Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A globe-trotting couple have cycled 12,500 miles through 25 countries as part of an epic seven year bike ride across every continent - to celebrate her recovery from cancer

***EXCLUSIVE*** Intrepid Gabriella Gratrix and Chris O’Hare begun their journey in Manchester and have already pedalled through Europe and Western Asia to end up in far-flung Vietnam. The dynamic duo's journey will continue into Australasia then the Americas before they brave the ultra-hostile conditions of Antarctica and finish up in Africa in around 2025. Their adventure began in July 2018, shortly after Gabriella, 47, had a double mastectomy and underwent chemotherapy following a devastating breast cancer diagnosis.

A 23-year-old has told how she doesn't care what people think of her boyfriend who is more than TWICE her age - because the sex is "100% better" than with younger men

***EXCLUSIVE*** Laura-Marie Jenks, 23, fell in love with 52-year-old David Oliver's voice first -- after she heard him singing in a punk song she was given as a record bundle, recorded three years before they met. And when she found out he was 29 YEARS older than her she was already smitten. The pair said they often get stared at while out in public - and he has been mistaken her for dad.

A group of 4 siblings are set to climb 15 Scottish munros to raise money for their „munro bagging” father’s fight against Motor Neurone Disease

***EXCLUSIVE*** A group of siblings are preparing to hike 15 mountains which their father is unable to complete after being diagnosed with MND. Former oil worker David Choat was a fit and healthy father-of-four who loved „munro bagging” with his wife Judy in their spare time - until he was given his devastating diagnosis in 2017. After David and Judy, both 66, shared the news with the rest of their family, their children rallied round and decided to pay tribute to their father’s beloved pastime - while raising money for MND charity My Name5 Doddie Foundation. The family, from Aberdeen, are now planning to tackle the 15 munros - Scottish mountains more than 3,000 feet - between June this year and the summer of 2021.

Eerie pictures of a military vehicle graveyard that serves as a reminder of a bloody civil war that lasted 30 years and killed over 125,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** THESE are the eerie images from a military equipment graveyard that marks a bloody 30-year civil war. The tank graveyard on the outskirts of Asmara, the capital of Eritrea, is from the country’s vicious war against its much bigger neighbour Ethiopia - a conflict that claimed over 125k lives. The photographs, taken by amateur Marina Marcato, show piles of hardware stacked high into the beautiful African sky, mangled together in army green. Other vehicles appear, such as a classic VW camper van and a German beer bus. Cacti sprout from many of the vehicles, which local children come and pick the fruit off. The tanks and trucks that litter the site are mostly Ethiopian equipment that were abandoned after the Eritreans successfully defended their capital city. The Ethiopians actually started the graveyard because they attempted to hide their tanks and equipment rather than leaving them in the street - giving the people of Eritrea a morale boost. Now that the war is over, and relations between the two east African countries have improved, they pull in tanks and trucks from around the country to the site. Meaning the graveyard is actually growing.

Adorable French bulldog cant get his over-sized stick through a gate

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet Simon the French Bulldog who loves giant sticks - but he just can’t fit them through gates. Simon has gone viral after his owner Jane posted videos of him struggling to get stick that are three times as big as he is. In the clip, cute Simon runs towards a gate with a huge branch in his mouth. However, having no spatial awareness he bangs both ends of the stick against the gate, causing him to re-think. He then drops the stick and tries to pull it thought from the other side, but alas, that also doesnÕt work. However, the plucky pup eventually figures it out by ducking under an adjacent fence with stick in mouth. In a separate clip Simon is screaming like a dinosaur because his stick is on top of the gate. And in another, he actually tries to pull a branch from a tree!

Swatch launches new collection with 6 James Bond-themed watches

***EXCLUSIVE*** In light of No Time to Die‘s upcoming release, Swatch has crafted a playful capsule of six timepieces, each paying homage to one of the franchise's iconic films. Spanning across more than four decades, the films include Dr. No (1962), On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969), Moonraker (1979), Licence to Kill (1989), The World is Not Enough (1999), and Casino Royale (2006).

These stunning drone pictures show the rolling landscapes of Iceland including the filming location of „Game of Thrones”

***EXCLUSIVE*** The images show the picturesque landscape in cinematic quality as Cristian Rudolph’s drone sweeps over the majestic landscape showing the location in all it’s natural beauty. Keen eyed fantasy fans will recognise this location as Iceland filled the role of Westeros in many Seasons of „Game of Thrones”. Cristian Rudolph, 53 from Germany said: „The Iceland videos are made by Drone and steady cameras. Iceland is a fascinating place: the land of fire and ice”.