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'I can't leave the house without strangers staring or taking photos of me'

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman with a rare condition is raising awareness after being repeatedly mistaken for a child - and even picked up in pubs by drunk men. Danielle Reid, 22, is 3ft 11in because of achondroplasia, which means her torso is average length but her legs and arms are significantly shorter than most people. But while she has learned to cope, she says it's other people who make life difficult for her.

Meghan Markle fan spends £200 a go copying 20 of the duchess’ outfits – and it’s boosted her confidence post baby

***EXCLUSIVE*** NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, USA: Helen wearing the Banana Republic trench dress Meghan wore on a solo visit to the University of Johannesburg in October 2019. MEGHAN Markle fan spends up to TWO HUNDRED POUNDS per outfit copying the Duchess’ look and says it has boosted her confidence at work post MATERNITY LEAVE. Assistant corporation counsel, Helen Terrero-Black (39) who works in New York City, New York, USA, had never been a royal watcher until Meghan Markle and Prince Harry started dating in 2016. Having always been a fan of British fashion, Helen started to follow the Duke and Duchess of Sussex more closely as well as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Helen also found that Meghan and Harry’s relationship echoed her and husband, James? and loved the fact that an interracial couple like them were so prominent in the royal family. However, when Meghan stepped out in the fabulous colour-clashing red Sentaler coat and purple dress from Babaton by Aritizia on a trip to Birkenhead in January 2019, Helen was in awe at how elegant the then-pregnant Duchess looked in colours she would never think to put together herself. Helen had similar items in her wardrobe already and decided to throw together her first Meghan inspired look. Helen, who was also just returning to work after giving birth to her son, Xavier (now 2) received lots of compliments which boosted her confidence in the office massively. Since then, Helen’s been hooked on copying Meghan’s fashion choices and has „repli-Meghaned” or replicated 20 outfits, spending between Ł0 and Ł194 ($250) per look depending on what she already has in her wardrobe. Helen always shops in the sales and rarely pays full price unless the item is very special. Both professional working mums, Helen says that following the Duchess? style for the office helps her feel empowered and she shares her ingenious Meghan-inspired looks on Instagram and has since connected with a large community of likeminded fashion fans.

Baby's bladder ballooned in size and 'crushed' his kidney because of rare condition that triggered a build-up of urine

***EXCLUSIVE*** LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA: RARE CONDITION has left this toddler with a PROTRUDING BELLY so big it’s CRUSHED one of his kidneys. Stay-at-home mum, Violet Smith (33) from Los Angeles, California, USA, and her partner, Lionel (43), had always wanted children since they started dating six years ago. But their plans were derailed when she was diagnosed with stage four endometriosis in July 2016, a condition where tissue similar to the lining of the womb starts to grow in other places, such as the ovaries and fallopian tubes. She had to undergo two back-to-back surgeries to remove large grapefruit-sized endometriomas (or growths), and to separate her lower abdominal organs that had been fused together with scar tissue. The disease was destroying her reproductive system. At the time, Violet and her partner wanted to get married, but when her doctors told her that they had to remove her ovaries to prevent the disease from spreading, they had to act fast. They put their wedding on hold and agreed to try for a baby before her ovaries were due to be removed in the summer of 2017. To their surprise and delight, Violet discovered she was pregnant in July 2017 and gave birth to their daughter, Emelia (now 2). Nine months later Violet and Lionel were shocked and excited to find out she was pregnant again. When Violet was 16 weeks pregnant, they went for a routine ultrasound scan where they were meant to find out the sex of their unborn baby. However, on the screen, all she could see was a black hole in her womb. She was terrified there was something very wrong. It turned out that the „black hole”? was their son, Oliver’s, who is now six months old, bladder that had enlarged so much it had taken over the screen. Oliver’s urethra, a tube which connects the urinary bladder to the urinary meatus for the removal of urine from the body, didn?t form properly due to his condition.

Jilted woman dubbed an ‘old hag’ spends £8k on a revenge body after finding out her bloke was ENGAGED to someone else

***EXCLUSIVE*** LAS VEGAS, USA: JILTED woman spent over EIGHT-THOUSAND-POUNDS on cosmetic surgery after discovering her partner was ENGAGED TO SOMEONE ELSE - and now she’s flaunting her REVENGE-BOD all over social media. Realtor, Jo Ann Munz (54) from Las Vegas, USA, was in a happy, healthy relationship and for 18 months, had no reason to believe that anything was awry - that was until Jo Ann discovered that her partner was engaged to someone else. After confronting her partner and his fiancé, Jo Ann was labelled an „old hag”, and „grandma loser”. Soon after, she spiralled into a depressive episode and lost 30lbs - only leaving the house to go to work. Jo Ann knew things needed to change. She subsequently spent £8,280 ($10,650) on cosmetic surgery in a complete overhaul of her look. This included replaced breast implants £6213 ($8,000), a plasma fibroblast £776 ($1,000), Botox £776 ($1000), micro-needling £388 ($500) and a chemical peel £116 ($150). In the future, Jo Ann hopes to have her upper and lower eyes done in addition to maintaining her Botox and fillers. Alongside this, Jo Ann also adopted a strict work-out regime and incorporated pilates, kettlebell, and boot camp workouts into her routine five to seven times a week. She credits drinking water and protein shakes as key components in maintaining her impressive muscular physique. With her new look came a fresh outlook on life, and Jo Ann decided not to hold back. After turning 50, she took part in a liberating naked photo shoot in the desert and hasn’t looked back since. Jo Ann now regularly models - posting the seductive images to her Instagram page - and hopes to show older women that there’s no expiry date on beauty or having fun.

Mob of sea lions photobomb diver’s selfie in once-in-a-lifetime moment

***EXCLUSIVE*** VANCOUVER, CANADA: GANG OF curious sea lions clamour around a couple of surprised divers - just in time for a group selfie. Charming images show a raft of jolly sea lions surrounding a scuba-clad photographer. The pictures reveal the swarm nuzzling with the diver, a selfie with an infinite amount of the mammals, and a sea lion trying to nibble a camera. Slow-motion scenes show an impossible-to-count number of sea lions outnumbering the divers. In one self-recorded shot, a sea lion?s flipper playfully photobombs the videographer?s shot. The heart-melting footage was captured at Norris Rocks, off Vancouver Island, Canada by photographer Steve Woods (37) from Vancouver, Canada. The photographer, who is originally from Moseley, Birmingham, UK used a GOPRO and a Canon EOS-1D X Mark II attached to Subal housing for the shoot.

A man who had a heart attack after kissing his wife goodnight has credited her with saving his life – after she refused to stop giving him CPR when he ‘died’ for 20 minutes

***EXCLUSIVE*** Neil Ayers, 57, had no history of heart problems, but when his wife, Carol, 53, rolled over to say goodnight on August 24th 2016, she noticed his eyes had rolled into the back of his head. Panicked, she dialled 999 before performing chest compressions she’d learnt on a first-aid course 15 years ago, before paramedics arrived to continue to bring poor Neil back to life. They managed to revive him long enough to transport him to Ipswich Hospital, Suffolk, where he was placed in a coma and spent a week with Carol by his side.

McDonald's candles with „100% Fresh Beef”, „Ketchup”, „Pickle”, „Cheese”, „Onion” and „Sesame Seed Bun” smells

***EXCLUSIVE*** Continuing to craft merchandise for its loyal customers, McDonald's has now crafted a limited line Quarter Pounder Fan Club items. For enthusiasts of the signature menu option, the merch is a fun way to share your passion or have a daily reminder of their favorite McDonald's burger. Quarter Pounder Scented Candle Pack. Each candle included is made to replicate the scent of “100% Fresh Beef,” “Ketchup,” “Pickle,” “Cheese,” “Onion” and “Sesame Seed Bun.”

How did ewe get up there? Hilarious moment three lost sheep are found ‘chilling’ on shop roof

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the hilarious moment three lost sheep were caught after they wandered away from their farm and ended up - on a ROOFTOP. Andrew Laverick, 49, spotted the animals „chilling” on the roof and couldn‚Äôt understand how they managed to get up there. The shop owner was walking along the road in Glenridding, Cumbria, at around 2pm on Wednesday (19 Feb) when he filmed the lost sheep.

Snowboarder explores glacier

***EXCLUSIVE*** A snowboarder is reflected in the mirror-like walls of an ice cave. The man steps cautiously inside the dangerous and fast melting 100m deep cavern. The strange, otherworldly images were captured by professional photographer Christoph Jorda in Pitztal Glacier, Tyrol, Austria.

Hasbro is releasing a new line of G.I. Joe action figure

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hasbro is releasing a new line of G.I. Joe action figured called “G.I. Joe Classified”. The 6-inch figure comes with a highly stylized chest full of Snake Eyes' weapons, including swords, hatchets... Will be available on April1, 2020 for $39.99 USD

Poisonous viper stares at photographer

***EXCLUSIVE*** The highly venomous snakes ice cold stare into the lens as it wraps itself around a branch is enough to warn off even the bravest predators. Photographer Dikky Oesin was the recipient of the white-lipped island pit vipers gaze as he shot the reptile from a safe distance in Jakarta, Indonesia. Mr Oesin said “The aquamarine-coloured viper is in a position of self-defence, having spotted me. I kept a safe distance between myself and the snake by using a telephoto lens!”.

Hare and pheasant meet up in field

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Hare and Pheasant come together in a field in Romsey, Hampshire. The pair were spotted by Natasha Weyers.

Angry penguins fend off hungry bird

***EXCLUSIVE*** An angry penguin appears to be shouting at a seabird which stole food from its chick. The gentoo penguin, wings outstretched and beak open, directed its frustration towards the skua as the mischievous bird flew off.

Large fishing nets in Jamuna River

***EXCLUSIVE*** Fishermen stretch out an enormous net as they use an age-old technique in Bangladesh. The traditional method of sinking the huge net is used to catch small fish such as barbs, catfish and gourami. Photographer Abdul Momin, 29, used a drone to capture photos of the men working in the Jamuna River in Bogra, Bangladesh.

Colourful flowers picked for Mother's Day

***EXCLUSIVE*** Farmers pick flowers for boquette of flowers to be sold to customers for International Mother Language Day. Every year farmers grow flowers in huge quantity targeting then for sale today. These photos show the farmers collecting the marigolds flowers to be sold on stall (also pictured) in Bogra, Bangladesh sellling them for £1 for 200 flowers.