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Mum-of-five, 54, reveals the health and fitness secrets behind her lean physique - and encourages women to age gracefully without Botox or surgery

***EXCLUSIVE*** People assume this FIFTY-FOUR-YEAR-OLD woman’s FIVE children are her SIBLINGS because she looks SO YOUNG – and it’s down to using factor-fifty moisturiser DAILY for the past TWENTY-TWO-YEARS. Social media influencer and model, Violet Trikilis (54) from Melbourne, Australia, was first scouted by model and photographer, Helmut Gensen, at a rock concert when she was 17. They embarked on a relationship and throughout their romance, he introduced her to the modelling world where her career took off. At 5ft 9in, initially Violet struggled with her image and would almost starve herself on just 1,000 calories a day, resulting in a weight of 8st 7Ibs and a UK size six. She describes her figure at the time as a ‘bag of walking, hungry bones’. She couldn’t live this way for long as she loved food too much and over time she adapted a healthier diet. After five years of modelling, she welcomed her first child, Paris (now 34), when she was 20 years old. Over the next 13 years she had four more children; Samantha (29), Mia (25), Jamie-Lee (23) and Daniel (21). By this time, she developed a new, healthier perception of what beauty looks like and kept a toned, healthy weight 9st 4Ibs and a UK size eight. By the time her children were old enough to look after themselves, she started taking care of herself. In July 2017, she looked in the mirror and saw wrinkles on her face and strands of silver hair coming through – which she liked. From that moment on, she started her journey of ageing naturally and she realised that ‘mature’ models were becoming more popular, so she delved back into the modelling world. She began her Instagram page to inspire other women that it is possible to age naturally without having surgery or Botox. With 18K followers, she has regularly posted her various fashion trends and maintained her modelling career. Now when she walks out and about with her five children, she is showered with compliments from strangers who do double-takes when they find out she’s their mother. Some assume they are adopted, that they’re all siblings or best friends.

Britain's Bob Weighton becomes oldest man in the world

***EXCLUSIVE*** Britain's oldest man today said he could not believe it when he was told he was now the oldest in the world - but said he wouldn't bother celebrating.  111-year-old Bob Weighton admitted he was taken aback when his grandson last night broke the news to him that he had inherited the title following the death of Chitetsu Watanabe, from Japan, at the age of 112. But rather than cracking open a bottle of bubbly, Mr Weighton concluded it would not be appropriate to celebrate someone else's demise and simply vowed to carry on carrying on. 

Personalized Porsche 11 – car with your fingerprint on it

***EXCLUSIVE*** If you've ever owned a Porsche but felt that it wasn't as personal as you had hoped, you're now in luck: the German automaker will now allow you to personalize your ride with your very own fingerprint. Available first for the 911, car owners can soon order a printed hood from Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur, the company's customization branch. Price: ¤7,500 EUR or $8,145 USD.

Puppy who lost her snout after being stamped on and shot in an appalling catalogue of abuse has now found a forever home after life-changing surgery

***EXCLUSIVE*** UK: A puppy who lost her nose after her face was STOMPED ON and SHOT AT has been rescued and given a FUR-EVER HOME in the UK. SHOCKING footage of the one-year-old puppy show Millie before she underwent life-changing surgery, with a long, floppy tongue hanging below her crushed snout. Further videos show her bounding enthusiastically up to the vets who saved her life and gambolling in a field in her adopted town of Brighton on England?s south coast. Millie, or ?snot monster? as she?s affectionately monikered by her dog mum and rescuer, Kasey Carlin (25), from Indiana, USA, was subjected to the worst possible start in life. Born as a stray in Russia, Millie was found dying on the streets by animal activists. She had been shot in the face multiple times and her severe facial injuries were most likely from someone deliberately stamping on her. When Millie was rescued from the cold, she was attempting to claw the rotten mess of her snout away from her own face.

Mum will ‘never forgive’ fiancé who shook their 14-month-old girl to death as she returned to work after maternity leave

***EXCLUSIVE*** The mum of little Hollie Ashurst who was killed by her dad has spoken out for the first time - and said she will never forgive him. Leanne Thompson said she "absolutely hates" Daniel Ashurst, 33, who was found guilty of manslaughter of the 14-month-old tot. Tragic Hollie suffered a horrific catalogue of injuries including bleeding on the brain and in the eyes, a broken ankle and possible bite marks to her hand and thigh. Ashurst claimed the toddler's death was caused by a series of falls, a defence branded "nonsense" by prosecutors.

An explosion of colour! A US mechanic balancing on a 500lb bomb, a dog mascot with an air mask and brave pilots relaxing feature among newly-colourised images of WWII allied airmen

***EXCLUSIVE*** The heroic actions of the brave allied airmen who risked their lives in WW2 have been brought to life in stunning colour. Absorbing 80-year-old photos show the brutal reality that many pilots and their crew faced day to day in startling clarity. Striking images include a mechanic loading huge 500-pound bombs on an American bomber; tense paratroopers with the RAF bracing themselves in the fuselage of an Armstrong Whitworth Whitley aircraft; and a wounded US gunner being hauled from an aircraft after suffering serious injuries mid-flight. Another incredible photo shows a concerned crowd gathering around the wreckage of a Spitfire.

Smithsonian Institution makes 2.8 million images available in open access platform

United States: The Smithsonian Institution has this week made 2.8 million images available in a new open access platform. As the world's largest museum, education, and research complex, the move offers up a treasure trove of fascinating artefact photographs, as well as portraits of historical figures. British press agency Cover Images (www.cover-images.com) have chosen highlights including a cast of Abraham Lincoln’s face, made when he was alive in 1865, the Apollo 11 Command Module „Columbia”, and an unnerving patent model of creeping baby doll from 1871. Also featured is Amelia Earhart’s bright red Lockheed 5B Vega airplane, in which she set two of her many aviation records. In 1932 she flew it alone across the Atlantic Ocean, then flew it nonstop across the United States - both firsts for a woman.

Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland

Shanghai, Shanghai, China: Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland is located in the tianma mountain pit at the foot of sheshan mountain in Songjiang national scenic area of Shanghai.Invested by Shimao group, it is -88 meters above sea level.Built on the cliff of a deep pit, the hotel is the world's first natural ecological hotel built in a waste rock pit. It is honored as ''the architectural wonder of the world'' by the national geographic of the United States.

Creative animals made of garlic

***EXCLUSIVE*** With the help of common vegetables and other stuff, germinating garlics are used to form different animals, Kaifeng city, central China's Henan province.