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Love is in the air… - photo contest about LOVE

***EXCLUSIVE*** A world-wide photo contest challenging people to capture the 'essence of love' through a camera lens has produced this stunning series of images in time for Valentine's Day. Nearly 12,000 photographers across the globe entered the #Love2020 contest hosted by free-to-use mobile app Agora. And the 50 final entries picked by judges prove that indeed, love is a many splendid thing.


Garage gator: resident finds 7ft alligator in their garage

North Port, Florida, United States: A Florida resident got a surprise visitor when they stepped into their garage - a 7-foot alligator. North Port Police Department (NPPD) were called to a home with reports of the intruder lingering near the driver-side door of a car. Thankfully, the alligator was able to be safely wrangled back to a canal nearby. NPPD jokingly reported: „Wallet, Keys, Phone, Alligator, Let's go honey. Wait... what? One local resident on Hobblebrush Drive in North Port had a seven-footer trying to catch a ride this afternoon. We got the confused Alligator mississippiensis back into the nearby canal. C-ya later alligator!”

Osprey dives into water to catch fish

***EXCLUSIVE*** An osprey tucks its wings in and extends its talons in the moments before it it dives into a lake. After entering the water, the bird of prey struggles for a few moments as it prepares to lift the rainbow trout out of the water. The osprey had been circling the lake for ten minutes before spotting a fish and making its plunge. Amateur photographer Decker Nomura pictured the bird of prey on the Santee Lakes near his home in California, US.

Horse falls into sinkhole

Tennessee, United States: A horse had to be rescued from sinkhole in Tennessee. Maury County Fire Department (MCFD) responded to an animal rescue on Forest Ridge Trail in the Culleoka Community. Thankfully, thanks to a digger a wider hole was made and the horse was encouraged to walk itself out of trouble. Units arrived on scene and formulated two plans. The initial plan was to dig a pathway out for the horse to walk out if it could stand, which was unknown. The second plan was to shore up the sink hole and place the horse in a slingharness that OEM provided and perform a vertical lift with a rope system after being sedated by a veterinarian. Luckily, after carefully digging the pathway and breaking the suction of the mud the horse was able to stand and make it out of the hole with much encouragement. Special thanks to all agencies and private business owners for taking time out of their day to make this a successful outcome

Pregnant okapi gets an ultrasound

London, United Kingdom: Vets at ZSL London Zoo are delighted to have captured ultrasound recordings of an okapi's heart beating in the womb - as the team monitor the pregnancy of one of their most endangered species. Remarkable footage released follows the Zoo’s expert vet team as they work alongside zookeepers to carry out six-year-old Oni’s six-month scan on 27 January, before analysing the footage. Oni has been having regular ultrasounds since her keepers first suspected she was pregnant last August - using daily training to make sure she is completely comfortable with the scans. Oni’s keepers practise target training with her every day - presenting her with a small, handheld wooden target that she can touch with her tongue in order to get a small reward; this allows them to calmly encourage her into the right position for the ultrasound. part of an important European breeding programme for the Endangered species.

Land of Fires in Orta di Atella

Orta Di Atella, CAMPANIA, ITALIA: The compost company built with European funds is today an illegal landfill (and nobody does anything). The ruin full of industrial waste that everyone knows. And on which no one intervenes and a few meters there are crops of fruit and wine as can be seen from the images both from the ego and in the vicinity, and nobody worried about the health of consumers and those who live nearby as they are set on fire almost every day toxic materials of all kinds.