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Brave seven-year-old girl whose first 'pimple' turned out to be a rare form of CANCER is hailed as a 'hero' after raising $60,000 for other sick kids by making bracelets during treatment

***EXCLUSIVE*** CALIFORNIA, USA: This brave seven-year-old was proud of her FIRST PIMPLE until it turned out to be CANCER – but she hasn’t let it stop her raising THOUSANDS for others like her. In summer 2019, Lynden Smith (7) from Rancho Mission Viejo, California, USA, excitedly ran into her parents’, stay at home mum, Amanda (33) and director, Dan (50), bedroom to show off her ‘first pimple’ on her lower back. A week later the pimple had changed shape and colour so Amanda and Dan took their little girl to the doctor who gave them medication for an ‘infected hair follicle’. Two days later, Lynden developed major swelling in her right groin. This time the doctors took samples and sent them for tests. In late July, Lynden was told she had a rare form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. She had cancerous tumours in her chest and groin and was required to undergo six intensive phases of chemotherapy and months of gruelling hospital appointments. Instead of feeling scared, Lynden drew a deep breath after receiving her diagnosis before turning to her mum and asking if she could donate a few dollars to the children’s cancer charity box in her local McDonalds on the way home. The heroic little girl’s maturity and bravery continued to stun her family, friends, and community as she underwent her brutal treatment for her stage three cancer. When faced with a low point, Lynden poured herself into a creative activity to take her mind off her troubles. She started making bracelets which she called ‘Lynden’s Lotuses’. Amanda encouraged her daughter’s arts and crafts and even began selling the bracelets with all proceeds to be sent to the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation, a non-profit organisation that invests in cutting-edge childhood cancer research. Over the last six months, Lynden’s Lotuses have raised an astonishing £45,000 ($58,000) for severely sick children. The seven-year-old’s positive outlook and sweet nature had made her a role model for sick youngsters across the USA and the world, who follow her on her popular Instagram and Facebook pages. Even better news came through for the Smith family a few weeks ago when Lynden was given the all clear and told that her tumours had disappeared.

Meet the oldest trapeze artist in the world

Betty Goedhart is quite literally flipping into Guinness World Records 2019, performing extraordinary stunts at an age where many wouldn't dream of such as physically demanding hobby. Now aged 86, she has held the title for the Oldest performing flying trapeze artist (female) since 1 July 2017. Betty’s inspiration stems from her childhood when her parents took her to the circus in Kansas City and she witnessed trapeze artists for the very first time. However it wasn’t until her 78th birthday when a friend bought her trapeze lessons that she ever considered trying it for herself. While many would doubt their ability to try the activity at her age, Betty has been fearless from all of the challenges she persevered through while growing up. Betty lived in England for 38 years where she took up horseback riding with her children and played Polo. And she has a message for anyone wanting to attempt a record themselves: "Everyone out there trying to accomplish their goals, should remember that a winner is just a loser who tried one more time. "Isn't it fun to do the impossible."


World’s most emo girl transforms herself with massive elf ears, face piercings and tattoos

***EXCLUSIVE*** HYVINKAA, FINLAND: This woman has completely TRANSFORMED her face with TATTOOS, PIERCINGS and a SPLIT TONGUE - and it all began when she was just THIRTEEN. Artist, Salla Mikkonen (22) from Hyvinkää, Finland, was first interested in goth culture at the age of 11 and got her first procedures, a lip piercing and ear stretchers, two years later when she was just 13. Since then, Salla has spent between £871 (1,000) and £1,306 (1,500) on adapting her look through extreme body modification procedures. The Finnish artist’s ears are now stretched to a whopping 1.65 inches, and she has tattoos on her face, neck, chest, ribs, stomach, arms, legs and hands. Salla’s favourite modification though is her split tongue which she says was very painful and left her unable to swallow for days after she had it done in 2018. While tongue-splitting for cosmetic purposes is illegal in the UK, the 22-year-old who had the procedure done in her home country, said it was worth the pain and suffering.

Stunning photos reveal unique beauty of Ethiopia's much-feared Mursi tribe - renowned for their capacity for MURDER

***EXCLUSIVE*** ETHIOPIA: Stunning photos capture the fierce, fashionable, and formidable women of a much-feared African tribe. Remarkable picture of the Mursi tribe, a community of 10,000 people in remote Ethiopia, shows a menacing woman cradling an AK47; a proud wife showing off her dotty 7-inch lip plate; and an elderly woman proudly displaying her impressive seashell attire whilst clutching a lip plate of her own. Another striking shot shows a teenager who has deliberately cut themselves and rubbed ash into the broken skin to make a pattern - a process known scarification.

A police officer has been criticised on social media after video footage of him ROLLER SKATING on patrol went viral

***EXCLUSIVE*** PC Demetrius Washington was recorded by colleagues showing off his skills on a half pipe at a skate park in Birmingham over the weekend. But some web users were quick to slam the officer for taking time off from his duties while he "should have been out catching criminals." West Midlands Police said PC Washington had been on patrol investigating a spate of robberies in Stechford, Birmingham, when he decided to "engage with the kids." Stechford Police posted on Twitter: „Conducting patrols in Oaklands Rec in relation to recent robberies and engaging with the kids, PC Washington thought it would be good to dust the skates off and show them how it's really done.” The video has attracted a mix response on social media with some praising his "impressive" tricks while others questioned the use of police time.

Photographer captures incredible moment eagle flies off with pig

***EXCLUSIVE*** AUSTRALIA: Astounding photos prove that pigs DO fly after a massive eagle swoops down and carries one off. The remarkable encounter, captured by a 75-year-old photographer in Australia, shows a pair of huge sea eagles carrying a pig over a lake before settling down to feast on the unfortunate porker. Clarke Espie (75) was driving back to his campsite in the Cromarty Wetlands in his native Queensland when he heard a high-pitched shriek from the skies above. Instinctively grabbing his camera, Espie was shocked to see a piglet screaming though the air in the clutches of an enormous raptor.

Affectionate moment between polar bear and cubs

***EXCLUSIVE*** A polar bear enjoys an affectionate moment with its cubs. A polar bear appears to be giving its young cub a kiss on the lips as they rest together in the snow. The three month old cub tilts its head upwards as its sibling sits between its mothers legs.