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Weight-lifting father who had his leg amputated following a motorcycle crash that left him in a coma for a MONTH returns to the gym after a gruelling year of rehab

***EXCLUSIVE*** This man was in a COMA for over a MONTH after a motorcycle crash left him with NECROTIC BRAIN TISSUE – but he’s back on his feet thanks to a prosthetic, his girlfriend and the GYM. Engineer, Marek Roscher (31) from Aurich, Germany, had a good job, a girlfriend, a wonderful daughter and enjoyed fitness, going to the gym up to six times a week as well as riding his motorcycle at every opportunity he could. In June 2016 this all changed, as Marek was involved in a road traffic accident which left him in a coma for over a month and hospitalised for six months. When he woke up his left leg and hip had been amputated. In the summer of 2016, Marek met his then-girlfriend after a long hard day at work. His daughter was with the childminder while Marek and his girlfriend were off to meet friends. She sped off on the road ahead of him on her motorbike, he followed her, speeding along and feeling the power of the machine between his thighs. Out of nowhere a car appeared between Marek and his ex-girlfriend. Marek was taken by surprise and to this day does not know exactly what happened. The impact of the crash was so severe he has no memory of it. He was rushed to hospital, where he would spend the next six months of his life having several operations to piece together his broken body and mind. The left-hand side of his body was the side affected and Marek's left leg was so badly injured it had to be amputated. His left hip was so inflamed and injured he had to have that cut off too. His left arm was torn, as was the left-hand side of his stomach and despite wearing a helmet he suffered severe head injuries. Despite being at the scene of the crash, Merek’s ex-girlfriend was not affected by it. Marek was in a coma for over a month, when he woke up he did not recognise his friends and family other than his daughter. He could barely talk or use his fingers. His left leg had been removed and there was nothing he could do about it. Over the next five months he undertook speech therapy to learn to talk again, he had physio so he could use his hands and learn to write again. He had several operations to reconstruct his left arm using metal pins and his left bicep still isn't fully functioning. The head trauma he experienced was so bad it has left him with a condition called cerebral infarction; a condition where part of the brain tissue is necrotic or dead tissue which can cause a stroke. He has been able to adapt to life well; returning to his old job. Marek attributes his almost full recovery to being a fitness fanatic both before and after the accident. His biggest supporter is his new girlfriend, and she has been instrumental in helping him to accept his new way of life.

Mother and daughter taekwondo duo win at world championships

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mother and daughter have fought their way to the top of their Taekwondo game - after they both won gold medals on the same day. Lisa Rose, 43, scooped gold at the British Championships in December alongside her only child Lucy, 15 who took the top prize in the under 18s category. Lisa took up the martial art four years ago as a way of engaging in her daughter's passion - and claimed gold two months after earning her black belt. Lucy began doing weekly karate lessons at three and became a black belt aged 12 before switching to Taekwondo. The pair, who train five times a week, have picked up trophies at major national tournaments after excelling in the combative sport. And Lucy was even named best in grading 2019 - the highest accolade that any taekwondo student can receive at her level. Proud mum Lisa said: "When Lucy turned 12 I thought she wouldn't want to do much with me any more, so I thought I'd give it a go.

A talented bulldog prefers to use four wheels than his four paws to get around - after learning how to SKATEBOARD

***EXCLUSIVE*** Owner Michelle Perez, 36, is only the third best skateboarder in her family, after her husband Abel, 33, and their talented pooch Kiko - who'd rather skate than walk. The skateboarding dog has become a popular sight in Whitley Bay, Northumberland, where he spends his afternoons gleefully speeding down hills with Abel. The two-year-old pooch is „completely obsessed” with skating and refuses to leave the house without his board - often dragging it out in his mouth. The British bulldog is „very serious” about the sport after hopping on a skateboard when he was just three-months-old in 2017. Abel trained Kiko by guiding him on a lead, but the clever pooch was a quick study and only needed a few months before he was braving the ramps on his own. The show stopping pooch would drag his owners, both from Newcastle, out to the park every day during the summer and always impressed bystanders with his speedy skills.

Smart lamp is all kinds of odd

***EXCLUSIVE*** Dyson has unveiled the Dyson Lightcycle Morph, a light that employs local daylight tracking to offer customized solutions that mimic natural light. The Lightcycle Morph is connected to the Dyson Link App, allowing for full adjustability depending on the user's task, age, mood and local daylight. Capable of tailoring its brightness and color temperature based on the time of day and even your age, the Lightcycle Morph smart lamp from Dyson boasts a rotating head, up to custom 20 lighting modes, and a perforated stem that doubles as a secondary ambient light. Like all things Dyson, the Bluetooth-enabled lamp doesn’t come cheap, with the desktop version of the Lightcycle Morph currently selling for $650 while the floor-standing model goes for a whopping $850.

Brits are being invited to take part in a treasure hunt worth up to £55,000 - by finding one of 55 'golden dough balls' hidden around the UK

***EXCLUSIVE*** The golden orbs, currently being held at a secret location in London, will be transported to their hiding places ahead of the competition launching on Sunday. Anyone fortunate enough to find one could win £1,000 worth of PizzaExpress gift cards to share with family and friends. This is the second year of PizzaExpress' annual dough ball hunt with this year's marking its 55th birthday.

Three lightning bolts appear to hit the Burj Khalifa simultaneously in what may be the clearest picture ever taken of the phenomena known as 'Ribbon lightning'

***EXCLUSIVE*** A photographer has proved that lightning can strike twice with a once in a lifetime picture of multiple bolts hitting the exact same spot - THREE TIMES in a row. Storm chaser Zohaib Anjum, 33, snapped the extraordinary moment during high winds in Dubai as the electric current struck the Burj Khalifa - the tallest tower in the world. The amazing photo is one of the clearest ever taken of the phenomena known as 'Ribbon lightning' where multiple return pulses of electricity in the same ionized channel are separated by the wind, even though they occur within tens of milliseconds of each other. Zohaib said he had never seen anything like that happen before, describing it as a "rare and unique" moment.

These spectacular images show the beautiful landscapes of both Iceland and Greenland but the CHILLING footage also sends a grim message on the environmental impact we are having on our planet as the gigantic glaciers can be seen COLLAPSING

***EXCLUSIVE*** The stunning vistas were captured on a drone mounted camera piloted by professional aerial cinematographer Raphael Boudreault-Simard. The 28 year old from Charny, Quebec said: “ These images were taken on a trip with Expedition Engineering in. We started the trip in Iceland, sailed across the North Atlantic Ocean and explored the shores of Greenland for a week.