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Woman’s pregnancy symptoms and ‘baby bump’ turn out to be 14lb cancerous cyst

***EXCLUSIVE*** A young woman who was plagued with questions about being pregnant because of her rapidly-growing stomach was horrified to find she had a 14lb ovarian cyst. Katie Holmes, 22, was baffled when she started to experience countless pregnancy symptoms - her periods stopped and she was being sick in the mornings. Her hair even started to fall out, she could barely eat, and her tummy grew into a big bump that was hard to touch. Countless pregnancy tests and doctors visits confirmed that she wasn't pregnant - but Katie's round stomach left people offering her seats on public transport and asking about her due date. Antibiotics prescribed by doctors for urine infections did nothing to help and Katie was shocked when her stomach suddenly 'dropped' one evening at home. Doctors finally found Katie had a cancerous ovarian cyst weighing 14lb - the same weight as twins. Terrified Katie, from Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire, had it removed - along with one of her ovaries. Amazingly, she went on to fall pregnant six months later and now has a baby girl, Ava.

Emptiness filled with fear: photographer captures eerily empty streets of normally bustling Shanghai during coronavirus outbreak

***EXCLUSIVE*** These are the eerie apocalyptic images of an empty Shanghai as the Coronavirus outbreak continues to spread.  Photographer Nicoco (@nicolattes) set out to capture the deserted streets of the Chinese city that is famous for being one of the busiest on the planet Ð boasting a population of 24 MILLION. She made five trips for the project, which is called „One Person City”, from the beginning of the outbreak (late December), right up to a few days ago (Feb 4th) when China and the rest of the world has been gripped with fear of the deadly virus. The powerful images capture popular spots in the city including the Bund, a waterfront area offering fabulous views of the skyscrapers, however in Nicoco’s pictures there is not a single soul to be seen. Other locations the photographer visited were Yu Garden, a beautiful traditional Chinese garden located in the Old City. It’s usually a massive draw for visitors however there are only a couple of people taking pictures - all in masks. The number of death from ChinaÕs coronavirus outbreak has risen to 722 on Saturday. The total number of infections across China has now reached 34,546.

Eagles battle for fish, push opponents faces into the water

***EXCLUSIVE*** A bald eagle fights off its rival as they hunt for fish by pinning its head underwater. The large bird of prey used its talons to push its opponent under the surface of the shallow river. The striking images were taken on the banks of the Skagit River, in Washington, USA, as the juvenile birds hunted for salmon.

Horses battle in the snow

***EXCLUSIVE*** Horses kick out at each other as they battle in the snow. One of the icelandic stallions even managed to land a blow to the other's head as they spray snow while fighting. The three year old pair also nip and bite each other whilst racing across the white field. German amateur photographer Ingo Gerlach pictured the small horses in Elkenroth, a village near the Westerwald mountain range in Germany.

Rice drying

***EXCLUSIVE*** These farmers spend hours in the baking sun swishing rice with their feet so it dries evenly - forming intricate patterns as they walk. Scores of workers move across miles of rice fields, regularly turning the grains of rice so they dry evenly in the sunshine. Freelance photographer Azim Khan Ronnie captured the images in Bogra, Bangladesh.