, dishes and bowls. She was well known for having an eye for a bargain, so much so that a 250-year-old plate she bought for £13 at an antiques shop is now tipped to sell for £25,000. The item was once part of the 1,735 dinner service set made for French King Louis XV and housed in the Palace of Versailles. Mrs Howard's collection is being sold by Woolley and Wallis of Salisbury.

A retired farmer who is potty about music has recreated some of the world's most iconic album covers - in pottery

***EXCLUSIVE*** Simon Buckmaster, 63, has so far created 30 scenes inspired by some of the most-loved classic covers and his own love of music. They include his interpretation of the iconic Beatles' Abbey Road cover showing the Fab Four walking over a pedestrian crossing.

Hungry egret swallows lizard whole

***EXCLUSIVE*** An egret grasps a small lizard in its beak before gulping it down in one. The white bird can be seen tilting its head back and opening its beak to swallow its prey whole.