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A fashion designer has created a set of bizarre "flesh suits" to show that there is 'no such thing as an ideal body type'

***EXCLUSIVE*** Daisy May Collingridge, 29, stitched together lays of fabric and cotton stuffed with wadding and bean bags to exaggerate the human anatomy. Drooping layers of hand-dyed fabric in purple, orange and pink shades coupled with nipples and sagging flesh give the suits a grotesque appearance. Gaping eyeholes in the headpiece of the suits, set among the rolls of fabric, add to the unsettling quality of the suits.

A devoted dad-of-two who lost his arm while serving in Afghanistan has become the first military veteran in the world to receive a 3D-printed multi-grip 'bionic arm'

***EXCLUSIVE*** Darren 'Daz' Fuller lost his right hand and forearm a decade ago when a friendly mortar in Helmand Province inexplicably misfired and struck him. The 43-year-old says recovering from the trauma was "immensely difficult" but that he is experiencing a "new lease of life" after being fitted with the "incredible" bionic arm. The prosthetic, made by Bristol-based firm Open Bionics, is made using a state-of-the-art 3D printer and gives amputees never before experienced dexterity. Since receiving his, Daz has been able to hold his daughter's hand with his right for the first time ever and use a knife and fork, which he hasn't been able to do for years. He said: "I can now do so many of the little things that most people take for granted - I'm so happy. "I can hug my daughter and play games with her in a way I have never been able to before, it's amazing. "There are so many things I’m doing two handed compared to before, and so many things I'm still discovering. "It's a really exciting time." Daz, who lives in Colchester, Essex, with his wife and four-year-old daughter Sky, enlisted into the Parachute Regiment in 1994 and served for 20 years. He completed tours in Northern Ireland, Macedonia and Iraq before his fateful final outing in Afghanistan in 2008, when his right hand and forearm were blown clean off. Daz thought he was "going to die" in the immediate aftermath and then, as the months wore on, he went through a period of denial over what happened.

Grandad given just days to live when doctors found his liver riddled with tumours has made a ‘miracle’ recovery

***EXCLUSIVE*** David Thomas, 74, was given days to live following a cancer diagnosis in September but has just finished his last chemo session at Blackpool Victoria Hospital. David Thomas’s liver was riddled with tumours just five months ago – with 90 per cent of it covered – but has defied doctors to ring the bell marking the end of his chemotherapy. The 74-year-old grandad, who admitted treatment was hell, has credited his rally back to fitness with the love of his family – and divine intervention. He said: “It might sound crazy but I really believe that the prayers from my Christian friends, my family and a positive mindset got me through this. “I believe that if you want to get well, you can. It’s all in your own mindset. “What has happened to me has really opened my eyes, and I genuinely believe my recovery was a miracle.”

This is the fantastic footage of a secluded Tree house village

***EXCLUSIVE*** Dominican Tree House Village located in Samana, Dominican republic is a collection of Tree House Cabins that are hidden in a tropical valley that is located in the core of anexotic Caribbean jungle. Dimazgm a creative entrepreneur from Cyprus was the pilot of the drone that captured the stunning video. He said: „I am a top 1% travel influencer as known as VacationWolf and I believe that travel is the best form of education that showcases the world’s best travel experiences.”

Terrified woman feared for life after her arm got trapped in her bed for 13 hours

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mum has told how she feared she'd die after she got trapped under her bed -- for 13 HOURS. Claire Montello, 39, pulled up her hinged Ottoman style bed to grab her MP3 player which had fallen into the underbed storage. The mum-of-three was reaching inside when the piston holding up the mattress failed - and the entire bed top crashed down on her arm. She was trapped because she didn't have the strength in her one free arm to lift the bed up - and her phone was out of reach - and she feared she'd die.

Rescued: 'heavy' Hayes the echidna

Tasmania, Australia: This chubby little native of Australia has won a whole new army of fans after being rescued in January by the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary in Tasmania. Hayes was brought into the rescue centre by a member of the public after being clipped by a car in the area of Hayes - hence the name! Primarily staff were concerned for any potential injuries, but what soon became apparent was the sheer size of her! Not to be rude, but Hayes is rather large for an echidna – Australia’s most widespread native mammal. „Hayes weighed 4.7kg, which is 1 to 1.5kgs heavier than the average adult female echidna” explains Talia Sawers, a spokesperson for the sanctuary. „She is a big girl and her weight indicates that she is foraging well and thriving in her environment.  She was sedated and checked by our vet and was released by one of Bonorong's Wildlife Rescue Service volunteers, as she did not need further treatment or rehabilitation. Although staff were sad to see her go, Hayes was safely returned to the area that she had been found where she will hopefully continue to live her best life!”