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Meet the man who drinks a glass of his urine every day and even moisturises with it - saying he feels healthier and looks more youthful than ever

***EXCLUSIVE*** SOME studies suggest drinking a glass of red wine every day could be good for our health. But how about a glass of URINE? A MAN has revealed how he feels better than ever after he started drinking a glass of his own urine every day - and even moisturizes with it. Harry Matadeen, 32, from Farnborough, Hampshire, first began the practice four years ago after reading about its health benefits. The Health Coach now drinks 200ml of his aged urine - which can be a few weeks to a month old - topped up his fresh pee on a daily basis. He also massages his own aged urine into his skin in morning and maintains that it is ultimate anti-aging product. As a result, Harry feels healthier, happier and smarter than ever before. He says drinking aged urine cured his depression and he now often gets mistaken for a man in his twenties. Harry has penned two books on the power of aged urine therapy [Aged Urine: Re-Discovery Of The Century is available to buy on Amazon] and wants to educate people to be more open-minded about its healing capabilities. Harry says that aged urine therapy is the most powerful medicine available.

A brave Brit has racked up five MILLION steps travelling across the entire length of America from Mexico to Canada -- on foot

***EXCLUSIVE*** Mary Mansfield, 40, suffered with crippling headaches for 15 years - but they miraculously disappeared within months of giving up meat. With a new lease of life, she embarked on her dream trip of walking across the whole of America - from Campo in California to Manning Park in British Columbia. She hiked 25 miles every day for six months, racking up around 5,600,000 steps and wearing out FOUR pairs of shoes along the way.

Mom had both her legs amputated and lost her baby after life-threatening labor left her infected with sepsis

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mother lost BOTH HER FEET after a life-threatening labour ordeal which left her bleeding heavily and infected with sepsis. Callie Colwick, 30, suffered from a rare condition called placenta accreta while pregnant with her son Quinn. The serious complication occurs when the placenta detaches from the uterine wall after delivery and causes severe blood loss.  She tragically lost her newborn son and contracted sepsis which left her fighting for her life as her organs failed.

A man with one leg shorter than the other has his limb stretched thanks to pioneering treatment - and his wife rubbing his leg with MAGNETS for three months

***EXCLUSIVE*** Chris Shanks, 67, can now walk properly for the first time in more than four decades after being involved in a horror car crash in his youth. He was severely injured when his car collided with a truck as a 25-year-old - throwing him out and into the path of an oncoming vehicle. But amazing therapy has now extended his right leg by two and three quarter inches - which involved his partner running a magnet over him twice daily for 70 days.

Baker has created a LIFE-SIZED cake of German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld to mark the one year anniversary of his death

***EXCLUSIVE*** A British baker has created a LIFE-SIZED cake of German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld to mark the one year anniversary of his death. Confectionary artist Debbie Wingham, 38, used 195 eggs, 44lbs of sugar paste, 13 bags of flour and over 15,000 baby marshmallows to create the edible sculpture - which stands at 5'10 tall and weighs 287 pounds.  "I made it with all the vital statistics of the late, great Karl Lagerfeld," said Wingham, who spent 11 days building the creation for an unnamed German businesswoman. „The person who commissioned it shares my passion for this legend in couture” added Wingham.

A soldier has turned her back on her 10-year army career -- to become a Babestation model

***EXCLUSIVE*** Joanna Kitson, 27, signed up aged just 17 and rose to the ranks of corporal before growing tired of army rations and conditions on deployments. While on leave she was spotted by a glamour modelling agency and then a Brazilian butt lift gave her the confidence to start working in adult entertainment. She quit the army in September last year and now she works 15 hours a week on adult TV station Babestation.

Amazing pictures of the leopards living on the edge of the bustling metropolis of Mumbai

***EXCLUSIVE*** A photographer captures a majestic leopard appearing to pose for the camera against the scenic backdrop of the Mumbai skyline. Few people would associate the bustling metropolis of Mumbai with forest and diverse wildlife, let alone the presence of a large cat in the by-lanes of the city.  Yet this unexpected situation is exactly what Nayan Khanolkar caught on camera at Aarey Colony, Mumbai, India. The beautiful predator stares straight into the camera with the buildings of Mumbai shimmering behind it. There are more than 42 wild leopards living in Sanjay Gandhi National Park. The highly adaptable cat has learnt to navigate through the city streets regardless of the dense human population.

Scientists replace patients' damaged blood vessels with lab-produced yarn

The researchers use extracellular matrix sheets to make yarn - a bit like that used to make clothing fabric. The leading cause of mortality worldwide, cardiovascular diseases claim over 17 million lives each year, according to World Health Organization estimates. But what if we could replace a patient's damaged blood vessels with brand new ones produced in a laboratory? To open up new research avenues into this serious public health problem, Inserm researcher Nicolas L’Heureux and his team at the Tissue Bioengineering unit.

Sisters made a petition to stop Kellogg's using palm oil which reached over 500,000 signatures

***EXCLUSIVE*** Bosses at food giant Kellogg were so moved by the plea of two young sisters to help save endangered orangutans that they've changed their entire global palm oil policy. Asha Fitzpatrick, 12, and her 10-year-old sister Jia stopped eating Kellogg's cereals, and petitioned the firm to improve its palm oil policy after watching a documentary about orphaned orangutans. From humble beginnings, their petition gained more than 780,000 signatures and caught the eye of Kellogg’s chiefs who invited the determined sisters to a meeting. The sisters first met with the firm's executives in 2018 to discuss possible changes to the way they source palm oil. Harvesting palm oil has been blamed for devastating the orangutans' natural habitat.

These incredible pictures show Second World War anti-tank sea defences transformed into a giant artwork showing people rock climbing

***EXCLUSIVE*** Second World War anti-tank sea defences designed to repel a Nazi invasion were temporarily transformed into a giant artwork showing people rock climbing. Beach artist Claire Eason spent four hours painstakingly carving the 100ft-long creation using a garden rake before her efforts were washed away by the tide. She created the eye-catching artwork after stumbling across anti-tank defences which were placed on Beadnell Bay, in Northumberland, more than 75 years ago. The giant concrete blocks were installed to halt a German invasion during the Second World War and remain visible today.

Artist has created incredibly detailed lifelike busts of some of dog breeds - which she hopes to showcase at Crufts

***EXCLUSIVE*** A sculptor who crafts „hair-by-hair” portraits of dogs will fulfil a ten-year dream when she exhibits her work at Crufts. Louise Jarvis, 37, has already shown off her paintings at the „world’s best dog show”, and has also taken her pet dogs to be admired. But the talented artist has created a series of lifelike busts of different breeds, and contacted top breeders to ask if she could use their canines as a subject. The nine busts depict a Bulldog, Rottweiler, Flat-coated Retriever, Bloodhound, Great Dane, English Mastiff, Sealyham Terrier, Scottish Terrier, Pomeranian and an Australian Shepherd.