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Best nature photographs in the WORLD

***EXCLUSIVE*** An amazing photo of an agile chameleon snatching its dinner in mid-air has been shortlisted among the 50 best nature photographs in the WORLD. The striking photograph shows the patient lizard balanced carefully in mid-air, with its tail wrapped around a plant, as its long tongue darts out to capture the unsuspecting dragonfly on another nearby plant. The green and yellow chameleon has a determined look in its narrow eyes as the insect is snatched from its perch in order to become dinner.

Plus-size mum copies Kate Middleton’s look by snapping up eBay versions of her designer outfits

***EXCLUSIVE*** PENNSYLVANIA, USA: Katie in a replicate of the crochet Whistles top and skirt Kate Middleton wore in LA in July 2011. PLUS SIZE mum felt „VULNERABLE” before sharing pictures of herself copying KATE MIDDLETON?S outfits online - but she’s proving the „KATE EFFECT” is for curvy girls too. Stay at home mum of two, Katie Wolfe (34) from Pennsylvania, USA, never felt like she had a place in the fashion world and struggled to find clothing that suited her style, shape and personality. However, when Kate Middleton and Prince William stepped out in November 2010 to announce their engagement, Katie was taken over by the „Kate Effect” and instantly fell in love with the Duchess of Cambridge as a person and her style as she was blown away by the stunning blue Issa dress she was wearing. From that moment onwards, the royal mum of three was an instant style icon for Katie due to her effortless elegance, style and beauty. Katie started to „repli-Kate” the Duchess’ outfits after finding out what she was wearing through social media and then tracking the items down in the shops, online and on eBay. Katie, who is a UK size 16 to 18, started following women within the „repli-Kate” community on Instagram, who shared pictures of their copy-Kate looks and at first felt too intimidated and vulnerable to do the same as she was curvier than them. With encouragement from her husband, Sean (38) Katie decided to start posting pictures of her own royal-inspired outfits and was taken aback by the love and support she received from women thanking her for showing them that Kate’s clothing can be worn and pulled off by every body shape and size. The royal fan says that being a stay at home mum can be isolating at times and that, what started as a hobby with following the Duchess of Cambridge’s style, has now transformed into something more as she has made friendships with likeminded women online. She has since replicated around 80 Kate-inspired outfits and spends no more than Ł77 ($100) per outfit.

Mum poses for gorgeous photoshoot to celebrate having one boob after surviving breast cancer

***EXCLUSIVE*** KENT, UK: THIS BRITISH MUM feels confident with just ONE BOOB after battling breast cancer - and has taken part in a SEXY PHOTOSHOOT to prove it. In September 2018, seamstress and mum of two, Kimberley Birkett (29) from Kent, UK, had just been on holiday to Cumbria when she found a lump in her left breast. She felt scared and rushed to the doctors. However, her doctor brushed it off due to her young age, but she insisted on having a biopsy, ultrasound and mammogram to be sure. The result showed that she had grade three invasive ducal carcinoma breast cancer. Kimberley, who is a mum to two children, Ruben (6) and Violet (4), had to undergo seven rounds of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, during which she lost 2st, lost her hair and she had brittle toenails that fell off. Her confidence was knocked when she had to undergo a mastectomy in March 2019. While she felt like a „weight had been lifted” after the surgery, she struggled to accept her body. However, her outlook changed when she participated in a photoshoot embracing her scars. She is now sharing her journey on Instagram to prove that you are not „too young” for cancer, as it does not discriminate. Kimberley has now been cancer-free for nearly a year as of March 14, 2019.

High school sweethearts who fell for another woman make their 'throuple' official with a 'wedding' ceremony - but admit they're open to including MORE women in their relationship

***EXCLUSIVE*** LOS ANGELES, SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, USA: This POLYAMOROUS TRIAD have solidified their love by getting MARRIED in a traditional ceremony - but are still OPEN to including MORE WOMEN in their relationship. Marketing director, Jimmy Silva (35), and 420Nurses president of their company 420Nurses, Chacha (32), both from LA, USA, first met in high school and fell for each other instantly after being introduced by a mutual friend in April 2009. Their relationship quickly intensified and three years into their relationship, they met vice president of 420Nurses, Summer Silva nee Pelletier (25), and fell in love with her. A few months of forming a close friendship, they decided to officially enter into a polyamorous relationship in December 2012. Their relationship got serious in 2018 when Chacha and Summer talked about having babies and settling down together. Jimmy got down on one knee to propose in April 2019, which was the same day of their 10-year anniversary. The wedding preparations took six months to plan and they decided to go for the traditional ceremony in December 2019; Chacha and Summer both wore white to the wedding with waist-length veils. Both Summer and Chacha’s families attended their wedding, however, Jimmy’s family were not convinced of his relationship and threatened to disown him when he invited them to the wedding. With each of the women’s dresses costing Ł1,160 ($1,500) each, Jimmy’s tux costing Ł155 ($200) and working together to keep the cost as low as they could, they spent over Ł10,800 ($14,000) altogether. The day took place at the Ventura Beach Club, where they also got engaged, which is managed by Summer’s family. While they are in a committed relationship, the three are mutually attracted to women and their fantasy is to include more women in their love triangle and also have babies in the near future.

Inside the ultra-luxury $40M Manhattan apartment built for the man who designed cameras used in the Apollo missions

***EXCLUSIVE*** USA: An out-of-this-world mansion in the heart of New York City, built for a pioneering aviator and inventor who designed cameras used in the APOLLO moon missions, could be yours for just Ł27m. Photos of the jaw-dropping five-bedroom property, located just a stone’s throw from Central Park, include a striking shot of the townhouse’s floating mezzanine floor; its radical zigzagging ramps allowing multi-floor access; and a dramatic sitting room which would fit in at any of the finest art galleries or museums in the world. Another incredible image shows the home’s modernist red granite façade, its simplicity belying the tour-de-force of architecture that lays within.

A baby girl has had life-saving emergency surgery to remove an aggressive cancerous brain tumour - after EIGHT different GPs dismissed her symptoms as a viral infection

***EXCLUSIVE*** Brave Soraya Owen-Brown spent ten hours in theatre on Wednesday (26/2) as surgeons removed 90 per cent of the tumour, which was not spotted by doctors for more than two months.  Her mum Nikita, 32, said she repeatedly took the nine-month-old tot to the doctors only to be told there was nothing seriously wrong.  Each time, she was told that Soraya had a viral infection and that it was nothing to worry about.  But earlier this month, Soraya took ill at the family's home and was rushed to Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital in Grimsby by ambulance.  Medics discovered that Soraya was suffering from Hydrocephalus, a condition in which cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) accumulates within the brain.  She was transferred to Sheffield Children's Hospital, where last week a CT scan uncovered an atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumour on her brain.

Multicoloured makeup tribe

***EXCLUSIVE*** THE HIGHLANDS, PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Tribesmen dolled up in vibrant multicoloured body paint stun as they DRESS FOR BATTLE. While the Huli tribe are fearsome warriors and hunters, women and men both have a soft spot for their hair as these spectacular shots show. A wide shot shows a father - caked in paint and a tropical wig - teaching his son to shoot an arrow. Another image reveals a colourful elder male wearing a plant reed through his nose. Men wear floral arrangements and dye their beards, with blood-red body paint and yellow faces to intimidate their enemies. These indigenous people live in The Highlands, Papua New Guinea, found in the mountainous Hela province of the Pacific nation. The tribe speak the languages of Huli and Tok Pisin but have acquired English skills in recent years and have welcomed visitors. This allowed talented photographer, Jim Zuckerman (72) from Nashville, USA to visit.

A beach artist has created an amazing sand picture of a surfer that is 40 metres high on a Northumberland beach

***EXCLUSIVE*** Retired GP Claire Eason spent four hours sculpting the image of the surfer dude in Beadnall on the North East coast. Claire, 55, who took up photography as her new venture after hanging up her stethoscope last October, said: „The area does have a lot of water sports all year round and there are several surf schools. It always amazes me how hardy these people are, they go out in the winter and go after the biggest waves. I thought it would be nice to do something to acknowledge the water sports there. Surfing is something I like because it is non-destructive to the environment and I like promoting an activity that has an ecological feel to it.”

Six bedroom townhouse belonging to Princess Diana's step-mother Countess Raine Spencer goes on the market and it comes with a pool, bar and sauna

***EXCLUSIVE***LONDON, UK: A rare opportunity has emerged to purchase the London mansion that once homed PRINCESS DIANA’S wicked STEP-MUM. Incredible images show ornate fireplaces, staircases, and ceilings blend seamlessly with tasteful modern hallmarks of a high-end home. The extravagant six-bedroom townhouse can be found on South Street, Mayfair, UK. This archetypal London mansion was built in 1902 and can be yours for Ł40,000,000. The central London property was once home to the best-selling romance novelist and socialite, Dame Barbara Cartland, during the Second World War. Her daughter, Countess Raine Spencer, made her public debut outside the property in 1947. The Countess would become Princess Diana’s step-mum in 1976, but Diana and her siblings weren’t fond of their stepmother who they reportedly dubbed „Acid Raine”. The double-fronted mansion features a lower floor dedicated to wellness, complete with a pool, bar, and sauna. The fifth and final floor gives immaculate views overlooking the rooftops of Mayfair.