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Mum-of-four shamed for her ‘dealbreaker’ legs by ex gets revenge body & now loves her muscly ‘thunder thighs’

***EXCLUSIVE*** SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, USA: Mum of four was told her legs were a ‘DEALBREAKER’ by her ex-husband but now she’s in the shape of her life after her fourth pregnancy made her feel ‘DEFEATED’ and ‘UNATTRACTIVE’.  Trainer, nutritionist and women’s empowerment coach, Tara Garrison (37) from Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, noticed she was bigger than her classmates when she was just nine, which sparked a lifelong struggle with her weight. Tara came from a poor background where healthy, nutritious food was hard to come by and by the age of 11 she weighed 7st 2lb. At high school, Tara took control of her weight and started counting calories and running which saw her reach a normal weight. Despite this, Tara longed to be skinnier and was self-conscious of her legs - in particular her thighs - where she carried most of her weight. Her dad joked that she would inherit ‘Garrison thunder thighs’ from her gran and great gran, which worried her. Mum to Makenzie (14), Jarom (12), Kyle (9) and Micah (7), Tara bounced back effortlessly after giving birth to her first three children through running marathons and focussing on cardio but struggled to lose her baby weight after Micah was born in the same way. Tara continued to run five times a week and even ran full marathons but struggled to shed the pounds. She was desperate to lose weight and never allowed her body to rest, she attended exercise classes before going running and felt that such a gruelling routine meant she had earned her three meals a day and three snacks in between. In early 2014, she weighed 12st 7lb and was a UK size 14 - she felt defeated. At the same time, Tara started having problems in her marriage which spurred her on to figure out why she wasn’t losing the excess weight. She switched to a low carb diet, stopped running so much and started lifting heavy weights of up to 70kg five days a week - the weight fell off over 18 months. Through doing this Tara has found food freedom, never counts calories and eats until she feels full without guilt, knowing that her figure won’t change. At 5ft 7in, Tara now weighs a healthy 10st 5lb and is a UK size eight, she divorced in December 2016 and now has a great relationship with her ex who once said her legs were ‘almost a dealbreaker’ - she is now proud to call her muscular quads her ‘thunder thighs’.

Meet the 'inside-out' baby - born with her BOWEL on the outside of her body

***EXCLUSIVE*** Little Mollie Lambert was diagnosed with gastroschisis - when she was born in February 2019 - after medics discovered her bowel had grown outside of her body after her abdominal wall hadn't completely developed before birth. The condition is caused by an opening forming in the fetus' abdominal wall and only affects one in every 3,000 babies - making it as rare as being struck by lightning. Mum-to-be Amie Nelson, 30, was warned that something serious may be wrong with her baby when the sonographer spotted a birth defect at the routine 12-week scan in August 2018. 

One of the world's leading manufacturers of medical isolation 'pods' today said it was 'rushed off its feet' with orders from around the world amid the coronavirus outbreak

***EXCLUSIVE*** British company PPS said it has had a "manic" few weeks distributing the pods to hospitals, armed forces, and ambulance services worldwide. The pods, which measure 200cm x 80cm x 50cm, are designed for the temporary isolation of a single person feared contaminated by an infectious disease. 

Goddesses and Monsters - Hacienda Style home from the halcyon days of Hollywood for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** The enchanting former Beverly Hills home of both film icon Katharine Hepburn, and screen monster Boris Karloff has emerged on the market for £7million. ($8,95m). The four-time Oscar winning starlet lived at the 'hacienda' home when she first moved to Hollywood in the early 1930s. After finding fame, she sold it to Frankenstein actor Boris Karloff in the mid-1940s who bizarrely was a keen gardener and worked extensively on the landscaping. Another famous former owner of the single storey, five bedroom Spanish style residence, which has its own swimming pool and bar, is Animals frontman Eric Burdon, whose House of the Rising Sun, help fund its purchase in the 1960's. It is being sold with estate agent Douglas Elliman who describe it as 'a home fit for Hollywood royalty'. 

Luxury Jamaican mansion on estate where parts of 007 movie Live and Let Die were filmed goes on the market for $2m

***EXCLUSIVE*** Live and let buy! Beautiful Jamaican home on the estate where parts of James Bond movie were filmed goes on sale for $1.985million. James Bond fans can snap up this stunning Jamaican home in an estate where parts of the 007 film Live and Let Die were filmed for a mere $2m (£1.5m). Hummingbird Hall sits on the famous Rose Hall Great House Estate and boasts panoramic views of Montego Bay. The poppy fields scene where Roger Moore made his James Bond debut was shot in the hills behind the estate. A makeshift graveyard was also built in the grounds for a scene featuring voodoo priest Baron Samedi.

Brown bear plays hide and seek - and fails

***EXCLUSIVE*** A brown bear attempts to play hide and seek - but might need a bigger tree. The 6ft 7ins animal hugged the pine tree and tried, unsuccessfully, to stay out of sight from other bears. The endearing images were captured deep in a forest near Martinselkonen, in the Eastern part of Finland.

Water View - Towering home comes up for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Victorian water tower which has been converted into a 'unique' family home has emerged on to the market for £900,000. The 100ft red brick structure still retains its old water gauge but the red metal water tank on top is no longer in use. Located in the village of Melton, it provides stunning views offer the idyllic Suffolk countryside and the River Debden. The eight storey property is being sold with Fenn Wright estate agents in Woodbridge through property website OnTheMarke.

Cheetah cub climbing on mother back

***EXCLUSIVE*** A tiny cheetah cub clings on to its mother's back as she moves through the Serengeti. The young animal holds on tightly as his sibling watches enviously from the ground. The rare images were captured on the Namiri Plains in the Eastern Serengeti by photographer Marc Mol as the mother took care of her offspring.

Epic View - Abbey Road property sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** A flat in a building overlooking the Abbey Road zebra crossing used for the Beatles' famous 1969 photoshoot has gone up for sale for £1.7m. The four bedroom apartment is in Neville Court in London's exclusive St John's Wood neighbourhood. The striking mansion block is opposite the world famous Abbey Road recording studios where the Fab Four recorded their 11th album of the same name. The new owner will also have a bird's eye view of the daily sight of tourists and Beatles' fans alike recreating the Abbey Road album cover on the crossing. 

Bill Wyman's Rolling Stone archive sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** Legendary Rolling Stones rock star Bill Wyman is to sell a vast collection of memorabilia from his 50 year career in a glittering multi-million pound auction. Over 1,000 lots belonging the iconic bass player are set to go under the hammer including instruments, stage-worn outfits and awards. A number of his personal items and artifacts are also included, making the sale an enormous event for his army of loyal fans. 

Last days of the Raj - Unseen photo album

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two rare photo albums depicting the life and work of a British army officer in India during the first half of the 20th century has emerged for sale. The unnamed officer belonged to the Indian Army's 28th Light Cavalry and there are more than 400 black and white photographs. They show military operations, big game hunting, giant elephant traps, 'pig sticking' expeditions, equestrianism training and polo playing. 

Chewing on a jawbreaker: Blood-spattered African wild dog chomps down on the remains of a young impala

***EXCLUSIVE*** BOTSWANA: A „savage” photo captures the GRISLY moment an African wild dog chows down on a baby impala using the antelope as a REAL-LIFE JAWBREAKER. A remarkable image, snapped by a British photographer, show nature’s savage side as a painted wolf gnaws on an impala fawn’s jaws whilst staring straight at the camera. The spectacular shot was snapped by luxury travel consultant, Josh Flatman (29) based in Bristol, UK, whilst on safari in in the Okavango Delta, Botswana. He had spent the day following a pack of wild dogs, also known as painted wolves, when he captured his grim snapshot.

Fisherman surrounded by sea of green coconut palms

***EXCLUSIVE*** A fisherman scours for his catch in the middle of a coconut palm forest. The lone worker glides through the green haven on a wooden canoe-style boat as he fishes for daily meals.

PPPick up a penguin from the Heroic Age of polar exploration

***EXCLUSIVE*** Pick up a penguin from the Heroic Age of polar exploration. A stuffed penguin collected by scientists during the Captain Scott's infamous expedition of Antarctica has turned up for sale 107 years later. The taxidermy Adelie penguin stands at 18.5ins and is a relic of the Terra Nova voyage that took place between 1910 and 1913. The expedition's doctor Edward Leicester Atkinson brought it back to Britain and later gifted it to Sir James Porter and his wife. Sir James, who was a Surgeon Vice-Admiral in the Royal Navy, kept the flightless bird and passed it down through is family. 

Reflection of salt farm

***EXCLUSIVE*** Reflections of dawn workers toiling on a salt field shimmer in the water. Standing in lines they push wheelbarrows piled high with salt as the sun rises in Vietnam. As they do so, their reflections are gently mirrored in the waters at the Hon Khoi salt field in Ninh Hoa, Khanh Ho province.