Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

These artistic masterpieces have been created - by a massive LIZARD

***EXCLUSIVE*** The paintings are daubed by Argentinian tegu lizard named Winston, owned by Sarah Curry of Michigan, USA. Footage shows the scaly artisan dipping its claws and tail in paint before thrashing against the canvas to create his masterpieces. Sarah is a graphic designer and has put Winston’s works up for auction where they sell for between 30 and 75 dollars as well as prints going for 15 to 30.


A dog lover says she owes her life to her German shepherds - after they detected her breast CANCER

***EXCLUSIVE*** Linda Munkley, 65, was left baffled when her five-year-old dog Bea began frequently leaping up at her and headbutting or pawing at her chest. She thought her dog was just being a nuisance - but as the odd behaviour went on, Linda began checking her breasts, at first finding nothing unusual. But after about six weeks, Linda began to feel a tingling sensation spreading from her chest and under her arms.

A couple born next door to each other in 1927 are now celebrating 73 YEARS - of marriage

***EXCLUSIVE*** Victor and Glennis Holvey didn't know each other growing up despite their close proximity - but admit they used to 'spy' on one another out of their curtains. They 'officially' met at a dance in 1944 - after which romantic Victor, known as Vic, walked his date home to find he occupied the adjacent house in Bristol. The pair, both aged 93, then married in 1947 and haven't looked back since, now living together in a care home in the city. The loving duo share four children, six grandchildren, eleven great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild. Glennis said: "I remember the night we met like it was yesterday. Victor had arranged a fabulous dance at Barton Hill, it was great! "We danced all night together and then he walked me home - it turned out he was my neighbour. "I used to ‚Äėspy‚Äô on her out my bedroom window."

A family shoe company started by identical twins has celebrated 100 years of business, with identical twin grandsons now at the helm

***EXCLUSIVE*** DB Shoes was founded by Jack Denton and Bill Denton on February 11, 1920 and celebrated its 100th birthday this week. The company, based in Rushden, Northants., is now run by Jack's grandsons, David and Charles Denton, and specialises in wider-fit shoes. Jack and Bill’s father George had been involved in another firm - Wilkins and Denton - from 1873, while their grandfather, also called George, was involved in the shoe trade as early as 1841. The twins began their own firm, originally called Denbros Ltd, in 1920, making staple-welted shoes from a factory in Rushden. In the 1930s and 1940s, the business made boots for the army, before becoming a polyurethane-injection factory in the 1960s with the advent of the new technology. Charles and David bought out the business from shareholders in 1997 at a turbulent time, but transformed it into the successful business it is today by specialising in wider-fit shoes.