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Aspiring model's dreams are dashed after she suffered horrific third degree burns all over her face in a freak EXPLOSION - which left her unable to walk, talk, or open her mouth

***EXCLUSIVE*** TEXAS, USA: This aspiring model’s dreams were crushed after an EXPLOSION left her with THIRD DEGREE BURNS on her FACE - resulting in TWENTY-FIVE surgeries and having to relearn how to walk, talk and OPEN HER MOUTH. In November 2014, real estate agent, Delaney Rose (21) from Texas, USA, was hanging out with her friends in front of a bonfire. Her friend, Cameron, who was standing next to her, saw that the fire was going down, so he grabbed a gasoline container to top up the fire. However, as soon as he did that, the can exploded, setting him and Delaney on fire. In sheer panic, they called an ambulance that drove them to the hospital, where she found out that 16 per cent of her body was covered in third degree burns. For the first month, she underwent 25 surgeries to reduce the scarring including deep FX erbium laser and in-office light therapy laser. As soon as she was well enough to leave the hospital, she would visit Cameron daily. However, three months later, sadly Cameron passed away due to the extent of his burns. The grief she felt over losing her best friend and facing the outside world and being mocked by strangers over her scars, caused Delaney to develop depression. She spent a further six months in a rehabilitation facility, where she had to learn how to walk, talk and write again. She faced a lot of criticism over her appearance. One day when she walked into a restaurant, a little boy started crying because he thought she looked like the „monster” in his nightmares. Experiences like this caused her to shy away from the public and cover her face up with makeup until recently she decided to fully embrace her journey and inspire others through social media. She now has an impressive 10,000 followers on Instagram under the handle, @delaneyrose.realty.

These stunning drone pictures show the rolling landscapes of Iceland including the filming location of „Game of Thrones”

***EXCLUSIVE*** The images show the picturesque landscape in cinematic quality as Cristian Rudolph‚Äôs drone sweeps over the majestic landscape showing the location in all it’s natural beauty. Keen eyed fantasy fans will recognise this location as Iceland filled the role of Westeros in many Seasons of „Game of Thrones”. Cristian Rudolph, 53 from Germany said: „The Iceland videos are made by Drone and steady cameras. Iceland is a fascinating place: the land of fire and ice”.

Four-legged robot goes to work on Norwegian oil rig

Norway: A four-legged robot called Spot has gone to work on a Norwegian oil rig. Artificial Intelligence company Cognite and oil firm Aker BP have tested Spot’s mobility in simulated oil and gas environments. They wanted „to ensure that it can access locations in these facilities too difficult to access through traditional automation.” The companies say the exercise is „a strategic initiative to explore how robotics systems can be used to make offshore operations safer, more efficient and more sustainable.”

This is the zany moment man proposed to his partner using a virtual reality headset to play her a proposal video - surrounded by friends and family

***EXCLUSIVE*** Print finisher Dean Sharp, 33, wanted to pop the question to his partner of nine years Kamila Sobczak, 38, and decided to find a unique way of doing it.  He looked online and could not find any cases where a couple got engaged using VR, so employed his video editing skills to make a video for Kamila to set the scene for the big moment.  Kamila, who works at the same print business, returned to their home in Swadlincote, Derbys., with her daughter Zuzanna, 13, on February 19 last year after a shopping trip.  Little did she know, Dean had invited his mum and dad and their closest friends to the house, who were hiding while he asked her to pick up the VR headset in the living room.  While she watched an emotional, three-dimensional video of Dean talking about their relationship, Dean and the guests quietly got the living prepared with flowers.  When the video finished, she took the goggles off to reveal Dean in a suit holding the ring as he got on one knee to ask her to marry him.

A Jewish woman living in Britain has turned 101 and revealed she once lived next door to Adolf HITLER - and even saw a coffin being taken from his flat

***EXCLUSIVE*** Alice Frank Stock spent years living in the same apartment block as the evil dictator while growing up in Germany during the 1920s and 1930s. The centenarian's family lived on Prinzregentplatz in Munich - just doors away from the future Führer. Alice said she would sometimes see Hitler being rushed into the building while flanked by towering SS guards - most likely fearful of an assassination attempt.

Meet the adorable baby girl who was born with such a thick head of jet black hair her mother has jokingly nicknamed her - Kim Jong-un

***EXCLUSIVE*** Little Nell Purser-Barriff has such striking locks mum Samantha, 40, says her shopping takes twice as long due to all the attention. Samantha and Terry, 34, were blown away when 7lb 13oz Nell was born with an astonishing mop of hair in October. Now Nell's barnet has grown to 5cm.

Live wedding painter

***EXCLUSIVE*** A live wedding artist who paints couples as they exchange vows has admitted that she sheds tears every time she sees the bride walking down the aisle. Julia Dordoni, 42, paints around 25 weddings a year and charges between $1,300 to $1,700 for the sentimental pictures which take up to eight hours to create. She has daubed beach nuptials in Hawaii and winter weddings in the snowy Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  The artist, of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, begins painting the landscape before the wedding begins and usually presents the finished artwork halfway through the reception.

Amazing pictures taken by a hill walker show his giant shadow in mist surrounded by a rainbow-like halo

***EXCLUSIVE*** The effect is a rare phenomenon called a Brocken Spectre, and was captured by photographer and keen Peak District walker Lee Howdle. Lee, 33, from Langley Mill, Derbys., travelled to Mam Tor, a 517 metre high hill near Castleton, in the High Peak area of Derbyshire. He was above the clouds when he noticed he was casting a giant shadow - the Brocken Spectre. The effect, also known as a Brocken bow or mountain spectre, is a large shadow of an observer cast onto cloud or mist.

These stunning photos show red squirrels playfully chasing each other during snowfall

***EXCLUSIVE*** Professional snapper Sue Demetriou, 51, loves watching creatures so much that she built a hide close to her home, near Bridge of Cally, Perth and Kinross. Her fiance, Mark Johnson, is also a nature photographer and they built the hide together two years ago. The rural area was inundated with heavy snow on Monday, and mum-of-one Sue hid with her camera to try to capture the squirrels at play.