Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

This is the moment a man who has spent 13 years in a wheelchair took his first independent steps - after defying doctors and walking again

***EXCLUSIVE*** Liam Critchett, 24, was able to stroll unaided along his favourite childhood beach. Doctors doubted he would be able to walk again after being diagnosed with spinal cancer aged 11.  The diagnosis saw him wheelchair-bound throughout his school years and spending the majority of his youth in hospital undergoing a whopping 50 operations to try and rid his body of the cancer.

Gold casts of Nelson Mandela's hands have emerged for sale for £7.5million

***EXCLUSIVE*** A set of four remarkably detailed gold casts of Nelson Mandela's hands have emerged for sale for £7.5million. ($10million) They were made out of pure gold in 2002 and initially sold to raise funds for the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund. Two of the casts show his fists, while the others are of his open palms. They show the scars of his 26 years imprisoned on Robben Island.

This footage shows a travel junkie taking a run - that makes her appear to be running in the clouds

***EXCLUSIVE*** The video was shot by Petra Cola in the mountain ranges in South Tyrol, Italy.  It shows her running along a ridge , the orange glow of the sun and the shelf of clouds surrounding her gives the footage an otherworldly feel.  Petra, a 24-year-old Italian social media content creator said: ''I‚Äôm a mountain lover and I love outdoor sports.‚ÄĚ

Beach cleaner bagged almost £800 after finding a message in a bottle dropped off the Queen Mary II in the middle of the Atlantic thousands of miles away

***EXCLUSIVE*** A beach cleaner bagged almost ¬£800 after finding a message in a bottle that was dropped thousands of miles away in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean Henry Anderton, 76, found the glass bottle while carrying out a routine beach clean on the morning of February 2 at Littlelure beach on the west coast of Mainland, Shetland. It had been dropped by Emmanuel Goldstein, editor of New York-based tech magazine, 2600, as he crossed the Atlantic from New York to Southampton on board the Queen Mary II in December 2018. The letter inside said staff at the publication would be ‚Äúastounded‚ÄĚ if anybody found it.

The litter of 10 Irish Red and White Setters bringing fresh hope for Britain's most endangered dog breed

***EXCLUSIVE*** Who would believe this adorable set of puppies belong to Britains's most endangered breed of dog. But this unusually large litter of ten healthy pups   offers fresh hope for Britain's most threatened native breed, the Red and White Setter. The alarming demise of the Irish breed has seen it plummet to the bottom of the Kennel Club's vulnerable breeds list for last year. In 2019 just 39 new puppies were registered, compared to 119 at the start of the decade. The numbers are tiny compared to the 35,347 Labradors - the UK's favourite dog - that were born last year. Now breeder Ve Callaghan from Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire is celebrating the arrival of a huge litter of ten pups that amazingly are rarer than Siberian Tigers, Amur Leopard's and even Giant Pandas.

Wildlife photography competition

***EXCLUSIVE*** A striking, close-up photo of a bug-eyed dragonfly has beaten a leaping stoat and a fox hiding in a plant pot - to win best overall photo in a wildlife photography competition. The competition saw over 500 entries from over 250 photographers, from vivid close-ups and stunning landscapes, to birds in flight and animals in motion. The annual photograph competition, run by charity Essex Wildlife Trust (EWT), saw entries across six categories, including Wildlife Motion Picture, Young Blood, Smart Work, Gardener's World, and EWT To A TEE.

Prince Charles-linked loan Aston Martin for sale

United Kingdom: When mere mortals drop their car off for servicing they are often lucky to get a Ford Fiesta as a courtesy car, but for Prince Charles this stunning Aston Martin DB6 Vantage MK2 was brought to the forecourt when his own wheels were being sorted. It will be sold by H&H Classics on March 18th at the Imperial War Museum and is estimated to fetch Ł260,000 - Ł300,000. A long-term member of the Aston Martin Owners’ Club, the vendor has attended numerous AMOC events over the years and has been told on more than one occasion that „LBH 100H” was loaned to HRH, Charles The Prince of Wales when the latter’s DB6 MK2 Volante was being serviced (the car made even more famous by its usage at Prince William and Kate Middeton’s wedding).

Staff at a British aquarium are celebrating the arrival of six tiny penguin chicks that are the first to hatch in Europe

***EXCLUSIVE*** The world's smallest breed of penguin has arrived in Europe after six tiny chicks hatched on the south coast of England. The group of adorable Fairy Penguins have been born at Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park in Dorset as part of a new breeding programme. They will eventually grow to around 13ins tall but now, aged just weeks old, they are the roughly the same size as a large gerbil. The pocket-sized creatures were born from a colony of Fairy Penguins from their sanctuary in Australia in 2018.

Menu for 1617 banquet which gave birth to legend that King James I invented sirloin after knighting a joint of beef goes up for auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** The menu for the lavish banquet where the King supposedly knighted his beef joint 'sirloin' giving rise to its name has emerged for sale. It lists the 129 dishes which were laid on for James I and his royal party during their brief stay at the Lancashire mansion of Sir Henry Hoghton in 1617. Included in the dinner offering was a loin of beef which legend states so delighted the monarch he pulled out his sword to bestow the honour upon it, theatrically declaring 'Loin, we dub thee knight henceforward be Sir Loin!' Hoghton spared no expense in providing a feast fit for royalty, with 14 members of staff preparing three giant meals. The menu would make grim reading for vegans as dishes included mutton, chicken, veal, turkey, rabbit, pig, pheasant, duck, deer, wild boar, quail and heron. The menu is being sold with auctioneer Dominic Winter, of Cirencester, Gloucs, who expect it to fetch £800.