Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A Nigerian prince has given up a life of royalty at home to spend his days hunting leaks for Thames Water in London - in a story reminiscent of the Eddie Murphy comedy Coming to America

***EXCLUSIVE*** Akeem Adenuga, 62, comes from near Lagos in Nigeria where his brother - King Asunmo Aderibigbe - is The Paramount Ruler of Odo-Ayandelu. The prince took a break from royal duties in 1994 to study in the UK and fell in love with the country, taking a job as a trainee leakage technician at Thames Water in 2000 - and he has worked there ever since. Eddie Murphy's 1988 film depicted a fictional Prince Akeem, the crown prince of a made-up African country, who travels to the US in the hope of finding a woman he can marry.

A young girl has become one of the youngest people to save a life - after helping rescue two young boys who were drowning in the sea when she was just TEN

***EXCLUSIVE*** Brooke Instance, now 12, was enjoying a day at the beach with her dad, Steve, playing in the waves and learning to surf, when conditions worsened and the surf began to grow. The pair got out of the water and started getting ready to go home, and while Steve, a volunteer life-guard, was busy loading the car Brooke looked back to the water. Brooke, who is a member of the local Surf Life Saving group, saw two young boys and instantly knew they were in trouble, fighting against a rip current that was dragging them out to sea.

Airbus wants to change the shape of commercial flights

***EXCLUSIVE*** Airbus has developed a giant flying wing prototype dubbed the MAVERIC, showcasing the future of airplane travel. Airbus' latest creation is a two meters long by three meters wide small-scale, remote-controlled aircraft demonstrator that was debuted at the Singapore Air Show 2020. It aims to reduce carbon emissions by 20% thanks to a more aerodynamic body that produces less drag, thus giving it better fuel efficiency. The result of Airbus' work is a „blended wing body” construction that houses a single-aisle inside its wide cabin. Because of its engine placement, the MAVERIC is also said to be much quieter than typical airplanes, offering passengers additional legroom and larger aisles as a result of its wider interior.

KFC Crocs

***EXCLUSIVE*** For those who always wanted to wear a bucket of fried chicken on their feet, KFC has now collaborated with Crocs on a playful Classic Clog. Celebrating its signature fried item, Kentucky Fried Chicken looked to create a footwear option that authentically representing its food experience. Priced at $60 USD, the KFC x Crocs Classic Clogs are set to release sometime this Spring.

A woman who lost her husband to cancer before being diagnosed with a brain tumour herself two years later has launched a health app to try and save others

***EXCLUSIVE*** Freyja Hanstein, 32, lost her husband, Lars, in 2014 to abdominal synovial sarcoma cancer even though he had previously appeared fit and healthy. Then just two years later, Freya herself was diagnosed with a brain tumour and was told to expect the worst. But she had the tumour removed and despite life-changing side effects she has now channelled her efforts by launching an app, called the Wholesome World App, to help others battling the disease.

An archive of clothing by British fashion designer Alexander McQueen, made when he was too poor to pay his studio's rent, will be auctioned in America later this month

***EXCLUSIVE*** The sale is to mark the 10th anniversary of McQueen’s death, following his suicide at the age of 40 in his home in Mayfair, London in 2010. The collection was acquired by McQueen’s former friend and colleague Ruti Danan, who noted that in the early 90s McQueen’s staff were often rewarded with clothing for working extremely long hours “due to pure lack of funding.” Some of the most recognizable pieces on offer come from the designer's highly controversial “Highland Rape” collection – including a tartan, open front jacket from 1995, which is expected to sell for over $100,000 USD.

The amazing Bagworm caterpillar which builds a 'log cabin' around itself over it's lifespan for protection

***EXCLUSIVE*** These tiny little structures look like mini log-cabins - but are actually made by one of nature's most ingenious little home builders. The 'logcabin' Bagworm caterpillar carefully builds a mini house around itself using twigs or leaves to hide from hungry predators. It then sleeps in a cosy silken sleeve within its self-built home during its pupa stage before later emerging into the world as a Bagworm moth.