Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Woman so ashamed that she kept her bra on during sex embraces thick body hair

***EXCLUSIVE*** Woman so ASHAMED of her body hair that she wouldn’t remove her BRA DURING SEX finally embraces it - despite men offering to lend her their RAZOR. Artist, journalist and performer, Bethany Burgoyne (29) from London, UK, was just 11 years old when she started shaving her legs and under-arms. By the time she reached the age of 14, she stopped shaving and used an epilator or wax strips to remove her body hair as shaving would leave her body covered in rashes. For years she felt conditioned by society to remove her hair or she’d be „unattractive”. She would feel too ashamed to wear a bikini, skirts, crop tops and shorts without removing her body hair and her nipple hair would make her feel so insecure that she couldn’t take her bra off during sex. She spent years seeing people spend their money on surgery to change their appearance and meet society’s standards of beauty. The older she got, the more frustrated she felt at keeping up and maintaining her look. The cost was becoming too much and in November 2018, she decided to stop. She stopped waxing or epilating her leg hair, armpits and bum. In March 2019, she took it a step further and stopped removing her stomach hair and pubes. The process of accepting her natural body hair took some time and initially she would only visit places with less judgemental people such as female spas and nudist beaches. In August 2019, she was on the Channel 4 show Naked Attraction, which made her feel „liberated” and since then she was inundated with comments from people who admired her choice to embrace her body hair. She decided to set up an Instagram account dedicated to sharing her journey. Despite receiving negative comments from men online who mock her and offer to lend her their razor or pay for her to wax, she says it has been the best move she’s made.

Meet the globe-trotting pensioner who went travelling to get over her divorce and is now one of the world's oldest social media influencers - with 60,000 followers

***EXCLUSIVE*** Linda Malys Yore, 67, decided to become a travel blogger two years ago after going through a "painful divorce" from her husband of 26 years. Last year alone she visited ten countries, went on three cruises and lived a life of luxury in some of the world’s most iconic and impressive cities.

This is the dramatic head cam moment a skier rescued a woman who was trapped and running out of air under the snow after she fell while off-piste

***EXCLUSIVE*** Will Field, 23, came across the 19-year-old chalet host after he spotted her legs poking out from the snow on a remote rarely-used track. He rushed to her side and worked around her flailing legs to dig her out in a race against time, at the same time as trying to get her to calm down. Holiday rep Will, from Coventry, West Mids., said his friend had a lucky escape and could easily have lost her life.

Personal trainer who once ate 8,000 calories a day loses 240lbs in ONE YEAR and has excess skin cut off

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the newly-certified personal trainer who was eating nearly 8,000 calories a day before losing 240 pounds in a single year and getting his excess skin removed. „On March 20th 2017 I was 450 pounds” said Nick Riccio, 24, of Scranton, Pennsylvania who now weighs a healthy 190 pounds. „I had to be eating at least 6,000-8,000 calories a day. It was insane. I would drink two-liters of Mountain Dew or Brisk Ice Tea every day.”

Photo competition titled #Work2020

***EXCLUSIVE*** This stunning image of two women standing amid of swirl of purple water lillies has scooped the top prize in a global photo competition. The photograph titled ' Washing water lillies' shows the women standing in the middle of a circle of brightly coloured flowers they have picked from a lake in Vietnam. It was one of more than 9,000 images entered in a worldwide competition titled #Work2020 hosted by free to use photography app Agora.

A surprised nursery teacher found a secret German command bunker buried near their school complete with graffiti from Nazi occupation

***EXCLUSIVE*** Christine Le Huray is a teacher at the Monkey Puzzle School went to take a picture of the pupils from a nearby garden when she stepped discovered a hole. She thought it was nothing and tried to cover it with stones, but they kept disappearing and the whole started to get bigger. A team was called in to investigate and the hole turned out to be the entrance to a hidden German command bunker made during the Nazi occupation of Guernsey.

This bizarre video shows a woman taking part in a competitive ALLIGATOR wrestling competition - and putting her head in its mouth

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ashley Lawrence, 32, splashed about with the dangerous reptile for a staggering six minutes at a recent event - and lived to tell the tale. She used traditional hand capture techniques devised by the local Native American Seminole Tribe to safely capture the animal - before showing off for the crowd. Ashley - who stands at 4 ft 11 inches and weighs just over 50kg - wowed spectators at the Freestyle Alligator Wrestling Competition in Brighton, Florida.

A nine-year-old boy has become one of the only people in the world to beat a super-rare cancer after life or death surgery to remove and then reinsert his liver

***EXCLUSIVE*** Saul Hayden was diagnosed with stage four malignant rhabdoid tumour of the liver after he complained of a sore tummy and his mum, Vicki Kay-Spruce, 32, found a lump. Doctors warned it was one of the rarest forms of cancer, and medical journals revealed just 53 other people in the world had fought the disease - and only five had ever survived. But the little fighter underwent ten rounds of chemotherapy before pioneering surgery to remove his liver, get rid of the cancer, and put it back in.

These astonishing pictures show a striking white peacock with its full plumage on display

***EXCLUSIVE*** The 'rare' bird was photographed at Bird Gardens Scotland in Oxton, Scottish Borders as the elegant creatures perform their mating rituals. The centre, which has been operating for around five years, is hoping to see at least four peacock chicks born this spring. The sanctuary is home to four - two female and two male - white peacocks, which are three-years-old and originate from south Asia.

I’ve got it!

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the hilarious moment a photographer captured a hungry rodent FLYING towards the camera with it’s dinner still in it’s mouth. Julian Rad, 28 from Austria took the hilarious picture of the gravity defying wood mouse in a forest area in Vienna, Austria.