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Twin sister hunters say they have been labelled 'killer sluts' and received death threats since they began posting images of their kills on Instagram

***EXCLUSIVE*** RY, DENMARK: Meet the twins who claim that HUNTING has brought them CLOSER despite receiving DEATH THREATS from online trolls and being called ?KILLER SLUTS?. In 2015, veterinary nurse, Rikke, and physiotherapist, Trine Jacobsen (26) from Ry, Denmark, got their hunting license after years of shadowing their father, Frank (56), while he hunted since they were just 10 years old. Rikke got her first hunting dog when she was 10 years old and became fascinated with the pastime, while Trine has always had a passion for hunting she was in her teens. They have since gone out into the wilderness with their father and hunted various animals including foxes, boars, deer and pheasants. Rikke says that her knowledge of an animal?s anatomy from working as a vet nurse has grown her passion for hunting and interest in finding out what organs the bullet of their rifle went through. They believe that their hobby has strengthened their friendship and that being self-sufficient in cooking meat that they have hunted themselves is a ?gratifying? experience. While they have received a lot of positive feedback from their Instagram followers regarding their hunting lifestyle, they have also been on the receiving end of some negative comments. Despite the messages they get, they insist that they ?don?t really care?. Even though they admit that they feel remorse over the animals they kill, they believe that they?re doing the world a favour.

Woman with busy life claims stress left her paralysed from neck down

***EXCLUSIVE*** This young woman says STRESS and PARTYING caused her to develop a condition that left her PARALYSED from the NECK DOWN ? leaving her in a NURSING HOME for over THREE MONTHS. Former duct iron pipe manufacturer, Courtney Runyon (35) originally from Dallas, USA, struggled to let go of a busy life of partying and fitness after she began to lose feeling in her arms and legs. Courtney continued her job in Las Vegas for six months while losing more feeling in her limbs, despite having to drive heavy-duty forklifts for work. However, when doctors in Nevada kept testing her for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and multiple sclerosis (MS) without a diagnosis, she decided to see a specialist five hours away in Arizona. It was at The Mayo Clinic where Courtney received the news that she had chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP). Courtney's recovery from CIDP involved travelling across the Spanish-speaking world.

The daughter of an esteemed British adventurer has smashed world records after flying a hot air balloon to a whopping 15,000ft

***EXCLUSIVE*** Alicia Hempleman-Adams, 30, broke the world female altitude record after reaching 15,100ft and enduring temperatures of up to -30 degrees. The fashion consultant, from Bath, Somerset, flew an AX4 hot air balloon for an hour and 46 minutes in Calgary, Canada to achieve the new world record. The AX4 balloon class is one of the smallest categories in the discipline and is barely the height of a double decker bus. Alicia, who has held a hot air balloon licence for eight years, snatched the title from Pauline Baker who set the previous record of 14,016ft in 2008. The daughter of renowned adventurer, Sir David Hempleman-Adams, 63, also captured British records for altitude and duration.

Three-legged pitbull mix Juniper, who suffered a stroke after being rescued from a dog fighting ring, has found a new lease of life thanks to her multipurpose wheelchair

***EXCLUSIVE*** An adorable three-legged pitbull mix suffered a stroke after she was rescued from a dog fighting ring and now needs a wheelchair to get around.  Juniper was found in California with scars on her face and her teeth filed down from her time as a bait dog in the blood sport operation. Maggie Hull, 27, fell in love with the pooch, believe to be nine years old, at a rescue shelter in Puget Sound, Washington, in 2016.  Maggie, who works in marketing, said: "I was told that she had been a bait dog.

Mormon father who spent decades trying to PRAY away his homosexuality reveals how his WIFE helped him come out and start dating men

***EXCLUSIVE*** PHOENIX, ARIZONA, USA: This dad convinced himself PRAYER and MARRYING A WOMAN would heal his homosexuality before eventually coming out and dating men – with the help of his WIFE. Chiropractor and clinic director, Cameron Call (33) from Phoenix, Arizona, USA, was raised in a strict Mormon home, where he was taught the healing power of prayer and the importance of having faith. As well as this, the church had strict teachings on homosexuality and from a young age, Cameron was brought up to believe that being gay was the same as being a murderer, rapist or paedophile. When at the age of nine Cameron realised he was gay, he felt ashamed and frightened and thought that if he lead a righteous life where he was the most well behaved child, God would answer his prayers and take ‘the gay part’ of him away. Cameron spent years battling his homosexual thoughts and when the opportunity arose to become a missionary for his church when he was 19, he jumped at the chance. After two years of being the most obedient missionary there could be and spending a lot of time around other men and not feeling any attraction towards them, Cameron was convinced he was ‘healed’ of his homosexuality. When he returned home, Cameron met his ex-wife, Kristin, fell in love and was married within six months. But soon after being married, he noticed his gay feelings resurfaced so he devoted himself to being the most perfect husband, father and church person he could be in a bid to be a masculine heterosexual man. Cameron, who shares three children, Nash (7), Granger (7) and Tenley (5) with his ex-wife, was exhausting himself trying to keep up with the façade of being a heterosexual man and was only becoming increasingly more lost in his identity. It was too much and Cameron broke down to his ex-wife in early 2018 and told her the truth - that he is a gay man.

Bill Gates reportedly orders this $644m new superyacht

This is the jaw-dropping superyacht Bill Gates has reportedly ordered for an estimated $644m. The vessel is powered by liquid hydrogen and fuel cells. The Sunday Telegraph (9 Feb) reports the yacht is scheduled to go to sea in 2024. Described as utilising „the fuel of the future”, the yacht makes an eye-catching feature of the hexagonal hydrogen tanks. Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design, who launched the AQUA yacht at this September’s Monaco Yacht Show, say they have fused „ground-breaking technology with cutting-edge design”. Sinot explain: „AQUA is fuelled by hydrogen, a unique concept which represents a significant progression towards achieving a new balance between nature and technology. The system is based on the use of liquified hydrogen, stored at -253°C in two 28-ton vacuum isolated tanks. The liquified hydrogen is converted into electrical energy by proton exchange membrane.”

Meet the baby who was so tiny when he arrived almost three months early - he was dwarfed by his TEDDY BEAR

***EXCLUSIVE*** Little Logan Teague weighed just 1lbs 8oz when he was born 11 weeks early on 30th September 2019. His mum, Danielle Forrester, 24, and dad, Ben Teague, 24, a van driver, nestled a teddy bear beside him to comfort him whilst he was in an incubator in the neonatal intensive care unit at Northampton General Hospital. The soft toy was bigger than the tiny tot, but after nine weeks in hospital, Logan battled to full health and was allowed home to Northampton, East Midlands. Now four months old and weighing 6lbs 10oz, Logan still has the bear - affectionately named 'Ted' - which has become a firm favourite. Mum Danielle, who works in recruitment, said: "When Logan was born we put a little teddy bear in his incubator to comfort him while he was in hospital.

Clock draws time in sequins

A clock promises to tell the time in style - by writing the time in SEQUINS. Called Sequino, the device continually redraws the time using a small robotic pointer. It is the work of Ekaggrat Singh Kalsi, a Beijing-based architect who likes making inventions in his free time. He says he was inspired by his daughter’s t-shirt. He explains: „This project is a continuation of my quest to build a robotic clock which can write and rewrite the time continuously day in and day out and keep going doing it.” Ekaggrat says his first attempt used a marker pen, but it kept drying up. „This clock was inspired by my daughters t shirt with the pattern changing sequin cloth glued to it. After getting some stock fabric from a vendor I figured out the size of the clock based on the minimum resolution of the cloth.” But although the device brings the bling, Ekaggrat accepts the Sequino may have drawbacks as a timepiece, especially as it takes several minutes to draw the digits.

A caring cat lover had earned the title of Britain's most prolific feline fosterer after rearing 412 tiny kittens in 16 years

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sharron Scripts uses her skills as a retired nurse to nurture abandoned litters until they are nine weeks old - when they are old enough to be rehomed. The 58-year-old is available at all hours in her position as the number one port of call for the Leeds and Wakefield branch of the RSPCA. Her three-bed mid-terrace in Middleton, Leeds, West Yorks., is fully prepped with all the supplies needed for the time-consuming job of hand-rearing kittens - from baby wipes, to cotton wool to formula milk for cats. She is even given the task of naming all the newborns but has admitted she is running out of ideas and has pulled on the cast of Coronation Street, Star Wars, all of the Disney films and pop groups for inspiration. Sharron said: "I love being the one who has the give the kittens names but, 400 cats in and I am started to run out of ideas." Despite the amount of felines Sharron has taken in over the years, each and every one is remembered in eight kitty catalogues she has compiled over the years, complete with photo and bio. Sharron, who has five cats of her own along with a dog and a tortoise, said: "I decided to keep a memoir of the kittens after I lost one in the second litter I received and I realised nobody would even be aware this little thing had existed. "Luckily, I had taken photos of my first litter so I was able to start from the beginning."

This is the moment an endangered orangutan was rescued from its habitat after its forestry had been butchered by illegal gold mining and logging

***EXCLUSIVE*** Footage shows team of rescuers releasing the 20-year-old male orangutan to a confined safe haven after it had spent a month disorientated and The animal - named Inap by rescue teams - was first spotted by a villager last month after it was seen meandering in his garden in Ketapang, Indonesia. Despite efforts to lure Inap back into the forest, the orangutan would soon return to villagers' gardens in search of food having been left distressed by the destruction his home.  Villagers attempted to capture the troubled orangutan with rope but causing further distress.