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Glamour model spends £50k on plastic surgery to make her face look like it’s gone through a Snapchat FILTER

***EXCLUSIVE*** HELSINGBORG, SWEDEN: This woman has spent Ł50K on plastic surgery to turn her face into a SNAPCHAT FILTER and says her goal is to be rid of ALL her ORIGINAL FEATURES – including her EYE COLOUR. Born into a conservative family, nude art model, Tessa Texas (29) from Helsingborg, Sweden, grew up feeling insecure and spent her childhood hating her appearance. While she had dreamt of having bigger boobs and changing her look from a young age, saving up money to afford the surgeries took time. In October 2013, she underwent her first boob job and has spent Ł11,463 ($15,000) on three boob augmentations alone which has increased her breast from a cup size A to FF. She has also had a Brazilian butt lift, as well as facial fillers, Botox and liposuction and has collectively spent Ł55,850 ($73,000). She insists that her life and confidence has vastly improved since she’s had the surgeries and despite receiving negative attention from men who have told her to stop, she has chosen not to listen. In July 2019, she received a drunken text from her now husband, Patrick Abbott (49) from Simi Valley, California, USA, who saw her on Tinder and asked her out. Two months later, they got married and she has never been happier. With Tessa living in Sweden and Patrick living in the US, they hope to move in together one day. Despite worrying about her undergoing so many surgeries and turning her face into a snapchat filter, he has been supportive of her journey and look. She is now a nude art model and is enjoying her life post-surgeries but also throws caution to young girls that they should do their research before every surgery.

Meet the man who hated his humdrum life working in an office cubicle - so he gave it all up to live on a boat in the pacific ocean - and saves over 2000 dollars a month

***EXCLUSIVE*** A British man left his „boring” life working in a windowless office so he could live on a boat and sail around Canada, America and Mexico. Now Matt Parsons, 37, an I.T. engineer, saves over £1200 (2000CAD) per month in household bills as a result. Matt said he was inspired by a friend of his who had taken off on a boat to sail around Australia. „I was so bored and I was watching my friend in Tahiti eating coconut, swimming every day and letting his hair grow long. Meanwhile, I was in an office in a warehouse with no windows. Terrible life. Two years I sat at work in my cubicle looking at pictures of Phil swanning around the South Pacific Islands and I was like „you bastard.” But it wasn’t just jealousy of his friend that motivated Matt to take drastic measures. As well as living his dream Matt has also slashed his bills considerably. His monthly outgoings before he moved onto the his 36-ft boat called Gudgeon, was 2500 Canadian dollars a month (£1440) - when he paid rent, owned a car along with the other trappings of modern life. But now his monthly is bills are only 500 Canadian dollars (£290), and that covers his food, diesel and moorings.

Woman, 30, was misdiagnosed with schizophrenia after rare immune disease stopped her from sleeping for ten days and triggered hallucinations she was being chased by Mexican drug lords

***EXCLUSIVE*** This woman was misdiagnosed with SCHIZOPHRENIA after psychosis kept her awake for TEN DAYS STRAIGHT and made her think her SISTERS WERE DEAD ? but her symptoms were actually caused by a rare autoimmune disorder. When Samantha Redfield (30) from Angels Camp, California, USA, suddenly started to experience symptoms of stiffness and numbness in her right hand in October 2019, she knew something was wrong. Over two weeks, the numbness Samantha was feeling spread to her upper right lip and she struggled to feed herself with a fork without dropping it. Her symptoms escalated and on October 25, she suffered a seizure and she was rushed to A&E where a doctor ordered blood tests and MRI scans, which all came back clear. After being discharged from the hospital and given the all clear, Samantha can?t really fully remember what happened to her as her health rapidly declined. From speaking to her family and her husband, Codey (40) Samantha knew that she started to hallucinate and she believed that her two sisters, Katie (29) and Danielle (20) had died and that the Mexican Cartel were hunting her and waiting outside her house. As well as this, she struggled to talk, write and read and even stayed awake for 10 days straight. On November 5, Samantha?s family took her back to the neurologist who misdiagnosed her with schizophrenia and the very next day she went to see a psychiatrist accompanied by her family. The psychiatrist told Samantha?s family that she did not have schizophrenia and urged them to take her to A&E immediately as she was seriously ill.

Woman dumped by her boyfriend for being ‘too fat’ to have a baby loses 12st in just a year

***EXCLUSIVE*** This woman was DUMPED by her BF after doctors told her she was TOO FAT TO CONCEIVE – but she has since lost NINE dress sizes in just ONE YEAR and looks UNRECOGNISABLE. Financial service analyst, Alida Dreyer (27) from Sydney, Australia, was overweight as a young child which lead to severe bullying at school so she skived classes for months at a time. Although Alida has a disposition to weight gain due to genetics and was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) at 13, she admits she had all the tools needed to lose weight but refused to use them because she was addicted to food. Alida was depressed from age 13, she hated herself, she was self-harming and had suicidal thoughts. With low self-esteem and self-worth, she started being the joke of the crowd and worried that no one could ever love her, so she became a people pleaser by saying yes to everything. Subjected to a slew of remarks from people such as ‘Thump thump thump’, ‘You’ve a pretty face for a fat girl’ and ‘You’d be pretty if you lost weight’ Alida was mortified and hid away crying in the bathroom. At 22st 11lb Alida was sweating all the time, she couldn’t squeeze into plane seats and needed the belt extenders. She couldn’t walk very far without crippling calves and painful chafing and being a dress size 26, none of the clothes she wanted to wear would fit. Alida didn’t start dating until she was 18 and had her first boyfriend at 20 but was too embarrassed to be with him intimately or naked. At 23 she was ready to have a baby, but health professionals told her she was too fat to conceive.

Crooked House - medieval home that looks like something straight out of Harry Potter

***EXCLUSIVE*** A charming medieval home that looks like something straight out of Harry Potter has emerged for sale for over £500,000. The appropriately named 'Crooked House' in Lavenham, Suffolk, appears slanted and unbalanced due to its age. The Grade II listed building dates back to 1395 and was originally the home of servants who worked at a nearby manor house. At the time it would have offered cosy and comfortable accommodation but with the passing of time, the property has moved dramatically.

Priceless 300-year-old tapestries

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two magnificent 300-year-old tapestries depicting one of Britain's greatest military victories are back in situ at Winston's Churchill's birthplace after being restored to their former glory. They were transported from Blenheim Palace in Woodstock, Oxon, to a cleaning facility in Belgium where they were submerged in a large bath and gently washed to remove the dirt.