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Vibrant aerial embroidery captures the beauty of farmlands from above

***EXCLUSIVE*** A young artist has created this series of stunning images inspired by the farmland and coast near her home using just a needle and thread. Victoria Richards, 21, makes delightful little embroidered scenes using colourful satin and wool thread. Her little landscape 'paintings' feature patchwork fields, hedgerows, meandering rivers and little french knots are used to depict trees and foliage.

A retired artist has spent 20 years collecting over 150 heart-shaped rocks from all over the world

***EXCLUSIVE*** Kris Ballinger’s unusual hobby began when she spotted a stone shaped just like a heart while walking on the shore of Lake Michigan near Leland, Michigan, USA. Kris, of Cookeville, Tennessee, was thrilled with the find and decided to keep looking for the romantic rocks. She now boasts a collection of at least 150 quirky stones - some of which have come from as far afield as Scotland, Italy and Denmark.

Sneaky couple tied the knot in front of 200 guests - who believed they were there to celebrate the pair getting engaged

***EXCLUSIVE*** A sneaky couple surprised their family and friends at their engagement party - by getting married. Zoe Lavery, 31, and Andy Lynch, 32, tied the knot in front of 200 guests - who believed they were there to celebrate the pair getting engaged. The couple had struggled to set a date and had grown tired of relatives asking when they were going to get around to it. So they decided to host a surprise wedding on in September last year.

Mum turns airing cupboard into walk-in wardrobe for her daughter

***EXCLUSIVE*** Resourceful mum Sarah Ward, 28, transformed 20-month-old daughter Cyenna’s tiny box room into a room fit for a celebrity - complete with a a converted airing cupboard she turned into a walk-in wardrobe for just £6. She transformed an unused airing cupboard into a walk-in wardrobe for her young daughter for an impressive £6. Sarah Ward, 28, decided to treat her 20-month-old daughter Cyenna to a little extra space after feeling guilty she only had a box room. She bought a £4 metal rail from a local charity shop and a £2 unicorn sticker from Amazon before picking up a sample of pink carpet from a local carpet store for free. The mum-of-two then chopped off a ladder from her son Jamie-John (JJ), 7, old bunk bed to act as a stairway to the newly-transformed airing cupboard.

Woman who suffered arachnophobia now lives with 35 tarantulas

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman with crippling arachnophobia cured it by hitting the web and watching tarantula videos on YouTube - and now she sleeps in the same room as 35 tarantulas. Vanessa Woods was "petrified" of spiders for more than three decades before she subjected herself to the unusual type of exposure therapy on the internet.  The videos sparked unexpected fascination with invertebrates and within the space of just nine months Vanessa has accumulated 35 furry friends.

Father and daughter wear matching tutus for cute photoshoot

When dad Casey Fields and his daughter Lyla took part in this adorable photo shoot, they definitely broke the mould. Dressed in matching tutu’s the one-year-old and her Texan daddy proved that nothing gets in the way of a little father and daughter bonding! The photographer behind these images is fellow Texan local Jenn Floyd who wanted to create her own ballerina-inspired shoot. „I got the tutu inspiration from another photographer and incorporated my own ideas to ensure daddy and daughter had sweet bonding moments” Floyd told. „The purpose of this shoot was to give our friends a smile, but we love how many hearts it has touched! Casey is a loving dad and was willing to do anything to make a memory for he and his daughter to share in the future.” Floyd shared the images on Facebook, where she was overwhelmed by the positive response, with the phots being shared by around 60,000 people.