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Daredevil tightrope walks his way across active volcano

***EXCLUSIVE*** In what might be the most realistic version of the childhood game The Floor Is Lava, daredevil Nik Wallenda crossed the crater of an active volcano on a tightrope. Wallenda, whose family has a multigenerational reputation for daring stunts, took 31 minutes to make the 1,800-foot walk across what's known as "The Mouth of Hell," or the crater of the Masaya volcano in Nicaragua. It was part of of a special for ABC called Volcano, Live! For the stunt, Wallenda wore goggles and a respirator mask, given the volcano's noxious fumes. He also wore a harness, upsetting certain denizens of the internet. 

New mum woke up with wonky eyebrows and a numb tongue four days after giving birth – £3k down and it’s still not cured

***EXCLUSIVE*** MONAHANS, TEXAS, USA: This mum spent THOUSANDS trying to fix her face after GIVING BIRTH left her with uneven brows and a DROOPED LIP – before being told it was PERMANENT. Stay at home mum and entrepreneur, Gladys Warden (28) from Monahans, Texas, USA, gave birth to baby Mila in November 2017. Four days later, Gladys woke up with uneven eyebrows, a numb tongue and a drooped lip. Gladys suspected she had Bell’s palsy – a condition which her mum had been diagnosed with three times. Bell’s palsy is a type of facial paralysis in which a person loses the ability to control muscles in one side of the face. Symptoms can include twitching, loss of movement, and weakness. Gladys informed her gynaecologist who explained that this was common in women who had recently given birth. At this stage, Gladys wasn’t too concerned as her mum had made a full recovery each time. Gladys began trying various treatments to try and tackle her Bell’s palsy. In total, she’s spent over £2,800 ($3,600) so far. This includes chiropractic treatment £625 ($800), acupuncture £155 ($200), undergoing an MRI £390 ($500), and electric simulation physical therapy £1,650 ($2,100). Gladys has also tried home remedies, CBD oil, and facial massages, but nothing seemed to be working. After further consultation, Gladys was told that she had developed synkinesis. This means that Gladys’ nerves didn’t heal correctly causing permanent muscle damage in her face. She’s since contacted the Facial Paralysis Institute in California who charged £310 ($400) for the consultation alone. They’ve suggested a treatment plan for Gladys which includes Botox and selective neurolysis surgery – but this costs almost as much as a luxury car and would leave Gladys out of pocket. Following her diagnosis, Gladys completely lost her confidence. She took six-months away from her fashion blogging as Gladys was unable to come to terms with her new appearance. Instead, she took up an interest in fitness – a hobby that provided her with a small sense of control over her body. Gladys is still weighing up her options, but now embraces her new appearance. She has resumed fashion blogging and hopes to inspire others with Bell’s palsy as she doesn’t believe it should stop anyone from living their life.

Mum-of-two shows off incredible 7 stone weight loss but says it was thanks to keto diet NOT the gym

***EXCLUSIVE*** This woman says dieting and going to the gym are USELESS and puts her stunning transformation down to an unapproved WEIGHT LOSS DRINK. Keto coach, Jessica Smart (36) from St George, Utah, USA attributed her weight gain to numerous attempts to have children after her first four pregnancies sadly ended in miscarriage. After a difficult divorce in 2011, she met her current husband Andrew (36) that same year through online dating and by 2012 they wanted to start a family. However, they had a huge battle ahead of them due to infertility and Jessica’s hormones and thyroid were not functioning how they should. With each miscarriage came up to a stone in weight gain but Jessica fell pregnant for a fifth time, and then finally, on Christmas morning of 2014 she gave birth to her son Dash (5). By the time she left the hospital Jessica was 7st 2lb overweight and weighed 17st 2lb and was a UK dress size 16. Although she tried to look in the mirror with nothing but self-love and patience, subconsciously she was self-deprecating. Determined to be the best mother she could, Jessica tried numerous diets to lose the weight like counting calories and exercising for hours on end. But she never got the results she needed. When Dash was just one-years-old Jessica found out she was pregnant again. Although it was an uncomfortable pregnancy, she felt incredibly blessed. And in September 2016 she conceived her second son Duncan (3), feeling like the luckiest girl in the world. Jessica went to the doctor to see if there was a medical reason why she couldn’t lose weight but when all her tests came back clear, her doctor encouraged her to join Weight Watchers which left Jessica feeling disheartened. Then, Jessica discovered a slimming drink that puts the body in ketosis and helps melt away the pounds. Although sceptical Jessica decided she would give it a try. At this point she was willing to try anything to be happy and healthy for her children. She is now 10st and wears a UK dress size 6.

I was forced to go through the menopause aged 19 after crippling endometriosis battle

***EXCLUSIVE*** Student nurse Kia Morne, now 21, is suffering with the debilitating illness so much that the only treatment that helps her condition is to stop her periods altogether.  But now, although her pain sees some relief, she has hot sweats, dizziness and headaches - symptoms more often associated with middle-aged women.  Endometriosis is where tissue such as that in the lining of the womb grows elsewhere in the body - often around the reproductive organs, bowel and bladder.  Like the womb lining, the tissue builds up and bleeds every month but, with no way to escape the body, the blood is trapped, leading to inflammation, pain and formation of scar tissue.  Sadly, the worst side-effect of the early menopause and endometriosis for Kia is that she has to think about her fertility and the fact that she may not be able to have children.  In a bitter twist, freezing her eggs is only available to cancer patients on the NHS so she is having to raise an astronomical sum herself.  In the UK, egg freezing costs on average between £3,500 and £4,500 for one cycle of treatment.

'Birdbox' for humans let you take in views of the Norwegian fjords right from your bed

Guests can take in spectacular views of the Norwegian Fjords without even having to leave their bed in a new cosy cabin offering. Named the 'Birdbox', this nifty cabin design offers a cosy minimalist glamping experience where adventurers can sleep in a comfortable bed, with large bubble-esque windows offering impressive views of the surrounding landscape. That means you could wake up, grab a cup of coffee and stay snuggled up while watching the sunrise over the Norwegian Fjords. The Birdbox offers up the bare essentials you need for a comfortable stay. There's a double bed, as well as a small table and two chairs, so wherever you want to get comfortable, there are views of the landscape. Meanwhile, the windows are placed on three of the four walls, so you really can make the most of that breathtaking scenery. There's also a sink and counter, and plugs so you can use electrical equipment. It also offers a separate bathroom building with black tinted one-way glass, so you do have some extra home comforts. The cabins have been designed to blend in with the environment, while also leaving a minimal footprint. A big benefit to the cabins is that they're small and light enough that they can be placed anywhere in the landscape - even remote spots that aren't always the easiest to reach.

These amusing images show books with faces on the cover blended in with real life people

***EXCLUSIVE*** Carol Bowe, a librarian, scoured her stock of books to look for suitable covers, some showing a face and others showing body parts such as legs or arms. She would then find willing volunteers who were dressed similarly as the people on the book covers, then get them to recreate the pose. Carol would then hold the book between the camera and the person, making it look as if the image on the cover was spilling out into real life.

Thai rice farmers

***EXCLUSIVE*** Farmers stroll through an idyllic green haven as sunlight creeps through the trees. The father and son carefully balance sticks holding stalks of jasmine rice on their shoulders as they walk through the field collecting seedlings during the rainy season in Sakon Nakhon Province, Thailand. Amateur photographer Thirawatana Phaisalratana said the farmers, who own the fields, grow rice to eat at home and sell the surplus at markets. Buffaloes are also used to prepare the rice fields which sit on a 30-acre hilltop.

Squirrels 'walks' on water

***EXCLUSIVE*** A squirrel appears to be sat on water as it pauses while crossing a shallow pond. The small red European squirrel was searching in the clear water for acorns. The unusual images were taken in Drunen, in the Netherlands by amateur photographer, Larissa Rand.

Star trails over a town in Norway

***EXCLUSIVE*** Star trails are observed over the town of Tromso in Northern Norway. Tromso's Arctic Cathedral can be seen centre of frame as the colourful towns lights reflect in the water of the Norwegian Sea. The image is made up from 345 single images stacked on top of one another, with 10 second exposures and a two second gap between each one and so covers a time of one hour and eight minutes. The photographer from Kreuzlingen, Switzerland, Rainer Awiszus-Emser said, 'The colours in the water is a result from reflections of the town lights, lit boats and facilities on the opposite bank.' 'Due to stacking of 345 pictures the water surface is smoothened resulting in more distinctly appearing light pillars.' 'In addition I used a “Natural Night Filter” that blocks wavelengths of light causing light pollution in cities - usually from mercury and sodium vapour lamps. That gives a much more natural appearance to the picture if you take photos near towns emanating light pollution.'