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Blonde bombshell who enlisted in the Marines at age 19 has visited over 100 countries with the military after graduating at the top of her class

***EXCLUSIVE*** LANCASTER, OHIO, USA: BOMBSHELL proves she’s not just a „BARBIE” after joining the MARINES and being deployed to over ONE-HUNDRED countries. Combat engineer officer, Brie Burgett (28) from Lancaster, Ohio, USA, graduated university with a double honours degree in political science and international relations aged just 19. Having graduated at such a young age, Brie struggled to find a suitable job for her. Soon after, she met with several branches of the military and decided to join the Marine Corps in 2011 - making her the youngest woman to be commissioned into the branch at the time. Many of her peers gave the young blonde a hard time for being a „Barbie”, but Brie set out to prove them wrong. She studied and trained non-stop and the hard work paid off. Brie graduated top of her combat engineering class, obtained the highest female physical fitness test levels in her unit, and earned her black belt in hand to hand combat. Brie has undertaken several deployments and travelled to an impressive 108 different countries including Japan, Germany and Thailand. Through her varied work, Brianna has worked with governments and militaries all over the world. From constructing schools in the Philippines as part of a humanitarian civic assistance project, to helping partner nations in Africa reach mutually beneficial military engagements – Brie’s work is both challenging and engaging.

I endured a 52-hour labour knowing my baby boy had passed away in the womb

***EXCLUSIVE*** SIOUX FALLS, SOUTH DAKOTA, USA: This mum was heartbroken when she was told her baby had a NINETY PER CENT chance of DEATH - and admits going into labour for FIFTY-TWO-HOURS whilst knowing he had passed away was TRAUMATIC. When stay at home mum of three, Megan Stiles (26) from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA, and her husband, Davy (30) found out they were expecting their fourth child in February 2019 after experiencing a miscarriage in December 2018, they were overjoyed. Megan and Davy who are parents to Luka (6), Leland (3) and Elliot (2) were fearful of having another miscarriage but as the weeks went by and their unborn baby grew stronger and healthier their worries faded. Heartbreakingly, things changed for the couple at 20 weeks at a routine anatomy scan where they were due to find out their baby’s gender. Instead, they were told that their baby was terminally ill and had multiple genetic anomalies and hydrops fetalis, a serious life-threatening condition where a foetus has an abnormal build-up of fluid in the tissue around the lungs, heart, abdomen or under the skin. Doctors explained to Megan and Davy that hydrops fetalis had a 90 per cent fatality rate and were advised to come back the next day to undergo a foetal blood transfusion and amniocentesis because without it their baby would not survive. The procedure went as well as expected but a week later Megan found out that it hadn’t worked to improve their unborn son’s condition and was told that he would pass away within two weeks. Megan was offered a termination, which she refused and had to attend the hospital twice a week as her pregnancy was considered very high risk and the likelihood of developing complications grew with each day that passed. Megan’s baby defied doctors and remained stable for seven and a half weeks until on August 10, 2019, Megan could no longer feel him moving. At the hospital, nurses confirmed that there was no longer a heartbeat and Megan was told that she would have to deliver her baby - this would be her first vaginal birth. Megan was induced at 27 weeks and six days pregnant and after 52 hours in labour, her son David Carl Stiles was born sleeping on August 12, 2019, weighing 1lb 2oz and 11in long. In that moment Megan and her family instantly fell in love. As heart-breaking as it was to leave the hospital without David, Megan decided that she had to keep her son’s memory alive and she created David’s Hearts, where she knits keepsake hats for bereaved parents, and through this she has become an advocate for bereaved parents. By sharing David’s story she hopes to break the ‘taboo’ surrounding baby loss. 

An 'unbelievable miracle' baby who had life-saving surgery at just five-months-old, has beaten a rare form of cancer

***EXCLUSIVE*** A baby who took five years to conceive has been given the all-clear from rare cancer she was diagnosed with when she was a few months old. Maddison, now aged six months, was born after parents Rob, 31, and Natasha Holt, 30, turned to IVF when they could not conceive naturally. Their joy was shattered shortly after Maddison’s birth on August 5 last year when doctors told them she had a tumour after her grandmother noticed a lump on her stomach. A bowel check-up before Christmas turned out to be a myofibroblastic tumour, a rare childhood cancer which then refused to shrink after a month of chemotherapy. Maddison was forced to undergo a six-hour operation to remove 100% of the tumour at Leeds General Infirmary on January 8 and is now cancer-free.

Haunting colorized pics of US Marines fighting one of WWII’s bloodiest battles capture Pacific theatre’s true horror

***EXCLUSIVE*** PACIFIC: Colourised photos of US Marines fighting in the Pacific War’s bloodiest battles capture the true horror veterans faced. Remarkable pictures, originally taken in the Pacific theatre 80 years ago, show a battered US trooper proudly holding the Stars and Stripes aloft as his comrades scan the horizon for enemies; soldiers bracing themselves for fierce retaliation after setting off explosives at the entrance of a cave bunker hiding scores of Japanese; and forcing an enemy fighter to surrender after he emerged from a war-ravaged building. Another striking shot captures American soldiers clambering over a seawall defence on the island of Okinawa, where over 12,000 US troopers would be slaughtered.