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British boy, nine, beats ultra-rare cancer after surgeons remove his liver to cut out killer cells then reinsert it - making him one of only a six to survive aggressive form of disease in world

***EXCLUSIVE*** A nine-year-old boy has become one of the only people in the world to beat a super-rare cancer after life or death surgery to remove and then reinsert his liver. Saul Hayden was diagnosed with stage four malignant rhabdoid tumour of the liver after he complained of a sore tummy and his mum, Vicki Kay-Spruce, 32, found a lump. Doctors warned it was one of the rarest forms of cancer, and medical journals revealed just 53 other people in the world had fought the disease - and only five had ever survived. But the little fighter underwent ten rounds of chemotherapy before pioneering surgery to remove his liver, get rid of the cancer, and put it back in.

Woman, 24, feared she’d die after her pet dog Maverick chewed off her nose and lips in savage attack at home

***EXCLUSIVE*** CONNECTICUT, USA: This woman thought she was „GOING TO DIE” when she was savagely attacked FOUR TIMES by her own PET DOG - after he almost ripped her entire NOSE AND LIPS OFF. On January 14, 2020, Rebecca Oelker (24) who works in the military police, from Connecticut, USA, started her morning like any other; waking up early and going downstairs to let her blue heeler dogs, Maverick and Apollo go to the toilet. However, that morning Rebecca noticed that Maverick was behaving differently and wasn’t listening to her like he normally did and when she tried to take hold of his collar to encourage him to sit, Maverick growled at her and started attacking her by biting her hands and arms. Rebecca was knocked to the ground before Maverick proceeded to attack her face, almost biting her upper lip and nose off, coming back four times to attack her again. Rebecca feared she was going to die and rang her partner, Stuart, who was at work, for help. With Stuart’s encouragement, Rebecca managed to find the strength to get upstairs to the safety of the bathroom, away from her dogs. Six minutes later, the paramedics arrived to take Rebecca to hospital, where she was admitted to surgery to reattach her lips and nose to her face with over 100 stitches. Rebecca was in hospital for a week before being discharged and suffered severe swelling to her face, which she still has some now, as well as loss of sensation in her nose and upper lip. In addition to her facial injuries, Rebecca had to learn how to feed herself and hold a cup of tea again as her nerve damage to her arms and hands meant she couldn’t hold utensils to feed herself. Maverick was put down and since her ordeal, Rebecca has spoken to other dog attack survivors who say they felt isolated after sustaining their injuries, so she is sharing her story to show that survival is possible.

A mum and son who have been battling cancer together for almost four years have now both been given the all-clear

***EXCLUSIVE*** Mum, Vici Rigby, and her son, George, from Bromsgrove, Worcs., were diagnosed with cancer within a few months of each other. Vici, 40, was diagnosed first with stage four colorectal cancer and just five months later her four-year-old son, George, was found to have acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. In the autumn of 2016, she started treatment for the disease.

Beatles auction

United States: Julien's Auctions, the world record-breaking auction house to the stars, has announced THE BEATLES AT HARD ROCK CAFE, to take place on the 50th anniversary of the Fab Four's historic breakup on Friday, April 10 live in the heart of Times Square at Hard Rock Cafe New York. The band performed on this stage at Lathom Hall in Liverpool, England on May 14, 1960 for one night only as The Silver Beats (their original band name) in their first advertised concert booked by Liverpool promoter Brian Kelly. The stage, steeped in Beatles legend, was also the scene of the infamous fight involving original bass player Stu Sutcliffe, which some claim led to his death sixteen months later due to head injuries received during this fight. John Lennon also broke a finger in the scuffle while coming to the aid of his friend. The group, whose name became The Silver Beetles and then finally as The Beatles, would play at Lathom Hall on ten more occasions.

Miniature 18th century dolls’ house

***EXCLUSIVE*** An 18th century dolls’ mansion - complete with wallpaper and a working servant's bell - is on show at the grand stately home that inspired it. The miniature version of Nostell, near Wakefield, West Yorks., is one of only 12 houses from the 1700s to survive - and the only one still in its original location. The mansion has been perfectly reproduced down to the last matchstick of furniture, a made-up bed and hallmarked silverware. It is being displayed in a purpose-built, dramatically lit gallery space.

Hindus throw colourful powder in the air at Holi Festival

***EXCLUSIVE*** Thousands of Hindu devotees play with colorful powders (Gulal) at Radharani Temple of Nandgaon in Mathura during the festival as per the Traditional practices of Hindu Mythology Holi Festival of India is one of the biggest celebration in World as many Tourists and devotees gather to observe this colorful festival. The photos were taken by photographer Avishek Das in the town of Nangaon in India and show people throwing the different coloured powder into the air.

Amazing details of beetles look like aliens from another planet

***EXCLUSIVE*** Spellbinding close up photos of beetles almost make the tiny insects look like space invaders. Amateur photographer Javier Rupérez captured the 'extreme macro' shots of the beetles - which were just 2cm to 5cm long - in his studio. The 59-year-old, from Malaga, Spain, said: "I enjoy taking photographs that show the beauty of nature and these creatures are so special - they live among us but we are not able to appreciate their beauty until we look up close.

A spit of land is transformed by a sea of red chilis

***EXCLUSIVE*** Tens of thousands of brightly coloured chillies are arranged in large red blocks as they dry in the sun. A large spit of land jutting out into the ocean is transformed as workers prepare the chillies before they are delivered to spice companies to be made into powder. Workers move among them, using bamboo sticks to sort and move the colourful peppers. Photographer Azim Khan Ronnie captured these shots in Bogra, a major city in Bangladesh.

Animals at waterhole at night

***EXCLUSIVE*** An unusual collection of photographs shows some of Africa's biggest animals reflected in the dark depths of a waterhole. The darkness creates a studio-style effect as impala, elephants, and warthogs drink from the oasis. Award-winning wildlife photographers Ann and Steve Toon captured the images in a game reserve called Zimanga, in South Africa.