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Foot fetish grandma, 60, charges young men $200 AN HOUR to watch her X-rated cam girl performances

***EXCLUSIVE*** LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA, USA: Meet the gran who charges Ł150 per hour as a CAM GIRL and admits most of her followers are STUDENTS and MARRIED MEN under THIRTY-FIVE. Model, Tammi Baltin (60) from Long Beach, California, USA, was 57 years old when she discovered the world of online cam-modelling. Tammi, who now describes herself as a „sex worker”, says she’s never considered herself to be attractive. When a 20-year long relationship ended in 2017, she decided to start dating again at 57 and found that she was trolled by men on dating sites who made rude comments and propositions to her for sex, based on her appearance, which made her feel sad. One day, a match suggested that Tammi should try cam-modelling as her look is highly desired, so she decided to take back control and give it a go. Tammi only models online and does live chat rooms where she wears lingerie, shows closeups of her feet or is completely naked. Tammi can earn up to Ł153 ($200) an hour doing this and the most she has earnt in a month has been Ł2,229 ($3,000). She says that most of the comments she receives online are positive and that her fans are varied but tend to be students and married men between the ages of 18 to 35. Tammi says that she doesn’t care what her friends and family might think of her work but says that doing this has made her feel in control of her life and that she has self-respect for the first time.

British couple sold their home and embarked on a 10-year -holiday - visiting 31 countries and still earning money by being weight loss 'life coaches' along the way

***EXCLUSIVE*** A British couple sold their home and embarked on a ten year holiday visiting 31 countries - and they still earn a six-figure salary while they're on the move. Yulia and Paul Tarbath started their back-packing journey of a lifetime in 2009 after becoming fed up with corporate jobs. They sold their four bedroom house in Sutton, Surrey and left their „nice life” in the UK behind for good. They touched down in India - the first of 31 countries - in October 2009, with no plan and no idea when they’d return home.

Couple create 115-foot long grass tribute to Kobe Bryant

Pleasanton, California, United States: A couple have made an extraordinary tribute to Kobe Bryant - by creating a 115-foot long likeness of him on grass. Kelli Pearson and husband, Pete Davis, used a lawnmower-type machine to imprint the 92-foot wide mural of the legendary basketball player on a park in Pleasanton, California. Their company, New Ground Technology, uses TurfPrinter technology that blows air to gently bend the grass away or towards you to make up the dark and light contrast; similar to stripes on a football pitch. They first created a black and white image of Bryant using the most suitable aspects from several photographs. The TurfPrinter vehicle is then able to „draw” the picture onto the grass using GPS as guidance. Kelli explains: „Kobe was one an amazing person, father, husband and athlete we are proud to be able to share our tribute with the world.” This image will last about 2 to 3 days, degrading each day, as the grass will eventually stand back up to its natural position.

A Canadian producer of sex dolls claims that many of their clients rent their dolls not just for phyisical consumation - but for „companionship”

***EXCLUSIVE*** Here's a peek inside the Canadian sex doll service where clients rent silicone partners BY THE HOUR - but the founder insists that customers hire the dolls for „companionship”. The entrepreneur behind Natrl Dolls, based in Calgary, Canada, claimed that some clients even rent the „love dolls” to help their mental health. Justin, who has asked us not to print his last name, said: „Not everyone wants a doll for sexual relations. Some people want a love doll for companionship or mental health reasons.”

The orangutan holds out his hand to help the man in the water who is clearing snakes as part of a conservation effort to protect the apes in Borneo

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the touching moment an orangutan tries to lend a helping hand to a man searching for the animals' sworn enemies - snakes. The striking image appears to show the great ape reaching out to assist the man, who is stood in a river. The picture was taken in a conservation forest area in Borneo where the endangered species are protected from hunters.

This is the moment an adrenaline addicted high liner used a special slackline to spin around in an insane stunt 164 feet in the air!

***EXCLUSIVE*** Captured at India’s first international Slackline meeting known as the „Great Indian Highline Gathering” in Lonavala, India the vertigo inducing video shows Professional Slackliner Lukas Irmler spinning in a „Davinci Highline” - an altered Slackline consisting of 4 individual lines spread apart by a persons body. Lukas, 31 from Freising, Germany said: „This clip was filmed in January 2020 in India, close to a famous rock climbing crag called Duke’s Nose”.

Man has a Cold War nuclear fallout monitoring bunker at the bottom of his garden

***EXCLUSIVE*** During the late 1950's and early 1960's a network of around 1,500 underground protected monitoring posts were constructed throughout the country. In the event of a nuclear attack the bunker would be staffed by members of the Royal Observer Corps for a period of time up to two weeks to monitor and report data on the location of atomic detonation and also Meteorological information to help forecast radioactive fallout.

A collection of North Korean propaganda posters smuggled out of the country by Andy Kershaw while reporting for The One Show are on sale for £9,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A collection of North Korean propaganda posters smuggled out of the country by Andy Kershaw while reporting for The One Show are on sale for £9,000. Kershaw, 60, has visited the secretive state four times and was gifted the posters by a Government official he became friendly with. The hand-painted designs are incredibly rare and aim to promote the regime led by Kim Jong Un in the former soviet nation. One poster depicts a Korean soldier with his finger on a red nuclear button.