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A fitness fanatic who nearly died in a horror car crash has found love with the woman he was meant to go on a date with on the day he lost his limbs

***EXCLUSIVE*** Craig Towler, 32, of Boulder, Colorado, was grabbing a cooler out of his trunk on the Fourth of July in 2016 when a car veered into a parked car, trapping him between the two vehicles and crushing both of his legs irreparably.  "I looked down and I saw both my legs were disconnected,” he said. “They were pretty much broken off with just skin holding the ligaments together.”  In the hospital, while doctors discussed his double amputations, Craig asked a friend to let his new love interest Amanda, 30, know that he wouldn’t be able to make the date they had planned for that evening. [Craig declined to give Amanda’s last name] The pair had only been seeing each other for three weeks, but Amanda rushed to Craig’s bedside and, three-and-a-half-years later they are STILL TOGETHER.

Amazing images from the #Photojournalism2020 photo contest

***EXCLUSIVE*** A stunning series of images showing war, natural disasters and both the best and worst of humanity have been selected as part of a world-wide citizen photo contest. More than 12,000 photos were submitted to the competition titled #Photojournalism2020 run by free-to-use photography app Agora. The winning entry is a spectacularly moody, black and white image showing slum children playing with toy guns in the Philipines titled 'Young Guns'. The stark silhouettes of their bodies as they play on a steaming rubbish tip are contrasted against a cloud-mottled sky in the city of Paranaque south of Manila. In stark contrast, one of the finalists shows dozens of colourfully-dressed men clinging precariously to the outside of a train as it returns from a Muslim festival in Bangladesh.

A mum has celebrated her divorce getting her pals to help her trash her designer wedding dress in a huge paint fight

***EXCLUSIVE*** Anna O'Neill gave six pals water pistols filled with paint and coloured flares so they could completely ruin her pink Alexander McQueen dress - the same designer Kate Middleton wore on her wedding day. The 41-year-old decided on the madcap scheme to celebrate separating from her second husband, after they rushed into things. She married her second husband in an intimate ceremony on a beach in Antigua, following a whirlwind romance but just after having a baby, the marriage broke down and left her reeling. Anna, who's first husband died, took the outlandish step of ruining the special garment to send a positive message to other women going through hard times. She said: "We met locally and it was quite rushed. "We met, moved in together, then got married in July 2017." She bought a pink, Alexander McQueen wedding dress for £1,200 while on a trip to London with her son. The former model, who is now a stay-at-home mum with one grandchild, said: "I know it's not traditional, but I thought it's not going to be a traditional wedding and I loved the dress, so we bought it.

Man has been dubbed 'Rhino Boy' as he has pledged to run 40 marathon and other events dressed as a Rhino to raise money for Save the Rhino

***EXCLUSIVE*** Chris said:'How could you not love a Rhino? I've loved them for as long as I can remember, so I struggle to get my head around how anyone could mean them harm. I’ve felt the Rhino love out there on the streets and from the Marathon crowds when I have run by dressed as a Rhino. So its all the more shocking to me that they there are others in this world who would see them murdered simply for their horns.'

Meet the adorable identical twins from Midlands set to turn two on 2/2/2020

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two is the magic number for these adorable twin sisters who will celebrate their second birthday this weekend - on 2/2/2020. Parents Lee Bunting, 43, and his wife MaeMae, 38, will be even hosting a tutu-themed party to fittingly commemorate Boudica and Delilah's unique birthday this Sunday. The couple said they only recently twigged how significant the date was when they began to make arrangements for the celebrations a few months ago. MaeMae, who is originally from Indonesia, said the amazing coincidence came as a special surprise to her as numbers signify good luck and fortune in Asian culture. The girls will enjoy a party with 50 friends and family at their house in Ravenstone, Leicestershire, - where everything will come in twos.

A "bonecrushing" reptile that hunted dinosaurs 230 million years ago has been unearthed in the Brazilian rainforest

***EXCLUSIVE*** The terrifying creature, an ancestor of the crocodile, lived on land and was the 'T Rex of its time,' according to researchers.  It walked on four legs but used its two hind limbs to run - just like the 'king of the dinosaurs' that came almost 150 million years afterwards.  Named Dynamosuchus collisensis, it had a long snout and tail, huge jaws and large, blade like teeth adapted to eating meat. Razor sharp claws ripped prey to shreds.  The skull was similar to T Rex's - and a double row of bony plates ran down its back.  It belonged to a group called the ornithosuchids.  It is the fourth different species to be discovered. The first was dug up in Lossiemouth in the Scottish Highlands in the 19th century.  The remarkably preserved remains of Dynamosuchus were found at a dinosaur graveyard below a hill in picturesque Agudo, southern Brazil. The other two specimens come from Argentina.