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Veteran, 102, fights off burglar who attacked him at front door

A 102-year-old veteran has been left shaken up after bravely fighting off a burglar who attempted to force his way into the pensioner’s home. John Cox was at home with wife Joan, 97, when a man appeared at the door claiming he was an engineer who needed to check the lights. The veteran said he thought it sounded ‘a bit dodgy’ and told the stranger he couldn’t come into his house, in Lincoln. But when he stood firm in his doorway, the intruder attacked the centenarian leaving him with cuts and severe bruising to his arm before fleeing the scene. ‘By that time he had pushed the door wide open and stepped in, and I said “you’re not going to come in here mate”,’ John told the BBC. ‘He gave me a few clouts – I was hoping to give him a few back, and he ran away. He must have been frightened.’

Married mum-of-three starts naked cleaning service charging up to £95 per hour

***EXCLUSIVE*** A married mum-of-three has triggered uproar by launching a NAKED cleaning service. Claire O'Connor, 35, ditched her job as a hotel cleaner to tidy clients houses while wearing absolutely nothing. She will be charging £95 an hour for fully-nude cleaning, £85 for topless or £75 for lingerie or in an outfit such as a French maid. If successful, she hopes to take on a team of women and male staff as well. She explained that was inspired to start Fantasy Clean after hearing about a woman in Plymouth who had started her own clothing-free cleaning business.

Astrologer announces secret behind strange behaviour of millions of pets

***EXCLUSIVE*** Pet owners have revealed some of the weirdest things their furry companions have done - including sitting in the toilet bowl, trying to eat candles and walking backwards. The study of 2,000 cat and dog owners, also found our four-legged friends have been caught barking at nothing, eating mud and even trying to ‚Äėdance‚Äô. Acting like a human, trying to do a forward roll, sleeping in an empty bathtub and even sucking on a baby‚Äôs dummy were also among some of the unusual behaviours cited by the respondents polled by pet wellbeing specialist, ITCHpet.com. But while animals acting up is seen as funny by many pet owners, psychic astrologer Jessica Adams believes their strange behaviour could be down to a timely astrological phenomenon known as Mercury in retrograde.

Yeehah cheetah! Stunning images show a big cat riding atop a frantic antelope as he grabs some fast food on the Kenyan savanna

***EXCLUSIVE*** Amazing photos show a cheetah RIDING ON TOP of a galloping antelope in a frantic race for life. Remarkable shots, snapped in Kenya, show a cheetah bearing down on a fleeing topi before jumping on its back and riding it for several yards before managing to haul it down with the help of its brothers. The sensational sequence was captured by Dutch photographer Dick van Duijn (34) recently who was in the Maasai Mara National Reserve, tracking five cheetah brothers known as the „fast five”.

A globe-trotting schoolgirl birdwatcher has become the youngest Brit ever to be awarded an honorary degree

***EXCLUSIVE*** Dedicated ornithologist Mya-Rose Craig, 17, was the youngest birdwatcher in the world to spot 5000 different species. The teenage twitcher is also an equality and diversity campaigner. And now Mya, from Compton Martin, Somerset, has become the youngest Brit in the UK to be awarded an honorary degree. Mya was given the BSc degree by Bristol University at a ceremony today (20).

Heartbreaking video captures pair of lions pawing and licking a baby antelope for 20 minutes before they finally kill it

***EXCLUSIVE*** Heart-breaking video shows two lions playing with a yelping baby antelope for TWENTY MINUTES before killing it. The big cats go from licking and pawing the kudu to an all-out-attack. The harrowing footage ends with the male tossing around its corpse. The recent recording was captured on a Nikon z7 in Addo Elephant Park Eastern Cape by photographer, Lee-Anne Robertson (50) from Addo, South Africa. Lee-Anne was 98 feet away when she spotted the predators play with its prey.

Giraffe gazelle on two legs to reach leaves

***EXCLUSIVE*** A giraffe gazelle stands on its hind legs and stretches its elongated neck to reach leaves. The slender animal uses its front legs to lean against the bush for balance, in a pose reminiscent of a praying mantis. Its ability to stand 6ft tall like this allows it to feed on fresh leaves and buds too high up for other antelopes. Once the male has finished feeding, it adopts a human-like stance whilst standing unsupported on its hind legs, 'arms' raised. Professional photographer Mogens Trolle pictured the giraffe gazelle - otherwise known as a gerenuk - at the Samburu National Reserve in Kenya.

Bird eats seed while holding onto branch with on claw

***EXCLUSIVE*** This Long-Tailed Tit multitasks as it clings onto a branch with one foot and feeds itself a seed with the other. The remarkable moment was caught by oil and gas engineer Ron Allin in a woodland in Dorset. Mr Allin, 60, said “The bird was eating a seed dropped from an over crowded feeder - it flew off into the tree to make sure it didn't lose it. The only way to avoid dropping it was to hang on with one claw and keep hold of it with the other.” “It’s something I've never seen before and I was amazed to see the bird hanging on with one leg“.