Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A British woman has become a world record holder after running from the top to the bottom of New Zealand in just 36 days - covering a staggering 1,300 miles

***EXCLUSIVE*** Menna Evans only started running two-and-a-half years ago but has already completed a challenge most runners could only dream of. The 40-year-old single mum has ran for eight-and-a-half hours a day, covering 35 miles, to smash the Guinness World Record for running the entire length of New Zealand. She completed the challenge on February 4 after setting off on January 1 - a period of 36 days which smashed the previous record by 16 days. It required her to run in 28 degree heat along main roads and highways before crashing out at night in a campervan driven by a support crew made up of her mum and 11-year-old son. Menna from Llansadwrn, Wales, said: “It was the most incredible experience I have ever had.

Meet Britain's wackiest landlord who models himself on an outlaw, has forced Prince Harry to pull his own pints - and has a pub cat named HITLER

***EXCLUSIVE*** Wacky Steve Cotten, 59, saved the historic Poltimore Arms pub seven years ago - but after a career in precision engineering he admitted he had no idea how to run a boozer. He initially told no-one he had opened and enjoyed getting drunk alone by the fire - but soon his brash and unorthodox manner created a buzz and the crowds began to flock back. The pub - which is fully off-grid and lays claim to the greenest in the UK - has now become a favorite among royals and celebrities who frequent the area for shooting and hunting events. Among the clientele are film producers, billionaires, royalty, formula one stars and business heavyweights. But Steve said it doesn't matter who comes through the doors - he is equally abusive to everyone - and tells all customers to serve themselves. Inside the pub there several rooms adorned with bizarre decor - one with multiple pianos - but it is the unique welcome that stands Steve out from the rest. He models himself on Dick Turpin with full attire including jacket, hat and gun - as he has been raided six times by HMRC who believe the pub is more profitable than it is. Steve said that while he has never made any money from his venture he believes he has created something special in a remote corner of Exmoor, despite the nearest neighbour being a mile away. And all visitors are also greeted by the resident ginger moggy named Frederick Albert Hitler after Steve requested the "nastiest" cat they had at a rescue centre.

A cervical cancer survivor has been dealt a double cruel blow after she was told she can never have kids - and will have to stump up £5,000 to pay for IVF treatment for a surrogate

***EXCLUSIVE*** Amy Jukes, 28, had a life-saving hysterectomy after she was diagnosed with cancer four years ago, but it meant she could never carry children of her own. She had eggs extracted from her ovaries before her womb was removed and they have been implanted with her fiancé Scott Adams's sperm. The couple, who have been together for 11 years, decided go through host surrogacy, where embryos will be transferred into a chosen surrogate via IVF. Amy, who is now three years cancer free, has 11 embryos in deep freeze at hospital, ready to be inserted into a surrogate mother. But the paediatric nurse, who had always dreamt of a family of her own, was hit with more crushing news when she was told she had to pay £5,000 for IVF treatment on the surrogate. The surrogate mother would have to undergo hormone tests, scans, blood tests and have the embryos inserted into her womb. The first round of IVF treatment is usually free on the NHS for would-be mums. Amy, of Barnsley, South Yorks., said: "It feels like I have been punished for having cancer.

Meet the mum who became so fed-up with her messy teens she forced them to sign a 'cleaning contract' - and fines them £5 for every rule broken

***EXCLUSIVE*** Frustrated Katrina Neathey, 36, fines her kids for failing to make their bed, drinking fizzy drinks in their room or leaving litter on their bedroom floor.  She had spent the last two decades cleaning up after her kids - and is a cleaner by trade. But the mum-of-three got to the end of her tether when she found mud on her new £2,000 carpet, within a few weeks of a complete upstairs refurb. She called kids Hayden, 19, Joshua, 18, and Olivia, 13, to the dining table and presented them with tailor made ten-point contacts to sign. The eldest pair agreed they will get fined £5 per rule break - while Olivia has her phone taken away for a day per infringement. The mum from Horsham, West Sussex, said her "harsh but fair" parenting has whipped the kids into shape - and she has only pocketed £20.

Childhood sweethearts have fallen in love again after seeing each other for the first time - in 33 YEARS

***EXCLUSIVE*** Childhood sweethearts who were boyfriend and girlfriend aged ten fell in love again after seeing each other for the first time - in 33 YEARS. Darren Arthur, 45, and Keely Chivers, 45, reconnected with one another after a random Facebook friend request two years ago. They had been in the same class at primary school for two years and became each other's first boyfriend and girlfriend aged 10.  But in 1986 Darren's family moved 123 miles away to Doncaster due his dad changing jobs.

An Indian priest born with a massive facial tumour is worshipped by local villagers as a God - due to his bizarre appearance

***EXCLUSIVE*** Dabul Mishra, 32, has been unable to rid himself of the growth despite visits to numerous doctors. He has almost exhausted his savings trying to get the tumour removed and now works in a local temple to support his family - as he refuses to beg. But some villagers in Shahjehanpur actually see the deformity as a blessing - believing him to be an incarnation of the god Lord Jambavanta. Dabul currently lives in poor conditions with his blind wife and children - but has not lost hope. He said: "I was born with this condition but never took to begging because of my self-respect. "Although I consider this as a curse, the people have now found a god in me and worships me as an incarnation of Lord Jambavanta.