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Dancer, 19, who's stopped shaving insists body hair makes her feel 'empowered' - despite strangers branding her 'disgusting'

***EXCLUSIVE*** NEVADA, USA: Meet the woman embracing her BODY HAIR despite strangers saying she’s „DISGUSTING” and should be thrown in the „TRASH.” Artist, dancer and hula hoop coach, Macey Duff (19) from Nevada, USA, started shaving her legs and arms when she was just 10 years old as she felt conditioned to do so by society, even though she was keen to let her hair grow all her life. For six years, she was made to feel too ashamed to let her body hair grow and couldn’t bear the thought of revealing her true self in public for fear of being ridiculed. It wasn’t until 2016, when Macey and her family moved to Hawaii as her father got a job there, that her sister, Ally (19), witnessed a woman wearing a one-piece swimming suit while showing off her thick, hairy legs and armpits on a beach. Even though she was not the one to witness this woman herself, she was inspired. Not long after, she came across a woman on Instagram featuring her dark leg hair and this shocked her. It was enough to motivate her to stop shaving and let her hair grow. Whilst it was a challenge initially with feeling fearful of the public’s reaction and the discomfort of the stubble, she has had no regrets and admits that she grew a personal connection with her own body and learnt to accept herself for who she is. Throughout her journey, she has received a lot of criticism over her decision to let her body hair grow and has even had strangers approach her to express their disgust. Macey says that this has only left her feeling more empowered by the impact it’s had on people. She has since been sharing her body hair in all its glory on her Instagram page, @maceytheearthling. She wants to prove that being hairy can be a beautiful, feminine thing, contrary to what society has led us to believe. Since she and her twin sister, Ally, took the plunge, her older sister, Johannah (21), followed in their footsteps and let her body hair grow too.

Horrific eczema flare up left my skin flaking, tearing, itching and oozing – so I quit my job

***EXCLUSIVE*** Steroid withdrawal caused this woman’s eczema to flare so badly that she QUIT HER JOB. Former urban designer, Karina Withers (29) from Leeds, UK, has had eczema since she was a child, and it would mainly affect her arms, legs and neck. When Karina was 19 and in her first year of university, her eczema returned to the most severe it had been in her life and juggling her perception of changes in her outside appearance with her studies lead to her being diagnosed with depression. By her second year, eczema appeared on Karina’s face for the first time which made her reluctant to leave the house and this in turn exacerbated her mental health, the stress of which would then cause her skin to worsen. Whenever Karina went to the doctor for her eczema, she found herself being prescribed stronger and stronger steroid creams and oral steroid tablets that would appear to fix the problem initially only for her debilitating eczema to return soon after the course of treatment had finished. At 21, Karina was also prescribed Azathioprine, an immunosuppressant, for her skin which comes with a long list of potentially dangerous side effects which included liver damage and an increased risk of developing cancer. She stopped taking this after four months because she was aware of the dangers and didn’t see any notable difference in her skin. Whilst working in 2017, Karina’s skin deteriorated to the worst it had ever been and as well as eczema, she started to suffer with bouts of impetigo which affected her mental health. After trying everything to heal her skin from attending therapy, trying light therapy, having Hydrocortisone and Eumovate creams on repeat prescription for her face, and using Betnovate and Mometasone creams on her body, Karina felt frustrated that her skin never seemed to clear permanently. In October 2019, Karina took the brave decision to leave employment so she could focus on healing her skin for good. After reading an article online, she realised that she was suffering from topical steroid addiction (TSA) and topical steroid withdrawal (TSW), when the skin reacts adversely after long-term use of topical steroids is stopped, and she decided to go cold turkey from November 20, 2019. Within days, Karina’s skin started to react, and she deals with flaking, tearing, itching and oozing on a regular basis as her skin goes through withdrawal.

Britain's 'wonkiest cottage' is on the market for £100,000

Shropshire, United Kingdom: Lloyds Cottage is surrounded by rolling Shropshire countryside and boasts breathtaking views of Ironbridge Gorge near Telford. But after years of landslides, the rear of the property appears to have sank causing the cottage to lean dramatically backwards and acquire a permanent slant. According to the British Geographical Survey, the cottage was built on an area that is heavily affected by the movement of land. Other faults, such as a build-up of groundwater and surface water, along with many construction and mining problems in the village, are linked to the instability of the slope. In 1952, a significant landslide occurred at the village which saw 27 houses engulfed in thousands of tonnes of mud and soil. Remains of eight properties were rediscovered more than 60 years after the landslide during excavation works on the banks of the River Severn. They started sliding towards the Severn and the village of Jackfield was used as a river port for nearby Broseley and Benthall. Further landslides also happened in 1984, where a road was carried into the river and had to be replaced by a temporary wooden roadway. The Grade II Listed property has been empty since 2006 (after it was bought by Telford and Wrekin Council) and is now looking for new a homeowner to restore it. Listed for sale by leading online property website Zoopla, the two-bedroom cottage has one bathroom, four reception rooms, a lovely rear garden and off-street parking. Inside, there are traditional wooden beams stretching across the ceiling in the living room, a small log fireplace, carpets and white stone walls. Despite its wonky appearance, the house is expected to generate interest from developers. Lloyds Cottage will be auctioned on February 13 with a guide price of €100,000.

Keepers teach chick to speak penguin

Torquay, Devon, United Kingdom: A penguin chick at UK's Living Coasts zoo is learning its own language by listening to recordings of adult birds. Keepers at Torquay’s coastal zoo are playing the digital recording of the zoo’s colony of African penguins during feeding times while the chick is being hand-reared away from the other birds. Senior Keeper Jason Keller explained: „We want this chick to grow up as a penguin and not think of itself as a human. Inevitably, hand-reared birds become imprinted - they respond to the keepers as if they are their parents. Penguins tend to lose this imprinting when they reach breeding age, but youngsters can be mischievous and disruptive in the meantime.” The sounds help get the chick used to the complex din of a penguin colony, and forge an association between penguin noise and food. The recording of the zoo’s penguins is mixed with calls from a wild colony.

Heron battles with needlefish

***EXCLUSIVE*** A needlefish wraps itself around a heron's beak in a perfect ring as it tries to break free from its grasp. The young Little Blue Heron plucked the baby needlefish out of the water at low tide before eating it. The heron is sharpening its survival skills. It ate at least 20 needlefish as it made its way up the river bank. Amateur photographer Decker Nomura, 51, pictured the heron on the San Diego river, near his home in California, US.

From refugee to carpenter

Omar Ceesay fled from his home country via Libya and Italy to Lake Constance - and then back to Italy again, where Omar was deported shortly before beginning his training as a carpenter. Only a few days before starting as an apprentice, the refugee received a visa with which he could return to Germany.