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Nurse earns £8k-a-month by posting kinky 'balloon fetish' videos on Instagram

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the nurse who earns almost EIGHT-THOUSAND-POUNDS per month by sharing BALLOON FETISH videos online - claiming it’s FOUR TIMES more than what her „regular” job brings in. Balloon performer and medical ward nurse, Oxana Efremova (28) from Saint Petersburg, Russia, was first introduced to an inflatable sex game using balloons as a teenager. Now she earns up to four times her monthly salary by selling videos of her hobby. A person with a fetish for balloons is known as a looner. Looners are sexually aroused by balloons and inflatables, some are particularly excited by the risk of them popping at any time. Nine years after she was introduced to the fetish by her partner and art director, Val (32) heterosexual nurse Oxana now frequently has sex with inflatables. Her risqué performances have popped off, with over 6,700 followers on Instagram.

Woman is shocked to discover she has TWO vaginas and TWO wombs during routine 10 week ultrasound, but goes on to give birth to a healthy baby girl

***EXCLUSIVE*** MICHIGAN, USA: Meet the proud mum who only discovered she had TWO WOMBS AND VAGINAS during a routine ultrasound scan which resulted in a miscarriage - but a year later has welcomed a healthy baby girl. Primary school teacher, Bethany McMillin (27) from Michigan, USA, fell pregnant with her husband, Paul (25), in October 2017 and during her 10-week scan, the doctor noticed something unusual about her anatomy. She was then diagnosed with a rare condition called uterus didelphys, a uterine malformation where there are two uteruses, two cervixes and two vaginas present. Consequently, the foetus had stopped developing at just six weeks and Bethany miscarried in January 2018 when she was just three months pregnant. Ever since her diagnosis she was told that the risk of a second miscarriage or preterm labour was very high due to the condition. She noticed that each month she had her period, one tampon wasn’t enough to absorb the menstrual flow, as the blood would leak out from her second vaginal opening, which prompted her to use two tampons. A year after she lost her first baby, Bethany discovered she fell pregnant again in December 2018 and whilst she was happy with the news, she felt more cautious in case something went wrong. However, when she reached her nine-week scan, she heard her baby’s heartbeat for the first time and she finally let herself feel hopeful. In September 2019, she gave birth to her daughter, Maeve, who is now five months old, and she has since embraced her condition and tried to raise more awareness. She says that joining a group on Facebook was helpful for her during her journey.

Soulmates with a van and a plan: Florida man marries his Spanish girlfriend after just nine months so that she can get a US visa - and now they travel the country together in a $4K converted Ford 4x4

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the van life couple who got married in VEGAS by ELVIS to secure a VISA – after meeting each other whilst travelling. Content creators, Lidia Rico (28) from Palma de Mallorca, Spain and Philip Miller (33) from Jacksonville Beach, Florida, USA both met each other when travelling in San Diego in December 2014. Back home in Spain, Lidia worked as a personal trainer and a nice seafront home, but she was missing out on travel and wanted to learn English so she decided to become an au pair in the USA. Meanwhile in Florida, Philip was working as a mechanic six days a week and wanted more time to enjoy life. So, he decided to buy an RV and live a nomadic lifestyle and travelled across the USA to California coast to coast. Lidia was solo travelling when she met Philip for the first time and the pair fell head over heels for one another and started dating. But, sadly seven months later Lidia’s work visa expired, and she had to return home to Spain. The two love birds missed each other but continued a long-distance relationship for a few months. In September 2015 Philip surprised Lidia with a visit to Spain and he proposed to her, they both returned to the USA where they got married on December 3, 2015, in Las Vegas, Nevada, before exploring the rest of the USA and Canada in Philip’s comfy RV. In 2018, they bought a smaller van to live in for Ł3,000 (3,900USD) and have been on the road for over five years.

Model left paralysed after doctor says dead arm was due to anxiety

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ex-model thought she was having a HEART ATTACK when she woke up with a dead arm but doctors brushed it off as ANXIETY and sent her home - five hours later she woke up PARALYSED. When designer, Sonia Vera (46) who is originally from Margarita Island, Venezuela but has lived in London, UK, since 2016, woke up with a dead arm in June 2017, she went to hospital fearing she was having a heart attack. Medical staff told her that she was just suffering from anxiety, to go home and have a nap. Deep down, Sonia felt that something wasn’t quite right, but followed the medical advice and five hours later, she woke up paralysed from the chest down. Remarkably Sonia never panicked when she woke up and found she was paralysed, and she trusted that it would pass or that doctors would be able to treat her and make her better. At hospital, she underwent a series of tests, including two spinal taps, before being diagnosed with transverse myelitis, a rare neurological condition affecting the central nervous system that causes inflammation of the spinal cord. Sonia spent six months in hospital where she was initially given steroids to reduce the inflammation followed by three IVIG transfusions alongside intense physiotherapy. Sonia, who used to be a model and TV personality before starting her own swimwear brand, has been told that there is no cure for her condition and that she may not be able to walk again but she remains positive and is determined to walk on dry land again. Sonia walks in a hydro pool daily, and she’s always aware of new developments in the treatment of transverse myelitis. After seeing medical trials for an epidural stimulator in Kentucky, USA, which has proven successful in reversing some paralysis, Sonia has set up a Go Fund Me page so that she can fly to The States and have the revolutionary treatment which is her only hope of walking again.

Armoured car used in Cold War that is completely road legal could be yours for £20,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** Bullet proof bargain - This Cold War era British 'little tank' is being touted as a armour plated investment with ultra low insurance, and no VAT, road tax or MoT. The Ferret scout car was a reconnaissance vehicle used by the British Army in Germany during the height of the Cold War. This one was decommissioned in the 1990s and has been owned in recent years by a private collector. It is now being sold at auction for a pre-sale estimate of between £15,000 to £20,000. But after the initial outlay, the vehicle is said to be incredibly cheap to run.

How much Harry? Wizard price for first edition Potter

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Harry Potter first edition inscribed by JK Rowling to the first person 'to see merit' in the boy wizard has emerged for sale for £90,000. The author, then unknown and unpublished, sent a manuscript with the first three chapters of The Philosopher's Stone to literary agent Christopher Little in 1995. However, since the agent had not previously handled children's literature, it was destined for the bin. But office manager Byrony Evens, intrigued by the manuscript's distinctive black folder, picked it up from the pile and read through it. Captivated by its contents, she suggested to Little they request the rest of the story from Rowling. From there, the Harry Potter phenomenon was born which has spawned seven books, films and theme parks - giving Rowling an estimated net worth of £750million. Now, Evens is selling the first edition - of which just 500 were printed - with auctioneer Bonhams, of London. 

Bugatti bought for £750 before it was nearly written off by a drunk driver has sold for £3.8m

***EXCLUSIVE*** A classic car bought by a British motoring enthusiast for £750 before it was nearly written off by a drunk driver has sold for £3.8m. The 1932 Bugatti Type 55 roadster belonged to the late Geoffrey St John for over 50 years until his death last February. In 1994 he was badly injured when the motor was ploughed into by a drunk driver in France. Luckily the car - then valued at about £1m - could be salvaged and repaired.

Historic WW2 UK control tower moved to USA

***EXCLUSIVE*** Over There, Over There - The rebuilt control tower of RAF Goxhill has now been put back together again at the Military Aviation Muuseum in Virginia USA. A historic World War Two airfield control tower which helped protect Britain's skies has been transported 4,000 miles to a museum in the United States. The monument at RAF Goxhill in North Lincolnshire was dismantled brick by brick before the materials were shipped across the Atlantic to the Military Aviation Museum in Pungo, Virginia. The watchtower has been reassembled to look how it would have seven decades ago and is now open to visitors. Goxhill was the first airfield to be allocated to the Americans during the conflict, with General D. Eisenhower attending the handover ceremony in August 1942. The three year project to relocate the structure, which has cost about £75,000, was overseen by the museum's owner Jerry Yagen. When he heard the watchtower was languishing in a derelict state on the site of the former British airfield, he decided to save it to 'preserve its legacy'. 

Remarkable photos documenting Sir Ernest Shackleton's ill-fated attempt to cross Antarctica

***EXCLUSIVE*** Photographic record of one of the worlds most epic tales of endurance. Remarkable photos documenting Sir Ernest Shackleton's ill-fated attempt to cross Antarctica over 100 years ago have emerged for sale for £40,000. The 1914-17 expedition is remembered for one of the greatest feats of human bravery and endurance after the party became stranded for 18 months in freezing conditions. The expedition's official photographer, Frank Hurley, captured their ordeal on camera and made presentation albums when he eventually returned to Britain. One album was given to King George V. Seven are believed to survive today, including the one for sale that has been owned by a private collector for over 40 years.

Is this the best view in London? A stunning apartment for sale in England's capital

***EXCLUSIVE*** A stunning apartment offering a breathtaking panorama of the nation's capital has emerged for sale for £900,000. The stylish one bedroom flat is located on the 43rd floor of the new-build 704ft Valiant Tower in South Quay Plaza in Canary Wharf. It overlooks Greenwich and the River Thames, with London's major landmarks on display. The building has a rooftop terrace, a swimming pool and a gym, and is surrounded by waterside gardens. The flat is being sold with estate agent Sotheby's International Realty. 

A book recounting 17th Century witches trial has old for over £6,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A rare 17th century book recounting the harrowing fate that befell two women accused of being witches has sold for over £6,000. A Tryal of Witches at the Assizes provides an eye-witness account of the trial of Rose Cullendar and Amy Duny in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, in 1664. The unfortunate elderly widows were said by their suspicious neighbours to have indulged in witchcraft against their children.

Live like a footballer in this £5million six-bed super mansion with cinema, pool and spa in Hertfordshire

***EXCLUSIVE*** LONDON: Live amongst footballing legends like ARSENE WENGER in this SUPER mansion that boasts its own beauty salon and bar for an easy Ł5M.  Stunning photos of the palatial Aria, an award-winning six-bedroom mansion in north London, include the four-storey home’s lavish indoor pool; dine under your designer chandelier; or sweat it out in your own private gym in the capital’s hottest property. It’s no surprise that at least one famous footballer is considering the multi-million-pound property as it’s located in Hadley Wood, a suburb on the Hertfordshire border is a hotspot for the rich and famous, particularly millionaire stars of Arsenal and Tottenham. As well as being handy for the clubs’ training grounds in London Colney and Hotspur Way, it’s only a short supercar ride from the centre of London yet close enough to the Green Belt for country pursuits.

Predator who terrorised London's streets a century before Jack the Ripper

***EXCLUSIVE*** A historian has shed new light on a little-known predator who terrorised London's streets a century before Jack the Ripper. The despicable culprit - dubbed The Monster - targeted well dressed young women by stabbing them in the thigh or buttocks. His reign of terror lasted for the first half of 1790, with him clocking up six victims on a single day. Other women were kicked from behind with spikes fastened to his knees, while some were stabbed in the nose by a spike hidden in a bouquet they were invited to smell. By the time The Monster was finally apprehended, his tally of traumatised victims was over 50. He was unmasked as disgraced Welsh ballet dancer Rhynwick Williams, who was kicked out of the theatre after committing theft and descended into the capital's seedy underworld. Historian Dr Jan Bondeson has written about him in his book 'The London Monster: Terror on the Streets', and also contributed to an upcoming film on the sinister episode.