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Full-time 'adult baby' who has her own nursery and sleeps in a CRIB reveals she spends $300 a month on DIAPERS that are paid for by her online fans

***EXCLUSIVE*** EAST COAST, USA: Meet the woman who spends TWO-HUNDRED-AND-THIRTY pounds a month on DIAPERS - to maintain her lifestyle as a FULL-TIME ADULT BABY. Content creator, Paigey, (25) from the East Coast, USA, begins every day by waking up in her crib. After her morning diaper change, she then spends her time playing with toys and creating online content for the adult baby/diaper lover (ABDL) online community in her nursery. Paigey’s goal has always been to normalise the lifestyle since she adopted it in May 2018. In setting up her own subscription service, she hopes that she can help others feel less shameful whilst also funding the costly expenses that come with being an adult baby. She spends Ł230 ($300) a month on diapers alone - funded by her 426 paid subscribers. The full-time nature of Paigey’s lifestyle means that it’s something she lives both in and out of public view. Paigey isn’t deterred by negativity from those that don’t understand her lifestyle - despite detractors constantly questioning her intelligence.


Britain’s most popular police officer tragically dies at age 37 - after he amassed over 70,000 followers on Instagram with his humorous videos

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Met Police Officer who amassed 70,000 followers on Instagram with his humorous videos fighting gang crime - has tragically died at age 37. Met PC Andy Taylor - known as „Big Andy” -   become an online sensation after the 6 foot 7 inches tall cop was filmed approaching gangs with a pink unicorn emblazoned t-shirt and steering teens away from knife crime. The father-of-three from Brackley, Oxfordshire - who was credited with changing attitudes to the police on social media - passed away on Wednesday 29th January after tests revealed he had formed a blood clot in his brain stem, after suffering a stroke.  Andy left behind his wife of eleven years Holly Taylor, 35 and three children Aurora, 6, Aurelia, 4, and Xander, 2. Thousands of young people and even criminals paid tribute to „Big Andy” (@big_andy.50) on social media who was dubbed by his fans as the UK’s most popular police officer.

The best black and white photographs in the world

***EXCLUSIVE*** A natural image of a grumpy young girl, captured by a British photographer, has been shortlisted among the 50 best black and white photographs in the WORLD. The photo of the youngster, named Maddy, captures the true essence of a fed-up teenager, as the photographer snapped the photo before she had a chance to force a smile. Maddy's irritated eyes, set in her freckly face, combine with the slight curling of her lip to create a natural moody look, and give off an aura of a sullen attitude.


Meet the troop of tiny rescue horses bringing comfort to dementia sufferers, autistic children and patients in hospices

***EXCLUSIVE*** Peaches, Mr Buttons, Tonka, Banshee, Charlie and Idaho were saved by Toni Hadad, 54, from auctions, kill pens and neglectful homes. The adorable mini horses now trot into hospitals, schools and homes for the deaf and blind raising spirits. They even don angel wings and unicorn horns to spread cheer among children suffering from cancer and the horses are not averse to taking selfies. Toni, of Andover, Massachusetts, USA, said: “Peaches loves the attention, she is a total diva and she loves taking selfies. “Mr Buttons is super chill and he also likes taking selfies, his teeth show and it looks like he is smiling. “I have wings and unicorn horns custom made so that when we go into a Ronald McDonald House, the children get to meet a pegasus or a unicorn.

Sir Richard Branson today (Friday) launched his new luxury Virgin Voyages cruise ship in Dover

***EXCLUSIVE*** The ship, christened Scarlet Lady, is the first of four Virgin Voyages ships which will come into service each year for the next four years.  The ‘Lady ships’ fleet will offer adults-only cruising to a new audience hungry for the luxe of a boutique hotel at sea.  The cruise line, set to make its maiden voyage in April, boasts state-of-the-art technology and is targeted specifically at travellers looking for a more sophisticated cruise experience.

A British couple have conquered the infamous arcade 'GRABBER' machines - kitting out their home with gadgets and toys

***EXCLUSIVE*** Michael and Lauren Francis spend their weekends and holidays in seaside resorts up and down the country - playing the notorious claw games. They have used the machines to scoop piles of prizes - from teddies to toys and even a dash cam and Amazon Alexa. Their favourite spots to visit include Blackpool, Skegness and Weston-super-Mare - but they are happy to go anywhere with an arcade.

A photographer snapped a picture of a climber hiking up a snow-covered Munro - and then tracked down the walker on Facebook

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sylvan Buckley, 44, was visiting Glencoe, Scottish Highlands, hoping to photograph a dramatic sunset on February 13. As he waited, he turned his lens to neighbouring Buachaille Etive Mor in Glen Etive and took photos. It wasn’t until Sylvan got home to Saltcoats, North Ayrshire, that he spotted a tiny figure dressed in a blue jacket against the snowy mountain.

A woman who piled on the pounds tasting food as part of her job has learnt restraint as part of her new year's resolution - shedding a whopping 10 stone

***EXCLUSIVE*** Gemma Lethbridge 34, is a 'travelling saleswoman' for a food flavouring company and spends her days meeting clients and testing tasty products like cakes, biscuits and pastries. While out travelling between jobs, Gemma would often skip breakfast and load up on motorway service snacks like Gregg’s pasties and crisps - getting through several bags a day. She has always considered herself on the „bigger side” but started piling on the pounds after she met her husband Jim, 34, in 2013.