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Real estate broker quits her job to become a £500-per-hour dominatrix

***EXCLUSIVE*** LONDON, UK: This woman quit her job as an ESTATE BROKER to become a DOMINATRIX - and reveals most of her clients are MARRIED CEOs who pay her FIVE-HUNDRED-POUNDS an hour. Dominatrix, Zoe Noir (28), from London, UK, was fed up of her nondescript office job as an estate broker. When she came across an article detailing the life of a Los Angeles dominatrix, Zoe was surprised to discover that this was something women could make careers out of. Soon after reading the article, Zoe signed up for a BDSM dating site and two days later, she had her first submissive, or „sub” paying her to humiliate him. Zoe was simultaneously running a company in the wellness industry, but she knew „femdom” was now her real passion. In 2016, Zoe decided to become a full-time dominatrix. She often travelled to Prague - somewhere Zoe partially spent time growing up - learning from some other dominatrixes she had befriended. They taught her the basics of BDSM and power-play but ultimately, Zoe claims to be self-taught having learnt from exploring her own fetishes and experimenting with her subs. With her new-found empowerment, Zoe now regularly tours Europe and the Middle East but predominantly hosts sessions from a BDSM studio in London - with sessions costing from Ł300 to Ł500. She hopes to open her own independent studio soon.

A miniature Shetland pony born on St Patrick's Day has become a regular at his local pub and pops in daily - for a GUINNESS

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stout-loving equine Patrick, aptly named as he was born on March 17, often turns heads during visits to the boozer with his owner. Kirk Petrakis, 42, said his four-hoofed friend stands calmly at the bar at the Drum Inn to enjoy his daily tipple of Guinness. It even has a carrot as his pub snack of choice. He has become such a familiar face in the village pub at Cockington, Devon, that a special second birthday party will be held this month. Kirk said: "The daily pub visit is all part of his routine and is his highlight. He likes a sip of Guinness and he has a carrot - that's it. "It's a special treat for him. We decided on Guinness as he was born on St Patrick's Day.

Photographer captures amazing aerial pictures of flamingos

Rift Valley, Kenya: Pretty in Pink… Photographer and guide Paul Goldstein has spent thirty years showing people the Rift Valley in Kenya from ground level, for want of a change he has taken to the skies. The Wimbledon-based guide for Exodus Travels says: „Lake Magadi in Kenya is one of the less fabled Rift Lakes lacking the box office of Bogoria or Nakuru, but it is just as rewarding. Greater and Lesser flamingos flourish in these alkaline rich soda lakes and only a few miles of game-rich valley floor separates Magadi from the Northern tip of Lake Natron. Ever since I saw Denys Finch Hatton fly across these lakes in Out of Africa, I have been mesmerised by the vast shimmering flocks of these birds, aware how parlous their existence is. Too much rain destroys the alkaline content of the soda lakes and can irrevocably alter their diet and breeding patterns. A sunrise flight is both dramatic and literally uplifting as the long shadows from the early sun gild the pink and red birds. However, it is late afternoon when the Lake really excels, as the wind meticulously sculpts the soda patterns into intricate and indeed beautiful patterns. On this day there were plenty on show and the bird's eye view down a long lens was utterly captivating.” Paul has run fifteen marathons in a tiger suit for charity. This year (2020) he will run the London marathon AND run the Mount Everest marathon wearing the tiger suit for the „Worth More Alive X” tiger preservation charity.

Shop and garage shutters in the Bushwick area of Brooklyn, New York, which have been decorated in various street art designs

***EXCLUSIVE*** Bushwick is a working-class neighborhood in the northern part of the New York City borough of Brooklyn and has been dubbed the street art capital of the world. When businesses and shops close up and pull their shutters down the true the proliferation of bright, skillful spray can art is put on display. Previously an industrial neighbourhood the area has survived rioting and deprivation in the 1970’s to become a mecca for artists and creative minds. Dozens of art studios and galleries are scattered throughout the neighborhood but much of the best work is on show right out in the open.

A super-slimmer who weighed 33 stone lost half her body weight after being shamed into shedding the pounds - when she was too big to fit on roller coasters

***EXCLUSIVE*** Fiona West, 25, lost 16 stone after being left mortified when she was told she was too big to ride on two attractions at Universal Studios theme park in Orlando, Florida. The staff nurse, who would regularly gorge on deep-fried mars bars and Krispy Kreme donuts, had loved theme parks since she was a child. But her weight meant she could not fit on most rides and would be the designated bag holder on family trips to Alton Towers. And a dream holiday to Florida in 2017 with boyfriend Chris Cochrane, 30, turned into a nightmare when the safety bars on two rides would not close over her belly. Determined to get on the Rip Ride Rockitt and the Harry Potter Forbidden Journey rides, Fiona booked a return trip for the following year immediately after landing home. But despite losing nine stone for the holiday in 2018, she was again forced into an embarrassing climb down when she reached the front of the queue. She was regularly warned by doctors that she would die before she was 30 if she did not stop eating so much. Fiona, of Coatbridge, Lanarkshire, was inspired to lose weight in 2016 after booking a dream trip to Florida.

A former gaming addict who weighed 32 stone and was suicidal as a result of his addiction has spoke out after turning his life around

***EXCLUSIVE*** Seven years ago David Breaker, of Gillingham, Kent, would wake up at midday before spending 14 hours playing video games.  He admitted his addiction, coupled with his weight problem, left him in a dark place, even considering taking his own life.  He said: "I used to be a gaming addict, I used to spend 14 hours a day playing World of Warcraft and let myself get to 32 stone. I was quite suicidal about it and thought I had nowhere to go in my life.  The 36-year-old decided to turn his life around after some brutal warnings from his GP and he now weighs 14 stone.  David, who's now a life coach who specialises in lifestyle and weight loss, said the hardest part of battling his addiction was believing in himself.