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Children in Ghana search for valuable metals on scrap heap

***EXCLUSIVE*** Gangs of 'burner boys' risk injury and even death as they are exposed to dangerous levels of hazardous toxins working on one of the world's largest electronic scrap heaps. Hundreds of children as young as eight use their bare hands to trawl through the slum filled with dumped computers, televisions and other electronic items. They earn up to just £7 each day by sifting through rubbish filling the toxic landscape in Agbogbloshie, near Accra, Ghana's capital city.


A royal jeweller needs so much precision to create his coloured platinum pieces using a laser that he has to sit on a bean bag and fire the beam in between his own heartbeats

***EXCLUSIVE*** But the hard work has paid off as Tom Rucker won the 'jeweller's Oscar', the Jacques Cartier Memorial Award at this year’s Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council Awards. Tom, also a Master Goldsmith whose clients include British Royal family members, is the first person ever to successfully colour platinum permanently. He discovered the method after creating a unique precious metal „alloy” which is just the right mixture to achieve the colour change.

Mystery ‘Planet K2’ could be hiding LIFE and liquid water on its surface

***EXCLUSIVE*** A rocky planet 124 light years away could have the right conditions to sustain life, say scientists. It's just over twice the size of Earth and orbits within its star's habitable zone - meaning it could be a 'waterworld' of vast lakes and seas. The 'exoplanet' has been named K2-18b, and is about 727 trillion [trillion = a million million] miles from us - a relative 'short hop' in cosmic terms but much too far to send a probe. State-of-the-art space telescopes could discover if its hydrogen-rich atmosphere contains gases from alien organisms - before the decade is out.

Otter produly clutches a toad

***EXCLUSIVE*** An otter perches on a rock as it cradles a toad in its paw. The otter had hooked the toad from the water and rose up on its hind legs before its catch manages to flee. Amateur photographer Alan Dobson was with his wife and son when he spotted the otter at Marwell Zoo, near Winchester, Hants.

Amazing detail of a robin

***EXCLUSIVE*** An incredibly detailed photo of a robin makes it's feathers look like combed back gelled hair. Michelle Coyle snapped the robin as it sat on a tree stump, chirping in an effort to receive seeds. On an overcast afternoon in RSPB Leighton Moss, Michelle Coyle walked through a quiet wooded area. Michelle said: 'It continued to sing his beautiful song, which I stood and listened to enjoying every minute. He then grabbed a couple of seeds ate them and flew off".

„I can see clearly now my hair has gone”: dog undergoes dramatic transformation

London, United Kingdom: A sheepdog has been given a whole new look after a much-needed haircut, leaving him virtually unrecognisable. Old English Sheepdog, Arlo, came into Battersea Dogs & Cats Home when his owners were no longer able to look after him. Arlo’s fur was so long and matted it covered his eyes, meaning he’d regularly walk into walls and doors when he first arrived at the London rehoming centre. As Arlo’s knots were so bad, Battersea staff had no choice but to clip all of Arlo’s hair off to make him more comfortable. It took three people two hours to clip the two-year-old from head to toe, removing 1.8 kilograms of hair while he was under sedation.