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Chic widow, 76, proves you can have great style at any age by becoming a fashion influencer with 54K Instagram fans

***EXCUSIVE*** DENVER, COLORADO, USA: Stylish widow is determined to „STAY VISIBLE” to fight against ageism and has almost FIFTY-FOUR THOUSAND followers on Instagram where she showcases her most outrageous looks. Former psychiatric nurse, style blogger and model, Judith Boyd (76) from Denver, Colorado, USA, has always had a keen interest in fashion - particularly statement headwear. Working as a psychiatric nurse beginning in the seventies, Judith showcased her hats while working in mental health settings as a form of „meditation” for herself but also to brighten the days of her patients, many of whom were going through the most harrowing time of their life. As she grew older, Judith grew frustrated by the lack of positivity surrounding ageing and the terms used to describe older women. After doing research, Judith decided to reclaim the word „crone” and turn it into a positive sentiment - with the support of her late husband, Nelson, as her photographer, her blog, Style Crone was born in 2010. Nelson was diagnosed with cancer in 2005 and Judith cared for him until he sadly passed away aged 62, nine months after her blog was set up. Judith carried on with her blog in Nelson’s honour and says all her modelling opportunities since are born from „the ashes of grief”. Judith now has an incredible 53.9K followers on Instagram under the handle, @stylecrone, where she showcases her incredible sense of style and taste in hats. Social media has given Judith an online support system in addition to her friends and family in real life and despite some negative comments regarding her outfits, Judith, who turns 77 later this month, continues to stay active and visible online to stand against ageism as she cherishes the „gift” of growing older.

I was told my daughter wouldn’t survive birth due to rare dwarfism – she may never talk but I couldn’t be prouder of her

***EXCUSIVE*** ORLANDO, FLORIDA, USA: This girl was born with the RAREST form of DWARFISM and has DEFIED doctors who thought she wouldn’t SURVIVE BIRTH. In May 2017, emergency communication specialist, Rachel Gore (32) from Orlando, Florida, USA, and her husband, Michael (31), were at the 31-week ultrasound scan when she found out her unborn baby’s growth was five weeks behind and her size was only half of what it should have been. The doctor also noticed that she had short arms and legs while her head was the correct size for her foetal age. Two weeks later, after more ultrasound scans, the doctor told them that their unborn baby would most likely have a fatal type of dwarfism and that she wouldn’t survive birth. However, in June 2017, when Rachel was 37-weeks pregnant, she gave birth to her daughter, Emma (now 2), via c-section. Due to her small stature, Emma was born with tracheobronchomalacia (TBM), which means that she had floppy airways that caused her to pass out several times a day for four months. When she was just six months old, she was flown to CS Mott Children’s Hospital, which was about 1,150 miles away. Four months later, they travelled to Orlando, where Emma underwent a tracheotomy, a life-saving surgery where an incision is created on the anterior aspect of the neck, opening a direct airway in the trachea. She had another surgery called median sternotomy, where dissolvable 3D printed splints were placed inside her body to hold the airways open and this stopped her passing out. She was then diagnosed with Meier-Gorlin syndrome, also known as primordial dwarfism, which is the rarest form of dwarfism, with only 67 reported cases worldwide. At just 2ft 2in, Emma has proven doctors wrong by living past her predicted age, despite not being able to walk or talk yet. Many strangers have shown sympathy and remorse over Emma and her condition, with one man even comparing her situation to his friends who have died in the battlefield during the Vietnam war. Whilst the comment made them laugh, they want to prove that Emma is a strong little girl and they are trying to encourage people not to feel sorry for her by illustrating her journey on Instagram.

Glamour model so ashamed of her ‘small’ breasts she got the BIGGEST implants available now has 34H boobs

***EXCUSIVE*** PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC: Playboy model was so ASHAMED of her „small” breasts that she decided to get the BIGGEST implants available in her COUNRTY. Businesswoman, Lenka Kovarova, from Prague, Czech Republic spent years feeling unhappy because she felt her small breasts made her less of a woman. Lenka decided to do something about this and spent over Ł5,000 (153,000czk) bringing her breast size from an A cup to a 34H. This included the initial 250cc implants for Ł2,200 (65,000czk), the larger 1050cc implants for Ł2,850 (85,000czk) and a pre-operative examination for Ł100 (3000czk). Lenka has long believed that larger breasts make a woman feminine and she’s now much more confident with using her busty look to appeal to men. In fact, Lenka is the business owner of a Playboy merchandise supplier in her home country - a company that celebrates women’s sex appeal. She is now content and doesn’t believe she will have any more work done to her breasts. She is however contemplating Botox. Lenka uses her YouTube channel to educate other women who are interested in getting implants.

Fascinating colourised pics of women in Britain’s factories during WW1 are released ahead of International Women’s Day

***EXCUSIVE*** Fascinating shots of women workers who „manned” the factories, pits and railways during the First World War have been brought to life in captivating colour. Remarkable shots from over hundred years ago show a welder making micro adjustments to a vital component in a Midlands aircraft works; munitions workers carefully guiding huge missiles onto the factory floor; and a woman cleaning the inside of a massive 15-inch cannon. 102 years ago, the first women in the UK got the right to vote. This landmark occasion for the female population was due in no small part to the dedicated service of women during the First World War when, after the mass conscription of men to the front line, women stepped up to fill all the vacant positions that the soldiers had left behind.

A home fit for royalty! Medieval castle where Mary Queen of Scots spent her last night of freedom is on sale for less than £2m - and comes with its own dungeon

***EXCUSIVE*** UK: An enchanting medieval castle where Mary Queen of Scots spent her last night of freedom is on sale for under Ł2M - and even comes with its own DUNGEON. Remarkable photos of Fa?side Castle, which enjoys panoramic views over the Lothians and the Forth Estuary, show the gorgeous fairy tale façade of the 14th Century fortification; a magnificent sitting room with a grandiose inglenook fireplace; and a bespoke study with a wall of book cases. The epic castle is located in East Lothian, just ten miles from Edinburgh. Reputedly the last place of refuge of Mary Queen of Scots, this is an outstanding example of medieval Scottish domestic architecture. It is currently on the market with Savills for just Ł1.9m.

Two foxes battling in the snow

***EXCUSIVE*** Two foxes fight in the snow in Vysočina, Czech Republic. The brothers are fighting over a roe deer recently killed by a car, in fresh snow that fell overnight. In a fleeting moment, the foxes displayed their natural behaviour, with the dominant brother driving away his younger sibling.

The drying of semolina

***EXCUSIVE*** Workers move among hundreds of large bamboo bowls filled with white semolina. They spread the dry, coarse wheat product over the bamboo dishes and leave them to dry in the sun. The bamboo bowls the semolina is being dried in are known as 'Nong' or 'Nia'. In these images, taken in Tay Ninh province, Vietnam, there are around 1,500 of them.

Worker surrounded by colourful incense sticks

***EXCUSIVE*** Millions of incense sticks are bundled together as workers lay them out to dry. The bunches of fuchsia-coloured bamboo sticks stretch across more than 10,000 sq ft. Workers kneel on blue sheets laid on top of sand as they carry out the traditional drying process. Once dried, the odourless sticks will be taken to factories where distinct aromas will be added.