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Rare photos of Amazonian tribe who slaughtered FIVE American missionaries 64 years ago taken by brave photographer

***EXCLUSIVE*** AMAZON RAINFOREST, ECUADOR: This daring photographer has managed to snap pictures of an infamous South American tribe who MURDERED FIVE AMERICANS over SIXTY YEARS AGO. Stunning shots of the indigenous Ecuadorians show killer instinct as one man wields a six-foot spear, a chef regurgitates undercooked food into a metal pan, and a nude tribesman smiles with a wild pig he has hunted. The Huaorani tribe, which are known to hunt monkeys with poisonous blowguns, exclusively live in the Amazon rainforest. It is thought the Huaorani language is isolated, with no related local languages. While the tribe have embraced the use of hunting rifles, they live a simple technology-free life in small forest settlements. The Huaoranis received global attention in 1956 after killing five American men who tried to convert the tribe to Christianity. In recent times, deforestation has caused the Huaoranis to move further into the forests, but their water supply is still ravaged with pollution from nearby oil operations. The incredible images were snapped by photographer, Václav ?ilha (56) from Prague, Czech Republic.

Live like a Bond villain in this concrete cliffside home

A concept home designed by an Iranian architect wouldn't look out of place in the next James Bond movie as the villains evil lair. Architect Reza Mohtashami’s most recent concept, the aptly named Concrete House, isn’t meant to be an evil lair as far as we know, but it certainly wouldn’t look out of place in a summer blockbuster. The austere residence is a cliffside dwelling that somehow manages to look both sinister and beautiful at the same time. No stranger to Brutalist-style buildings, Mohtashami’s latest design attempts to bring together the natural and unnatural. In a series of renders created up by the designer himself, the curved structure, which is made almost entirely of concrete, can be seen protruding out of a frightening rock surface. A significant portion of the dwelling juts out over the cliff’s edge, supported by a series of pillars. While it’s clear the building does not belong there, Mohtashami has also managed to design a home that fits naturally into the surroundings. ''The exterior and interior concrete building, which rotates in the rocks and into the lake and the forest, can give the resident a feeling of relaxation.'' explains Reza. Inside there's a stripped-down vibe to the curved living area but there’s more than enough room for everything you could need, including a kitchen, bedroom and an entertainment area that offers a completely unobstructed view of the surrounding landscape. The large window is complemented by another that runs along the interior of the entire structure, flooding the space with natural light.

A forever home has finally been found for this wonky-faced dog - called PICASSO

***EXCLUSIVE*** Picasso is pit-bull, chihuahua and pomeranian mix and was born with "wry mouth" - an upper jaw deformity. His unconventional look gave him the name Picasso because he looks like one of the artist's famous abstract portraits. Picasso's condition has disfigured his face with his nose pushed to the right and his overbite pushed to the left - but he can still eat, bark and play like any other pooch. He was abandoned two days before Christmas 2016 with brother Pablo - who did not suffer from the defect - by dog shelter owner Liesl Wilhardt, 51, a few months later.

A message in a bottle has been found after being thrown in the water - more than 80 YEARS ago

***EXCLUSIVE*** A message in a bottle has been found after being thrown in the water - more than 80 YEARS ago. Nigel Hill, 55, found the bottle on Tuesday warning while walking his pet dog, Reggie, and was pleasantly surprised to find a message written on cardboard inside. The message was signed by a John Stapleford and dated September 5 1938, and miraculously it has survived 82 years in the water. Nigel found the message on a beach at Bel Royal on the Channel Island of Jersey, and has now sparked a hunt to find the relatives of the writer.

Young buck is a real show off

***EXCLUSIVE*** An impala showboats in front of its herd by springing into the air and kicking its back legs out. The young buck caught the attention of female companions with its impressive jumping display. The impala is performing what is known as 'pronking' - an exercise which shows how healthy and powerful he is to attract mates, assert dominance over other males and scare off potential predators. Amateur photographer Elmar Weiss captured these shots of the jumping impala at the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya.

Pot making

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hundreds of clay pots are laid out to dry under the burning sunshine. Almost 500 workers carefully weaved through the lines of pots as they dried. People of all ages spend the entire day crafting the clay pots in the village near city Aria Bazar, in the Bogura district, Bangladesh.