Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Online bingo winner celebrated £250,000 prize buying house after she was refused mortgage

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman who scooped a whopping £250,000 after playing online bingo has celebrating by buying a house after she was turned down for a mortgage – just one week before winning the money. Samantha McKay, 32, logged onto a bingo site for the first time in over a year when she placed three big winning bets – the first costing just £1. The mum-of-two was gobsmacked when she won £50,000 from one of the bets and decided to test her luck again. Samantha placed a final bet for £200 – the largest amount possible on the site – and couldn’t believe it when she won a staggering £200,000.

London open's the world's first cheese-themed hotel

London, United Kingdom: A cheese-themed hotel suite billed as a world-first has opened in London - and it looks un-brie-lievable. Situated in Camden, fromage fanatics will be able to feast their eyes on cheese-themed wallpaper, throws and cushions as well as take selfies for the gram of giant cheese installations, before turning in for the night snuggled up in cheese-themed bedding in this ultimate home-from-home homage to fromage. As the accommodation is self-catered, there are plenty of cheese themed cookbooks to provide inspiration and classic cheese board games to help pass the time - as well as information available on the best cheese getaways and day trips to go on. And if they fancy a night in without having to cook, guests can even shower with cheese scented soap in the Suite while dialling the cheese hotline delivery service for melted cheesy goodness straight from Cafe Rouge delivered to their door. All to be consumed while listening to songs from the specially-compiled cheesy playlist, of course. The unique concept has been commissioned by French bistro restaurant Cafe Rouge to celebrate its new extra cheesy menu, after reports reveal that 700,000 tonnes of cheese is consumed each year, with each cheese loving Brit gobbling up 27.4 grams of the good stuff every single day.

Europe's largest hoard of Iron Age coins worth up to GBP10 million

***EXCLUSIVE*** A bumper Iron Age coin hoard has been officially recognised as a Guinness World Record for the largest ever of its kind recovered in the British Isles. Metal detectorists Reg Mead and Richard Miles first discovered the Celtic coins in Jersey in 2012 after a 30 year search. The final number of coins found in the hoard has now been confirmed as a remarkable 69,347. It overtakes the previous record for the largest collection of Iron Age coins of 54,951 found more than 40 years ago in Wiltshire.

Rare 1,300-year-old coin featuring the face of an obscure Saxon king could sell for £15,000 at auction after its owner spent three years trying to prove its historical importance

***EXCLUSIVE*** A 1,300-year-old coin that is so rare a treasure hunter who found it spent three years proving it was genuine is now tipped to sell for £15,000. Experts and scholars dismissed Andy Hall's silver penny because it featured the head of a virtually-unknown Saxon king. And the date it was meant to have been hammered - 826AD - would also have meant the history books on Britain would have to be re-written. But the 55-year-old metal detectorist was determined to prove them wrong.

A flashy model! Vintage silver Mini that belonged to Christine Keeler during the height of the Profumo scandal goes on sale for £20,500

***EXCLUSIVE*** A vintage Mini that belonged to Christine Keeler during the height of the Profumo scandal has emerged for sale for £20,500. The 1961 classic belonged to the model in the early 1960s when she became romantically involved with married government minister, John Profumo. At the same time she was also having an affair with a Soviet naval officer Yevgeny Ivanov, leading to a dramatic shoot-out between the two lovers. The scandal caused outrage out the time and has recently been adapted into the BBC drama The Trial of Christine Keeler.

Incredible moment a flying tree snake starts to devour a bat as it hangs from a gap in a structure

***EXCLUSIVE*** A photographer captured the moment a snake may have caught the coronavirus after chomping down on a bat that is believed to be a carrier in Bangkok. Scientists have identified that the coronavirus could have originated in bats but the threat of the dangerous virus that has killed hundreds of people didn't put this hunter off his dinner. This photographic sequence from photographer Jeremiah Boulware in Bangkok shows the moment that a flying tree snake viciously ate the potentially infected bat. Sticking it's fangs into the bat's body, the bright green and black snake then coiled itself around the victim as it ate away at the wings.

Weightless owls only has eyes for the camera

***EXCLUSIVE*** A snowy owl appears weightless and floating in mid-air as it stares straight towards a photographer.  The beautiful bird hangs in the air while its bright yellow eyes seem to fix on the camera while hunting near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Every year snowy owls migrate from their arctic tundra to spend winter in farmers fields further south.  The photographs were captured by 62-year-old retired government worker, Rick Dobson, who said: "The snowy owls hunt and eat lemmings in the arctic. When the owls are here in Ottawa and Eastern Ontario, they eat voles which are attracted to the left-over grains in the farmers fields.

Potatos being sorted intp sacks

***EXCLUSIVE*** Tens of thousands of red potatoes are sorted by workers and piled into sacks. The workers stand out in a sea of red as they put the vegetables into large bowls at the wholesale market. Aerial photographs show the potatoes after they are piled into tall sacks as they prepare to be sent to a different city. Photographer Abdul Momin, 29, captured these shots at the market in Shibganj Upazila, Bangladesh.