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Four-year-old cosplayer wins fans everywhere with his amazing outfits

***EXCLUSIVE*** GLENDALE, CALIFORNIA, USA: This four-year-old boy has become an INSTAGRAM SENSATION after posting pictures of himself dressed as his favourite movie heroes and villains. Logan Winter Dominic (4) from Glendale, California, USA, has garnered an impressive 15,000 Instagram followers thanks to his unique after-school hobby - cosplaying. It all started when a two-year-old Logan asked his stay-at-home dad, Emanuel Rodriguez (33), to make him a Deadpool costume. From there, he caught the cosplaying bug and he’s since debuted over 16 looks at comic and film conventions across the state of California. Logan is quite the actor and researches his characters thoroughly before he makes a public appearance. He prides himself on knowing each character’s famous quotes - including those of Captain America, Pennywise, Kylo Ren, and Wolverine.The hard work certainly pays off, Logan attracts quite the crowd at his convention appearances - something that startles Emanuel more so than Logan. Cosplaying has now become a family affair as Emanuel and Logan have sported several father-son duo costumes - including Spider-Man and Venom. At his next appearance at Fandom Invasion in November 2020, Logan is being featured as a guest - allowing all his fans to meet him. Logan hopes to continue to spread joy debuting his detailed looks.

A transgender actress who fears she will struggle to land female stage roles because of her manly jawline is fund-raising for 'feminisation' facial surgery

***EXCLUSIVE*** Striking Amelia Hindle, who has gender dysphoria, says she needs £15,000 for surgery to make her jawline more feminine but which is not covered on the NHS.  The procedure to re-define her jawline and nose is not covered by the NHS as it is deemed cosmetic surgery.  But the 23-year-old, born Joseph Damon Hindle, says it would transform her life.

Rare ‘Star Wars’ toys attract big money at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** An incredibly rare Star Wars action toy that never made it to sale for safety fears is now expected to sell for £100,000. The plastic figure was an early prototype of the cult bounty hunter character Boba Fett. It was made by makers Kenner in 1979 - a year before Boba Fett appeared for the first time in The Empire Strikes Back. The preliminary version of the 3.75ins figure came with a rocket-firing backpack that projected a small plastic missile through the air. But Kenner ultimately decided against mass-producing the toy amid fears children might swallow and choke on the piece of plastic.

Harry Houdini's 'trick' steel crate he used in his infamous underwater escapes goes up for auction for $70,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** Harry Houdini's 'trick' steel crate which he used for his daring underwater escapes has emerged for sale for £55,000. ($70,000) The illusionist would box himself into the claustrophobic 28ins by 36ins container which he had to get out of and swim to the surface. It has a solid lid which was designed to be padlocked to his body, with small holes on each side to let water gush in. But all was not as it seemed as the crate actually has a sliding trap door on the bottom he was able to get through. This crate, which was used in the 1953 film Houdini starring Tony Curtis, is going under the hammer with auctioneer Bonhams New York.

A brave mum is learning to walk and talk again after she suffered a stroke which left her paralysed just a week after giving birth to her stillborn son

***EXCLUSIVE*** Caitlan Geere, 23, and her husband Mitch, 26, lost their son Lucas when she was eight months pregnant, after the little one suffered a haematoma in the womb. She was so far along she had to give birth, and unbeknown to Caitlan and the medics, she ruptured a nerve during the traumatic delivery. It caused a blood clot to form in her brain and six days after losing her son she suffered a stroke while at a wedding.

James Bond-themed luggage collection

***EXCLUSIVE*** British luggage brand Globe-Trotter has just released a three-piece collection commemorating the upcoming James Bond: No Time To Die movie. The collection is comprised of a four-wheel check-in trolly case, four-wheel carry-on trolly case, and a luggage tag. The cases arrive in classic Ocean Green and are made from vulcanized fibreboard with black leather trim. Price at 1905 USD.

Tiny one-acre island off Connecticut goes on the market for $4.9m complete with four-bed mansion

***EXCLUSIVE*** The tiny 1 acre island has just come on the market, but you may need to find the legendary treasure of Captain Kidd first before you can afford the £3.8 million asking price. The 17th century British pirate is said to have buried his loot somewhere nearby although to this day it remains unfound. 'Potato' is part of the tiny Thimble island group situated just off the coast of Branford in Long Island Sound. And despite its seemingly remote location it is only 85 miles from New York City.

Roger Moore's Lambo sells for £300,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** An incredibly rare Lamborghini driven by Sir Roger Moore in his favourite film role has sold for almost £300,000. The silver Islero S racer was built in 1969 as one of just five right-hand drive examples produced by the Italian marque. Shortly after leaving the factory it starred in the psychological thriller The Man Who Haunted Himself which featured Moore as Harold Pelham. Although the film achieved very little success at the box office, Moore later described it as his favourite role as he 'actually got to act'. It went under the hammer with auctioneers Historics of Iver, Bucks.

This hilarious collection of images showcases some of the bafflingly surreal and downright terrible art donated to charity shops around the world

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the hideously brilliant collection of terrible art donated to charity shops around the world - including a drowning Jesus and a questionable portrait of Princess Diana. Judging by our shortlist, it seems wannabee artists quite enjoy donating their own works of art to their local charity shops. Among the best was a painting of Jesus - who looks suspiciously like Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters - rescuing a child in a lifejacket from a flood. The amazing work of art was found by a charity shop hunter in a church charity shop in London.

These adorable photos show 11 newborn lambs dressed in woolly jumpers to keep them warm

***EXCLUSIVE*** The adorable creatures live at Auchingarrich Wildlife Centre, in Comrie, Perth and Kinross, where they sleep in a ‚Äėhatchery‚Äô in a little pen at night. For the next six to eight weeks the lambs will be bottle fed four times a day by staff at the centre before they are weaned and put back in the field. Owner Maxine Scott, 62, said: ‚ÄúThe lambs are taken away from their mum because they are either twins or triplets or she doesn‚Äôt have enough milk to feed them.

Lost bust of Alexander the Great rakes in small fortune

***EXCLUSIVE*** A retired gardener who dug up a 2,000-year-old marble bust of Alexander the Great at a country estate has sold it for almost £400,000. The heavy sculpture had been buried decades ago within the grounds of Sutton Place, a Tudor mansion that belonged to Jean Paul Getty in the 1960s and '70s. The American oil magnate sold the Surrey mansion to renowned art collector Stanley Seeger who set about transforming the gardens. The employee unearthed the 15ins tall bust during the work in about 1984.

A thirsty giraffe appears to do the splits in order to get a drink from a watering hole in this striking image

***EXCLUSIVE*** Photographer Steve Roos was able to lay down on the ground just metres in front of the long-limbed animal to capture the incredible moment. Because of its long neck, the giraffe had to awkwardly shuffle his front legs legs to lower his body enough to get close to the water source.