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Couple who were exhausted by working full-time and partying on the weekends quit their careers to travel through Canada and the US in a converted van

***EXCLUSIVE*** This couple say working FIVE DAYS a week was ‘EXHAUSTING’ and didn’t leave them with enough time to PARTY, so they sold everything to live in a van FULL TIME – but admit family bail them out when things go wrong. Veterinarian technician, Alice Tessier (24) and environmental technician Jacques-Samuel Moreau (28) from Quebec, Canada, had started to shape their careers and live a steady life until Alice came to the realisation that she didn’t want to do the same thing every day for the rest of her life. With their weeks fully booked up with work, on weekends the duo over planned their days with parties and meeting friends, until they’d wake up on Monday morning exhausted and having to do it all again. Desperate to buy more time together the two sold their worldly possessions which they got roughly Ł1,750 (3,000CAD) for and made the brave choice to live a carefree life on the road in their fully kitted out van. Within just seven months they have covered an impressive 16,000 miles throughout Canada, and the USA.

Ordinary-looking family home on sale for £550k hides incredible four-storey octagonal windmill

***EXCLUSIVE*** This modest-looking family home on sale for £550,000 hides an incredible four-storey octagonal windmill. Sawtry Old Mill, in Sawtry, Cambridgeshire, was built in 1806, with this date inscribed in iron numbers around the structure. The mill would have had sails and been used to grind flour in the pretty village. It has since been converted into a four storey, five-bedroom home, which has now emerged on the market. The ground floor accommodation comprises an entrance hall, a kitchen/breakfast room, a dining room, a utility and boot room, a cloakroom and a lounge which is housed in the old octagonal mill section. The first floor has the master bedroom, complete with built-in oak framed mirror wardrobes to match the flooring. It also boasts an en-suite with double walk in shower cubicle and a family bathroom - both with underfloor heating. There are two double bedrooms, with one being housed in the mill section. The second floor has a further double bedroom with a built-in wardrobe and stairs leading up to the third floor which is being used as a bedroom/study. Outside, the property is entered through double iron gates leading to a substantial gravelled area with parking for several cars.

Wooden backgammon set found on a scrapheap by a woman 50 years ago and kept under her sofa is tipped to sell for £25,000 after it turned out to be a rare 16th century relic

***EXCLUSIVE*** A wooden board game found on a scrapheap by a woman 50 years ago is tipped to sell for £25,000 after it turned out to be a rare 16th century relic. The woman kept hold of the backgammon board and last week took it to an auctioneer's valuation day in a Waitrose shopping bag. Expert Tom Blest was stunned when he examined it and realised it was better than the only one of its kind in existence which is in the V&A Museum in London. The vendor reacted by 'jumping up and down' when she was told it could be worth £25,000.

Converted chapel with its own spa and cinema room where TV's Call the Midwife was filmed goes up for rent

***EXCLUSIVE*** A stunning converted chapel at a former missionary college where TV's Call the Midwife was filmed has gone up for rent at £11,000 a week. Until 2013 the Grade II listed chapel at the former St Joseph's Missionary College in north London was used to film episodes of the BBC hit drama, starring Jenny Agutter and Miranda Hart. But the cast had to find a new set in which to recreate the midwives' East End home after permission was granted to convert the gothic building into homes. Now the four bedroom converted chapel has gone on the rental market. The lucky new tenant will enjoy a jaw-dropping, 8,000 sq ft of space. The most striking feature of the new home is the original nave that has been converted into an open-plan sitting, dining and kitchen area that has 40ft high ceilings.

Signed menu for a slap-up dinner for the heroic Dambusters crew up for auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** A rare, signed menu for a slap-up dinner for the heroic Dam Busters crew after the famous wartime raid is tipped to sell for £7,500. The celebratory meal was held to mark the decorations awarded that day at Buckingham Palace to the survivors of Operation Chastise. The do was at the Hungaria Restaurant on London's Regent Street and was attended by crew members including Victoria Cross winner Guy Gibson. The men feasted on crab cocktail to start, stuffed duck with minted peas and new potatoes for mains and strawberries in maraschino liquor for dessert.

Osprey lines itself up for a catch as it peers through it's talons

***EXCLUSIVE*** An osprey peers through its claws to target its prey as it dives into a river. The fish-eating bird prepared to seize its catch but despite 15 attempts, the unlucky osprey emerged from Xindian River, near Taipei, Taiwan, without any food. It's unusual hunting style may have been an attempt to overcome a leg injury following a battle with a black kite. Amateur photographer Howard Yap was visiting the area on holiday when he captured the osprey trying to grab a meal.

Bristol Zoo Gardens’ miracle gorilla is celebrating her fourth birthday on February 12

***EXCLUSIVE*** Afia made headlines around the world when she was delivered by emergency caesarean section after her mother, Kera, showed symptoms of potentially life-threatening pre-eclampsia. Kera recovered but she showed no maternal interest in Afia. Amazingly the Zoo’s most dominant female, Romina, stepped up and became a wonderful surrogate mum to her. The pair were inseparable but sadly Romina developed inoperable cancer and shortly before Christmas 2018 she had to be put to sleep. Since then the Zoo’s other western lowland gorillas have rallied round to offer Afia support, including the group’s silverback, Jock.