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Woman unrecognisable after £23,000 body transformation - including four boob jobs

***EXCLUSIVE*** OSLO, NORWAY: This woman has spent TWENTY-THREE-THOUSAND-POUNDS on enhancing her body and loves it so much that she’s written a song called BOOBS DANCE. Sexy Scandinavian, Sindy Starlet (37) from Oslo, Norway, started her journey to busty pop stardom when she underwent her first cosmetic breast surgery in 2005. Since then, the Instagram influencer has undergone three breast enlargements and two nose jobs spending a total of Ł23,000 (197,000 KR) on her new enhanced look which brings her breast size 70A cup to a 70L cup. Sindy’s new look has provided her with a newfound sense of confidence allowing the vivacious blonde to explore her passion for music in the catchy dance track which she hopes will become a hit song. Having lost her mother, Irene, aged only eight and with her father living abroad, Sindy moved into a youth home aged 15.

Florida woman inked head to toe gets called walking ‘comic book’ by her dad

***EXCLUSIVE*** A working mum has LOST COUNT of how many TATTOOS she has, however she isn’t quite done with BODY MODIFICATION JUST YET. Tattoo shop owner and mum of three, Michelle „Mikki” DiDonato (32) from Delray Beach, Florida, USA, has been inked from head to toe in tattoos in the space of nine years. In that time, Mikki has incredibly fought drug addiction, remarried, and raised her three children. The alternative model claims to have only spent Ł385 ($500) dollars on her tattoos and now earns a killing at her studio All City Tattoos in Boca Raton, South Florida. Incredible photos showcase Mikki’s stunning tattoos that adorn her entire body. However, when she got her first tattoo, not everyone was supportive.

German Shepherd Nova and Pacco the Ferret have become the unlikeliest best pals - and do everything together

***EXCLUSIVE*** Diana Grib, 26, has always wanted to have a dog and a ferret and her unusual dream came true when ferret Pacco joined her and German shepherd Nova last year. Since then, the two have become inseparable with the little ferret even adopting his best pal‚Äôs mannerisms. The adorable friends do everything together - and spend their evenings cuddling up to keep warm. Diana, from Vilnius, Lithuania, said: „I can't even remember, for how long I've wanted a ferret. Definitely over 12 years. Somewhere about 15 years when I watched many videos of them dooking on youtube and it made me laugh so hard. These pets are just clowns in the animal world, you can't pass by them without a smile. We do literally everything together - we play, sleep, go to parks or forests and travel together. Everything you could do with a dog, you can do with Pacco He even plays fetch with a ball. Pacco doesn't bite at all, but he isn't an ordinary ferret, he is rather a small stretchy German shepherd.”

Bowl spotted in a box of bric-a-brac has sold for over £32,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A tiny finger bowl which was spotted in a box of bric-a-brac has sold for over £32,000 after it was found to be a rare Chinese relic. The blue and white bowl, that measures 5ins in diameter, was made during the reign of China's Emperor Yongzheng, which lasted from 1722-35 during the Qing Dynasty. The item was brought into an auction house by a woman who had inherited it from a relative. Auctioneer Charles Hanson identified the six-character mark on the bottom that confirmed it was made in imperial China in the early 18th century.

Casio lanches new G-SHOCK G2000BL-9A for honour of Bruce Lee’s 80th birthday

***EXCLUSIVE*** The luxury arm of Casio's G-SHOCK line, Mr-G reveals the MRG-G2000BL-9A, where BL stands for the legendary martial artist and action film star Bruce Lee, who would be celebrating his 80th birthday this year. Limited to just 300 units, the MRG-G2000BL-9A will retail for $4,000 USD and will be available for purchase in April at select jewelers and the G-SHOCK SoHo store.

A metal detectorist has discovered a centuries-old gold ring like no other - and it could net him hundreds of pounds at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** Guy Gordon, 56, a retired retail site manager from Lichfield, found the ancient posy ring, circa 1650/early 1700s, while out metal detecting on pastureland in May 2018.  And he was delighted because not only was it a bucket-list find, research revealed it featured a unique inscription – „Fortunate If Favoured”. He said: „As far as we know it’s the only posy ring in existence with that inscription. It went through Treasure Trove and the British Museum said there was no other ring bearing that message. I’ve been metal detecting for 44 years since the age of 13 and always wanted to find a posy ring. Most metal detectorists have a bucket list of finds they’d like to unearth and a posy ring was on mine.” The 370-year-old ring is heading into Hansons Auctioneers’ March 26-27 Historica, Coins, Bank Notes and Antiquities Auction with a guide price of £500-£600 after being examined by the firm’s Historica consultant and renowned metal detectorist Adam Staples.

A mistle thrush bird's nest - which has been built INSIDE a set of traffic lights

***EXCLUSIVE*** A family of Mistle Thrush nested in a traffic light on a busy road junction in Leeds city centre, West Yorkshire. A Mistle Thrush pair had settled down in the shelter of an amber light, as wind and rain lashed down around them. Paul Wheatley, who tweets as @Leedsbirder, shot the footage of the tiny chicks as they called out for food. Their parents returned with some tasty worms.