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Age-defying grandad-of-seven, 56, who is regularly mistaken for a man in his thirties - reveals the secrets to his youthful looks and six-pack

***EXCLUSIVE*** An age-defying grandad-of-seven has revealed the simple secrets behind his youthful looks and Instagrammable six-pack. Andy Wilkinson, 56, from Coventry, West Midlands is regularly mistaken for a man in his thirties and is approached by women decades younger than him. Personal Trainer, Andy - who has even been mistaken for his daughter’s BOYFRIEND - has explained how anyone can achieve lasting youth through a simple healthy lifestyle and curbing stress. He says that sleeping in a blacked-out room for quality sleep, working out no more than three times per week, cutting back on carbs and portions as you get older and reminding yourself that „everything will be ok” is the secret to his ageless appearance. Andy - who has seven grandchildren between the ages of 6 to 10 (Louis, 10; Sophia, 8, Isla 9; Chloe, 7; Lola-Ray, 3; Evan, 8; Noah, 6) from his three children Claire, 37, Lee, 35 and Sarah, 33 with a previous partner - says: „I know I look much younger than my age and often get mistaken for being in my thirties rather than my fifties.”

This is the moment a man proposed to his girlfriend at 10,000 feet before they skydived back to earth together

***EXCLUSIVE*** Blake Miller, 26, popped the question to Laura Wittmann, 26, by getting down on one knee in the plane taking them to their death-defying jump. Laura, a behavioral therapist, was shocked when Blake, a welder, pulled out an engagement ring as they both sat in harnesses. She immediately said yes and kissed her boyfriend of four years, resulting in a hilarious clash of their helmets.

Single mom, 52, who says her abusive ex-husband ruined her breast implants by 'twisting them when he was drunk' proudly shows off her new 36K chest after paying $10K to fix the damage

***EXCLUSIVE*** TEXAS, USA: This woman’s ex-husband was so JEALOUS of her BREAST IMPLANTS that he would TWIST THEM when they argued - forcing her to spend over SEVEN-THOUSAND-POUNDS replacing them. Fashion designer, Tonia Land (52), from El Paso, Texas, USA, has always taken pride in her appearance. The single mum and proud cat mum creates costume hats and derby hats - some of which have been featured in New York fashion week - so has a keen eye for style. Tonia decided to overhaul her image starting in her thirties when she underwent her first breast augmentation surgery. The 400cc saline implants cost Tonia Ł4550 ($6000). Following that, Tonia upgraded to 800cc silicone implants in her forties at a cost of Ł6050 ($8000). After ending an abusive relationship with her ex-husband in 2018, Tonia went in for her third and final breast surgery to achieve the biggest possible size and to fix damage that he had caused. Her ex-husband would twist her breasts when he was drunk. Tonia was able to have 2000cc implants inserted - costing her Ł7600 ($10000). Overall, this had brought her breast cup size from a 36B to a 36K. Now, Tonia is proud of her body and is set on ageing gracefully. She is keen on fitness and highlights the importance of eating well. She hopes to show other women that there is life after turning 50.

An arcade owner in Westward Ho!, Devon has put toilet roll, soap and hand sanitiser as prizes - in GRABBER machines

***EXCLUSIVE*** An arcade owner has put toilet roll, soap and hand sanitiser as prizes - in GRABBER machines. Rob Braddick, 48, owns Ho Barts Amusement Arcade and noticed that stocks of toilet roll were running low in his local supermarket. He then decided to buy as many as he could, and used his stock to replace the toys and teddy bears in his grabbing machines. Rob said that there were still products available to buy in his area, but hoped that people would flock to his amusement arcade in Westward Ho!, Devon, when they got desperate.

A care home is helping 'sundowning' dementia residents who get worse through the day by opening a PUB inside

***EXCLUSIVE*** The Cock & Bull pub allows OAPs to mingle and have a drink at The Rectory Care Home in Taunton, Somerset. It specialises in dementia and some residents feel the effects of 'sundowning'. The phenomenon sees symptoms of dementia get worse later in the day and into the evening, seeing residents become more confused and restless.

The woman who brought the first sphynx cat to Britain 30 years ago and still has SIX has defended them after they were labelled the ugliest in the world

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jan Plumb, 75, has spent decades nurturing the hairless felines with an impressive 45 passing through her care over the years. She currently owns six of her own who keep her busy alongside her role as secretary and welfare officer for The Sphynx Cat Club. Jan raised her first cat after bringing it to these shores from the Netherlands in 1988 and then began breeding.

A dog that was so badly treated it ended up losing a LEG has been rescued, and is now looking for a new home

***EXCLUSIVE*** Rocco suffered a broken leg, and many fractures including to its ribs, cheek, and skull after being attacked. But instead of taking the dog to a vet, Rocco's cruel owners left him to suffer and the RSPCA stepped in.