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A tiny paper cut nearly killed me after ‘flesh-eating sepsis’ ate away at my arm

***EXCLUSIVE*** A paper cut on this woman’s PINKY FINGER nearly KILLED HER when she contracted a FLESH-EATING DISEASE that caused her body to SHUT DOWN. In December 2017, self-employed independent paparazzi consultant, Heather Harbottle (49) from Hawaii, USA, woke up abruptly after a rough night with progressing hand pain. She had just moved to a new house at the time and her family were unloading the boxes, when she noticed that her finger cut was infected and began to swell. That night she had a fever and any movement of her hand was excruciating, so in the early hours of the next day, her family drove her to Hilo Medical Centre which took two and a half hours. It turned out she contracted staphylococcus (staph), a group of bacteria, which spread into her blood and developed into sepsis. Due to her critical condition, her kidneys were failing, and the infection had already travelled to the heart. Her body was shutting down and her doctors diagnosed her with necrotising fasciitis (NF), commonly known as ‘flesh-eating bacteria’. She was close to death and facing a possible amputation if the infection was too strong. The bacteria had already eaten its way through her tendons and had reached her armpit. She was heart-broken at the thought of being separated from her six-year-old daughter AnnJolie and this was her motivation to keep fighting. She underwent a biopsy to treat the infected tissue and prescribed numerous antibiotics which were working. She had a debridement every three days, which is the removal of damaged tissue or foreign objects from a wound. Once her skin was healthier, the next stage was to undergo a skin graft, however, the vac seal was compromised and caused the bacteria to spread up her forearm and an abscess developed. She had to be airlifted to a different hospital where she had another surgery on her forearm and ring finger, where the cut initially was. In January 2018, she had to have a groin flap procedure, where they take a chunk of healthy tissue and insert it to the top of her hand. Soon after she was reunited with her daughter and has been recovering but is very grateful to be alive and wants to spread awareness of NF.

British couple quit their jobs and spend £10,000 turning Sprinter minibus into home on wheels to enjoy 12,000-mile European odyssey with the US now in their sights

***EXCLUSIVE*** This British couple decided to quit their jobs and spend TEN THOUSAND POUNDS renovating a van to travel through Europe - clocking up TWELVE THOUSAND MILES so far. Safeguarding officer, Sean Troth (35) and process support manager, Rach Wood (30) from Birmingham, UK, first met at work in May 2015 whilst they were editing websites together. They were friends for two years before romance blossomed. Working busy full time jobs meant that Sean and Rach didn’t get to spend as much time together as they’d like and yearned for something more than just sitting on the sofa every night and being exhausted from working the nine-to-five. But it wasn’t until March 2018 when the couple were driving to a wedding in Scotland that they decided wanted to live in a van and see what else the world had to offer. So, 15 months later, they bought a Sprinter minibus, they’ve named Higgins, for Ł4,000 and set to work over six months to transform it into a functional home on wheels, which has all the essentials like a high ceiling for standing room, a sleeping area come lounge and a fridge for beer. The van and refurbishment cost Ł10,000 altogether. Since setting off in June, Sean and Rach have travelled through most of Europe, clocking up over 12,000 miles through France, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia, where they are based currently.

These adorable images have surfaced online of a moody moggy who bears a striking resemblance to an internet icon

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sora the small framed Ragdoll cat, known to her owner as „MeowMeow” is 11-years-old and lives with her owner Clara Lin in Taiwan. Clara adopted „MeowMeow” around 10 months ago and shared adorable images of her online. The internet was very quick to point out the felines uncanny resemblance to the internet icon „Grumpy Cat” who passed away in 2019. 33 year-old Carla Lin said: „MeowMeow has a Japanese name was „Sora”, means sky, because she has beautiful blue eyes. But her grandma always cell her MeowMeow. I think it’s her name now.”

'Largest turtle that ever existed' weighed more than a tonne and had an eight-foot HORNED shell that it may have used for combat 10 million years ago

***EXCLUSIVE*** The biggest turtle ever to have lived weighing more than a tonne with an eight foot long shell roamed modern-day Colombia 10 million years ago. Named Stupendemys geographicus and twice as big as the largest one today, it may even have weaponised its fabulously armoured carapace in fights to the death with male rivals over mates - or food. At the time the continent was a 'lost world' of bizarre oversized creatures - including enormous rats and alligators. Stupendemys was unearthed at an animal graveyard known as the La Venta archaeological site in the Tatacoa Desert of Colombia.

Sleeping Outside

Six months ago, in the middle of the night, Lane't Lynn's friend decided she and her two children couldn't stay with them anymore. Suddenly, they found themselves homeless. Unable to find a shelter, they started sleeping in her car. She thought it would be temporary. It stretched on for six months. They stayed mostly in the parking lot of a Citrus Heights park that had a bathroom. They weren't the only homeless family staying there, she said. For four days, they stayed in a downtown Sacramento hotel with a voucher from the county's department of human services. But it expired, and they went back to sleeping in the car.'It's hard,' said Lynn, 24. Lynn, who is known by this name and requested her legal name be withheld because she fears for her welfare, was sitting on the bed of her room at America's Best Value Inn in Sacramento last week. She was feeding her year-old son London Velavaz apple sauce while her 3-year-old daughter Kalaya Warren watched 'Frozen' in pajamas. 'But I make sure my kids have what they need. We make it the best we can,' she said. Homeless mom describes the hardship of finding housing with her children. Many homeless mothers in Sacramento have a similar story. As Sacramento rents continue to rapidly rise, affordable housing has become scarce. As a result, the region's homeless shelters are typically full, while many people have taken to living in encampments along the American River Parkway, under freeway overpasses, and in downtown doorways. A huge number of them are families, quietly sleeping under blankets in winter coats in cars parked in tucked away in the corners of parking lots at grocery stores, churches and parks.

Bear appears to be using a log as a loofah

***EXCLUSIVE*** A bear relaxes as it washes itself and appears to use a large log as a loofah. The male grizzly bear was fishing in the river when it decided to take a break and have a clean while waiting for its next catch. The unusual images were taken in a remote area of British Columbia, Canada in an area only accessible by helicopter.

Boats moored up to shape like petals of a flower

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hundreds of wooden boats fan out around their moorings in patterns which resemble flowers. The boats, decorated with colourful patterned rugs, are ready to transport workers from the outskirts of the city to their jobs in the centre. The Buriganga river is used as a route into Dhaka city for millions of workers every day. The Bangladeshi capital is one of the most densely populated in the world and home to around 19 million people.

Swan lake performance

***EXCLUSIVE*** Swan lake - Dancing swan. A mute swan performing a courting dance, to attract a mate. Ian Robertson described the photo by saying: "My imagination reminded me of the swan lake ballet and its gracefull movements conveying how great I am in holding my postures as they do on stage".

VALENTINE'S DAY - Icicle love heart on a branch

***EXCLUSIVE*** Love is in the air as the shape of a perfectly sculpted love heart can be seen by frozen water droplets trickling from a branch in Leuvenumse Creek. The natural phenomenon was captured by hobbyist photographer Aalt van Tongeren in freezing conditions in the Veluwe, the Netherlands. The 73 year-old said “I was walking along the fast flowing creek with the conditions at 3 degrees below zero, and saw a sculpture formed by the ice on the branch.” “It’s a special heart with love from nature”.