Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A married couple have decided to spice up their sex life – by running their own sex ‘training days’ and taking notes on each other’s performance

***EXCLUSIVE*** Blessing Platinum-Williams and husband, Michael, both 30, met 11 years ago in January 2009 and said, at first, they 'couldn't keep their hands off each other' - but waited to have penetrative sex until they were married.  But after one year of marriage in 2012 the pair say their sex life took a back step. In an effort to 'keep things exciting', the couple introduced 'training days' three years ago in 2016, where they write notes on each other's performance and share what they like and dislike their other half doing - towards the ultimate goal of having perfect sex every time.

World famous acrobatic team perform spine tingling trampoline manoeuvres in a Slovenian Railways’ container transport terminal

***EXCLUSIVE*** World-famous acrobats Dunking Devils, who are known for their incredible stunts, have picked an unusual location for their latest feat. In the new episode of their adrenaline series they perform insane acrobatic stunts surrounded by shipping containers. Together with Slovenian Railways, with whom they have worked many times in the past, they set up a trampoline playground in the middle of a container terminal! Using multi ton shipping containers, Dunking Devils built a giant trampoline wall, multi-level trampolines, and an impressive moving 50ft high trampoline sandwich. Gašper Novak, Dunking Devils acrobat and member of DD Squad said: “This is another one in line of successful projects with Slovenian Railways. We are very happy and grateful that they decided to support us in our endeavours once again, as this project wouldn’t have been possible without them.”

This stunning image shows the face of a WITCH formed in a giant wave

***EXCLUSIVE*** Photographer Simon Emmett was out taking pictures of the stormy weather when he inadvertently captured the fully formed sorceress erupting out of the ocean. He said he was stunned when he later reviewed his images and instantly identified the witch, complete with crooked nose. Simon, of Lyme Regis, Dorset, said he was at the storm-lashed Cobb harbour in his home-town on Friday taking pictures ahead of the arrival of Storm Dennis. He said: "I just went down to the Cobb to get some stormy scenes. "It was just about timing the waves as they came up. I caught two faces in the waves - but the second one looked just like a witch.