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Walking coast to coast, teacher rediscovering America

Milford, Delaware, U.S: Dave Whitson is taking a break between Milford, DE and Denton, Maryland at a food mart convenience store, a common rest stop and source of food. He explains that his planned food stop today is several miles down the road, but he always stops at the first stop he can find, just in case the map or GPS isn’t accurate or up to date. Whitson, a high school history teacher from Portland, Oregon, is walking to meet and talk with people along his route to better understand and connect with rural America. Whitson is an experienced long distance walker who began his coast to coast walk at Cape Henlopen, DE on February 25, 2020 and expects to complete his 4000 mile journey in August.

Life-sized animatronic head made for 'Terminator 2: Judgment Day' to be auctioned

A Terminator animatronic head which was made for the title sequence in 'Terminator 2: Judgement Day' will be auctioned by Nate D. Sanders Auctions on February 27, 2020. This was one of three prototype heads made for the title sequence in 'Terminator 2: Judgment Day' and possibly screen-used in the fiery opening moments. The life sized head was owned by Academy Award winning special effects artist Stan Winston, and features the red eyes and menacing grin of the famed endoskeletal monster.  It is made of silver painted fiberglass. The head measures approximately 5.5'' wide x 8.5'' tall x 8.5'' deep and is situated on a rod connected to the machinery that controls the head's movements. The lot comes with a Letter of Authenticity from Brian Shuster, who received the piece directly from his business partner Stan Winston. Bidding for the head begins at $15,000.

Statues of iconic film characters unveiled in London

London, United Kingdom: Dynamic statues of Batman, Bugs Bunny, Laurel & Hardy, Mary Poppins, Mr Bean, Paddington, Singin' in the Rain and Wonder Woman were unveiled in a series of music, dance and lighting performances and special guests including Hugh Bonneville (Paddington) Patricia Kelly (Gene Kelly The Legacy) and Zizi Strallen (who plays the title role in the West End production of Mary Poppins). Scenes in the Square hopes to add to this cinematic legacy and popularity, with the movie statues appealing to all ages and tastes and giving film lovers an unmissable reason to visit. Each statue depicts a much-loved movie moment from a different decade since the 1920s, with dynamic poses chosen to naturally interact with the scenery in the square, from rooftops to walls, lamp posts to flower beds.

Life is returning to Australian forests that were devastated by wildfires

Fueled by a prolonged drought, the wildfires started in Australia in July 2019. Since then, more than 17 million acres of land have burned, 26 human lives have been lost, and about 2,000 homes have been destroyed. Critically, scientists estimate that nearly one billion animals, some of them found only in Australia, have perished in the fires. However, through the wreckage, some life has returned to the region. One Instagram user, Cyn Bodycote, was there herself and took photos of the regrowth. She said when she took the photos, she "felt sadness as you think of the wildlife loss, but amazement at the green pops of regrowth in the charred bush."

A high-flying former BBC TV editor gave up her career to live in the Atlas mountains in Morocco - and hiked across the Sahara to see for herself the effects of climate change

***EXCLUSIVE*** Alice Morrison, 56, built up her own media career after she left the Beeb, and lived in Edinburgh. But six years ago she travelled to Morocco for the first time and fell in love with the country - and the same year she upped sticks to the village of Imlil in the Atlas mountains. Alice, who does not have children and is single, now speaks Arabic as well as Berber, the local language.

Mother who is in a polyamorous triad reveals she is raising her baby to be GENDERLESS

***EXCLUSIVE*** TEXAS, USA: These polyamorous parents don’t all sleep together but they are raising a GENDERLESS BABY together. YouTubers Brittany Taylor (32) and Conor McMillen (36), from Rhode Island and California, USA, respectively, have recently welcomed nine-month-old baby, Ilya into their family. The polyamorous couple met over five years ago at a health festival in New York which was followed by an intimate nine-month friendship. The couple now live together and have long expressed their interest in having a child. They firmly believe that their fluid, sex-positive relationship - with each other and with their external partners - will have a positive influence on their child, Ilya. In fact, Conor and Brittany credit this with teaching Ilya important lessons about love, unconditional support, and the importance of being yourself. The couple have decided not to gender Ilya and use non-binary pronouns. Brittany and Conor split their parenting duties with Bridgette Wolleat (30) - a holistic health coach with whom Brittany shares a romantic relationship with. Having met in 2018, Bridgette now lives with the couple at their home in Austin, Texas. Despite oftentimes having separate intimate partners, Brittany and Conor attribute their openness and honesty with strengthening the bond they share with each other. The couple regularly share videos with their 55,000 YouTube subscribers talking about their unique family dynamic. Brittany and Conor have received a positive response to this and hope to continue to promote and normalise fluid, healthy relationships.

A woman has been welcoming and hand-feeding two generations of the same BADGER family in her garden - for over a decade

***EXCLUSIVE*** Doting Christine Ian, 53, has been caring for her furry friends for over ten years and has even named all four of the creatures - and set them up on social media. Every night she lays out tasty badger treats on decking in her garden and eagerly awaits for the animals to appear from the bushes in the darkness. The creatures have become so familiar with Christine that she is now able to hand feed them biscuits and take pictures to share online.

The touching moment that man popped the question to fiance 30ft underwater in the Carribean Ocean - with an engagement ring concealed inside a shell

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the touching moment a man proposed to his girlfriend 30ft underwater in the Carribean Ocean. Ethan Studenic, 30, popped the question to Morgan Whittaker, 28, with an engagement ring concealed inside a shell. The lab administrator, from Roanoke, Virginia, pretended to pick something up from the ocean floor but instead produced a ring and asked his girlfriend of ten years to marry him.  Morgan, a social worker, immediately nodded yes and the couple embraced before swimming up to the surface together in July 2019.

Former sailor spends 900 hours (and 70,000 matches) to build model

***EXCLUSIVE*** A retired sailor has created an incredible replica of the Mayflower ship to mark 400 years after it first set sail - using 70,000 matches. David Reynolds spent more than two years painstakingly recreating every detail of the historic vessel which took the Pilgrims across the Atlantic to the New World in 1620. The remarkable 4ft high and 5ft long model of the passenger ship has tiny anchors and rigging blocks along the side and Mr Reynolds even carved out the Mayflower's emblem towards the stern. The 61-year-old estimates that if all the matches were laid down end to end, they would make a line 2.6 miles long.

A pair of specially trained divers hand feed sharks

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pair of specially trained divers hand-feed hammerhead sharks in the Atlantic Ocean. The fearless divers have a close encounter with the predators as they feed them with locally caught fish. They are surrounded by vibrantly coloured blue runner fish. Wildlife photographer Steve Laycock pictured the endangered great hammerhead species brandishing their sharp teeth off Bimini, an island in the Bahamas.

A tech-minded father has created an app to help his non verbal autistic son communicate – and hopes it could be expanded to support people with dementia

***EXCLUSIVE*** Andrew Clynes, 48, created the My Family app to help his six-year-old, Isaac, who was diagnosed with the condition three years ago. It affects Isaac's day-to-day life and he struggles to make associations between people and their voices, and can't liken everyday objects to the items' names. The father-of-two from the Channel Island of Jersey created the app to help Isaac but hopes to expand it to help people with dementia too.

Twins’ blog smashes stereotypes of Down’s syndrome

***EXCLUSIVE*** Identical twins Ollie and Cameron, who both have Down’s syndrome, have starred in a national film, showing them testing out jobs at the fire service, a cafe, hairdressers and supermarket - with the hope that there actions will change people’s outdated attitudes towards people with the condition and employment opportunities. The mother of the twins says she hopes having them star in a national film about employment will change people’s outdated attitudes. Elaine Scougal’s six-year-old boys Ollie and Cameron are filmed „testing out” jobs at the fire service, a cafe, hairdressers and supermarket. The film promotes the message that children with Down’s syndrome should grow up expecting to be employed and spoken to about what they might like to do from an early age by parents, teachers and others.

Children workers in propellor factory

***EXCLUSIVE*** Children as young as 10 operate machinery and weld metal at a ship-building factory. The youngsters can be seen using potentially dangerous tools at the dust-filled site to build propellers for ships. Photographer Azim Khan Ronnie, who captured these shots at the factory in Keraniganj in Dhaka, Bangladesh, said children aged 10 to 16 work for up to 12 hours a day.

A tiny squirrel is caught in a moment of pure ecstasy while sniffing a sweet-smelling flower in these amazing photographs

***EXCLUSIVE*** The grey land squirrel was captured as it stood on its hind legs and gripped a flower stem in its paws to pull yellow petals towards its face. It then seems to enjoy a moment of bliss as it smelt the floral aroma. The stunning shots were captured by keen photographer Renato Just, from the Netherlands.

A collection of some of the most iconic film and circus posters are set to be auctioned off for an estimated total of £50,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** Around 400 pieces of original artwork by WE Berry that were used to create Hollywood movie posters will go under the hammer on Friday (28/2).  WE Berry, of Bradford, West Yorks., were one of the most important printers of circus, film and theatre posters until it closed in 2004.  The firm created hand-painted artworks for film billboard designs for more than 75 years from the early 1920s.  It listed massive names such as Disney, Paramount, Universal and Ealing Studios among its clients.

Lion shaking its mane

***EXCLUSIVE*** A lion creates a huge spray effect as he shakes his mane dry in the Masai Mara, Kenya. Thomas Vijayan captured the moment the king of the jungle dried off. Thomas said, "It was a long wait to get this picture - it has been raining for about four hours. This is the way lions dry their manes. He stood up when the rain had subsided and shook the excess water off."

Grounded 737 Max planes

***EXCLUSIVE*** Around 50 - 60 Boeing 737 Max, from 12 different airlines, are seen grounded at Victorville Airport in the Mojave Desert in California, USA. Jassen Todorov took these images from his 1976 Piper Warrior Plane, as the one year anniversary approaches next month. As a pilot himself, Jassen said "I have mixed feelings about seeing these grounded planes. On one hand it's sad to see brand new planes just sitting around. On the other hand, it's important to make aviation safer and make sure that any issues are fixed before these airplanes resume carrying passengers."