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Inside Europe’s most expensive property where A-listers party… and it could all be yours for £305 million

***EXCLUSIVE*** FRANCE: Step inside Europe’s most expensive property, known for hosting cutting-edge fashion shows, A-lister parties and multi-million-pound feature films - and it could be yours for just Ł305M. Remarkable photos of The Bubble Palace, the spectacular home of fashion magnate Pierre Cardin, show the property’s effervescent façade; a curvaceous and delicately designed sitting room; and a sumptuous and circular bed with jaw-dropping views over France’s south coast. Another striking shot showcases the palace’s sun-dappled 500-seat outdoor auditorium where countless famous faces have partied the night away - including Pierce Brosnan, Rhys Ifans and Prince Harry’s glamorous ex-flame Cressida Bonas.

Mom, 31, diagnosed with cervical cancer after putting off Pap smear for 10 years

***EXCLUSIVE*** A young mum has been diagnosed with cervical cancer - after she waited 10 years to go for a smear test. Kim Montgomery, 31, said if she had not ignored the reminder letters about her smear test for so long she wouldn’t be fighting cancer today. The mum-of-four was dealt the devastating news on Feb 5 and is now urging other women to attend screenings, even if they find it embarrassing. Kim said medics fear she will need a hysterectomy and chemo, but she won't know if the grade two cancer has spread until the results of an MRI come back.

Meet the wobble kittens: Adorable pair of cats with a rare condition which leaves them constantly stumbling and falling over

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet Pablo and Bones - two cats that suffer from a rare condition which causes them to constantly WOBBLE. Cerebellar Hypoplasia is an incurable disease caused by an underdeveloped cerebellum - a part of the brain which controls movement. Symptoms can range from mild to severe - causing them to stumble and stutter as they navigate through day-to-day activities such as walking, eating, and jumping. Despite the odds, owner Emily Horner, 26, says the pair are still able to do everything else a 'normal' cat can - just with a bit more fumbling about.

Albert Einstein's favourite childhood toy up for sale at £46,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** One of Albert Einstein's favourite childhood toys has emerged for sale for £46,000. ($60,000) The genius physicist entertained himself for many hours as a young boy in the early 1880s playing with the pegboard. The German game, titled 'Perlen Mosaik Spiel' (Mosaic Pearl Game), came with 520 coloured wooden beads which could be placed in a punch-hole frame, allowing the precocious youngster to build designs. Einstein was so fond of the game he kept hold of it for the rest of his life. It is now going under the hammer with auctioneer Bonhams New York.

Supersized micro pig still looking for a new home after five years at a rescue centre

***EXCLUSIVE*** Pig Sick ! - Neville the supersized micro pig is still looking for a new home after nearly five years at a Dorset rescue centre. A so-called micro pig that had to be given up by his previous owners when he grew too big is still waiting to be re-homed - nearly five years on. Unfortunate Neville is a cross between a Kune Kune and a Vietnamese pot belly pig and is said to be exceptional intelligent. Indeed, the animal rescue charity that took him in 2015 have taught him a variety of tricks to keep him occupied and his brain stimulated. Neville can sit, spin around, and even pass through his trainer's legs much like his a canine equivilants.

It's the Flock Ness Monster! Murmuration of starlings form the distinctive shape of Nessie over the English Channel

***EXCLUSIVE*** Thousands of starlings flocked together over the sea - and looked like the Loch Ness Monster. The stunning murmuration was captured by amateur photographer and bird watcher Bill Brooks in Brighton, East Sussex. Bill, 65, had been visiting the city to attend a photography course when he decided to make a detour to Brighton Palace Pier.

Rare Mini that has covered just 12 miles set to sell for £20,000 – four times its original price

***EXCLUSIVE*** Minted - 1989 Mini that's only covered a handful of miles in 31 years has more than trebled in value. The 'time capsule' Mini has covered just 12 miles in its long life and is being sold in virtually brand new condition for £20,000.  The 1989 Mini 30 was a special version made to mark the classic British motor's 30th anniversary.  Its three owners have all kept in storage and as a result the unused car is in the same pristine condition as when it left the Austin factory in Longbridge, Warwicks, in 1989. It is being sold by auctioneers Brightwells for four times its original asking price.

Lights, Camera...Auction! - Original poster art for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** Unique hand-painted artwork for classic movie posters from the halcyon days of the silver screen have been uncovered. The 150 designs were produced by W. E. Berry Ltd of Bradford, West Yorks, who were industry leaders in poster design for more than 75 years. Included in the sale are posters advertising British classic movies like Carve Her Name With Pride, The Titfield Thunderbolt and The Ladykillers. They belong to the family of William Edward Berry but they have now made them available for sale for the first time. The are expected to sell for £10,000.

Osprey with two fish

***EXCLUSIVE*** An osprey clutches a fish in each talon after a successful hunting mission. The bird of prey was able to latch onto a pair of freshwater mullet after diving into a lake. Initially the osprey, which boasts a 5ft wing span, was struggling to gain height again due to the impressive weight of its catch. Wildlife photographer Peter Brannon, 43, spotted the fish-eating bird plunge into the water in Lakeland, Florida, for just a few seconds.

Sketches by young Queen Elizabeth emerge

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two charming sketches purported to be the work of Queen Elizabeth II when she was a child have come to light. One pencil sketch shows the profile of a lady while the other is of the same person knitting (PICTURED). The woman is believed to be Marion Crawford, the nanny to Elizabeth and Margaret who served in Buckingham Palace from 1932 to 1947.

Photos documenting the famous Alaska 'gold rush' have come to light 120 years later

***EXCLUSIVE*** Fascinating photos documenting the famous Alaska 'gold rush' have come to light 120 years later. Thousands of people chasing riches ventured into the North American wilderness after gold was discovered in Nome in 1899. Over the next decade a staggering 112 tonnes of gold was sourced. Unsurprisingly, everyone wanted a piece of the action, leading to a huge influx of people to the area. Its transformation into a thriving metropolis was documented by acclaimed American photographer Frank Nowell.

James Bond style Rolex sells for £182,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** 60 year old watch auction leaves a family shaken and stirred... A James Bond-style Rolex watch that has been in the same family for nearly 60 years has sold for a whopping £182,400 - Over £100,000 over its estimate. The vintage Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner timepiece is almost identical to the one worn by Roger Moore's Bond in Live and Let Die. He also donned a similar wristwatch in The Man with the Golden Gun, while George Lazemby wore one in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. This one dates back to 1964 and had been in the same family in East Anglia since new. It sparked a bidding war when it went under the hammer with Lockdales Auctioneers, of Martlesham Heath, Suffolk.

Millions of bricks being produced in factories

***EXCLUSIVE*** Millions of bricks lie stacked on top of each other in the open air as workers carry dozens of them on their heads to be fired. An estimated 500 factories located in close proximity to each other make the bricks near Dhaka, Bangladesh. The bricks are moulded and then kept outside before being taken to kilns to be finished. Thousands of people work long hours - from early morning to sunset - at the factories for a daily wage of around £3.

Traditional fish sauce makers

***EXCLUSIVE*** A worker mixs thousands of litres of fish sauce in large clay pots made in a traditional way in a factory in Phan Tiet, south central coast of Vietnam. Olivier Apicella who travelled to the area from France said 'The sauce will eventually be sold in Saigon markets, but in recent years international companies have been investing in the sector to make fish sauce on an industrial scale seeing the traditional fish sauce makers being destabilised and loosing ground in the market.' 'The process which has been passed down from ancestors sees anchovies boiled, fermented in a salt solution and then sun-dried.'