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It's Her Royal Flyness! Hostess who is Meghan Markle's double signs up as an official lookalike after 'being mistaken for the royal every day'

***EXCLUSIVE*** An American air hostess who looks like Meghan Markle has been confusing passengers - and says she gets mistaken for her ten times a DAY. Christine Mathis, 32, is an air hostess for JetBlue airline and has been getting mistaken for Meghan Markle ever since she starred in the TV show 'Suits' in 2011.  As Meghan's fame grew and her relationship with Harry appeared in the press regularly, doppelganger Christine from New Jersey was stopped more and more.  Now, the mum of one claims she gets approached up to ten times A DAY by passengers and members of the public who are convinced that she's a celebrity.  After years of being mistaken for the famous actress, Christine has signed up with an agency to find work as a lookalike.

Living in the former railway station

***EXCLUSIVE*** Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Sülstorf: The Berlin taxi driver Michael Böhmke is sitting in his living room at the Sülstorf train station wearing a railway cap. A good two years ago Böhmke bought the station building on the railway line from Ludwigslust to Schwerin at an auction on Ebay. Gradually, he now wants to extend and renovate the building; he has already collected numerous collector's items relating to railway history.

Superyacht comes with its own nightclub

***EXCLUSIVE*** This extravagant superyacht is the ultimate billionaire's party paradise as it features its own 360 degree sky bar and three-storey nightclub. The owner of the 'Miami' won't have to leave their favourite toys at home because the huge vessel is so lavish it has a special showroom capable of housing 10 supercars.

A tiny Chinese bowl, found in an old box of heirlooms, is expected to fetch in excess of £25,000 after it dates back to the early 18th Century

***EXCLUSIVE*** It measures just 14.8cm in diameter but is highly valuable thanks to its pedigree. It was made during the reign of China’s Emperor Yongzheng, which lasted from 1722-35 during the Qing Dynasty. Uncovered after nearly 300 years, where it had been sitting in a box of family hand me downs, it will go for a small fortune when auctioned off by Hansons London in February.

IRN-BRU-LIEVABLE - Weight loss: Woman loses 6st after ditching drinking 10 cans of Irn-Bru a day and switching to sugar-free

***EXCLUSIVE*** Shannon Palmer, 26, had her life turned “upside down” after the childhood home she shared with her parents was burned down in an accident in March 2017 - before she was sacked from work the next day.  The fizzy pop addict fell into a “deep depression” and turned to takeaways and Irn-Bru to help her cope - guzzling ten cans every day.  Over the next few months she ballooned from a size 12 to a size 24 and tipped the scales at over 17 stone by summer 2017.  But the inspirational dementia carer turned her life around after a trip to a beach resort in Spain in September 2018 left her feeling “disgusted” and “afraid” to wear a bikini.  Shannon, from Bradford, West Yorks., was introduced to Slimming World in November 2018 and lost six stone in a year - by eating healthily while still enjoying sugar-free Irn-Bru.

Mum nicknames son Humpty Dumpty after tot's skull cracked open and rebuilt

***EXCLUSIVE*** Little Ronnie Jebbitt, 20 months, was born with craniosynostosis - a birth defect where one or more of the joints in the skull fuse together before the brain has finished growing. If untreated it can cause developmental issues so Ronnie underwent a five-hour operation at the John Hopkins Hospital, Oxford, to separate his skull before it was pieced back together in July 2019.  The little lad 'bounced back' in a matter of months and has now started nursery.

Bentley has just released a centennial version of its inventive 6-in-1 Stroller Trike

***EXCLUSIVE*** Aimed at the avid car collector/Bentley driver who is also an expecting parent, the 6-in-1 Stroller Trike transforms into multiple positions to accommodate your child from six months to four years old. This limited-edition version comes with the standard cup holder, magnetic storage basket, locking push handle, extra-large canopy, and reclining swivel seat, but sees enhancements like a matte-black frame, satin detailing, eco-leather touchpoints, gold stitching, gold Bentley branding, and GT replica wheels. Priced at $600 USD, this Centennial 6-in-1 Stroller Trike is limited to 570 units. Head over to Bentle Trike for more info.

A nostalgic software engineer uses a network volunteers to create his own retro version of classic TV information service – CEEFAX

***EXCLUSIVE*** Dedicated Peter Kwan, 63, has spent years perfecting his own teletext system - which he has called Teefax.  He says he was gutted when the BBC's Red Button service was introduced in 2012 - replacing the analogue Ceefax system after 38 years.  Just last week the red button was 'saved' by a mass petition just the day before it was due to be shut down in BBC budget cuts.  But Peter and his group of around 20 volunteers still regularly update their version of Ceefax - which has the classic look of the old teletext system.  And Teefax - available to anyone with an internet connection - sources its news directly from the BBC and reformats it with the same page numbers as Ceefax, to increase the nostalgia factor.  The service has pages of classic Ceefax-like content including jokes as well as an archive of old teletext pages.  It also features pages displaying Tweets amongst its pages of up-to-date news.  Teefax can be viewed through online servers but with a £25 piece of kit it can also be hooked up and viewed through a TV set.

Boy, 14, left fighting for life after cold turned into deadly brain infection

***EXCLUSIVE*** A 14-year-old boy was left fighting for his life after a simple bout of sinusitis developed into an infection on his BRAIN. Superfit Sam Levitt spent 12 days in hospital - two of those in an induced coma - after doctors had to remove part of his skull to clear away bacteria. The schoolboy underwent a five-hour emergency procedure at Sheffield Children's Hospital when an MRI scan revealed the severity of the infection. What started as a simple cold developed into sinusitis, then spreading to his eye - becoming bacterial infection cellulitis - and then, within days, to his brain. Shocked mum Lis said: "I did not know in a million years that somebody could one minute be suffering with sinusitis and the next, fighting for their lives.

Cheet-ing death! Impala survives after shaking off five cheetahs in Kenya

***EXCLUSIVE*** KENYA: A formidable impala is still standing strong after managing to shake off FIVE cheetahs who launched a coordinated attack. Remarkable photos, captured by a British photographer in Kenya, show the exhausted cheetahs numerous attempts to bring the beast to its knees – all of them in vain. In one sensational shot, it even appears that mother cheetah, known as Selenkei, attempting a wrestling move to bring down the 160-pound antelope but to no avail. Another shot shows all five cheetahs clinging to the Impala to little effect before it made its escape. The extraordinary sequence was snapped by Cheltenham-based photographer Kevin Rooney (53) who was on his annual photography pilgrimage to Africa to capture the continent’s jaw-dropping wildlife. These amazing shots were captured in Naboisho Conservancy in south-west Kenya.

Storm reveals 130 million-year-old dinosaur footprint on Isle of Wight

***EXCLUSIVE*** A dinosaur footprint has been discovered on a beach after the turbulent weather of Storm Ciara revealed its location.  The fossilised imprint - believed to belong to one of a group of carnivorous dinosaurs known as therapods - is a trace of 'vanished worlds' and is estimated to be at least 130 million years old. Found on Sandown Bay on the Isle of Wight, experts believe that the recent stormy weather blew away sand which had covered the unusual find for millennia.  Local fossil hunting group, Wight Coast Fossils, announced the discovery.

Lion cub appears to lose head in Mother's mouth

***EXCLUSIVE*** A lion cub's head appears to disappear completely as it is carried by its mother. However, the adventurous cub, which is less than 12 weeks old, was being safely carried around the neck back to their den after it wandered off.

Traditional winnowing fans in Bangaldesh

***EXCLUSIVE*** A market trader in Bangladesh is pictured surrounded by traditional winnowing fans, used by farmers for separating dirt from grains. The implements, made from bamboo, cost just the equivalent of 20p each and have been used for thousands of years on the Indian subcontinent. Photographer Abdul Momin said, The fans are also bought by city workers and used as home decor.  The trader is also selling baskets, used by farmers to carry fruits and grains.