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Man on a mission to cycle around the world

***EXCLUSIVE*** A middle-aged man bored after doing the same job for 20 years jacked it in and sold his house to pursue his dream of cycling 28,000 miles around the world. Engineer Ian Finlay, 52, made the „reasonably daft” decision to pack his things and pedal around the world on his bike after being inspired by reading travel books. The „stars aligned” for the process engineer who was unhappy at his job and in the process of splitting with his partner around the time of his 50th birthday.

Pensioner, 78, has spent more than six decades diving with killer tiger sharks

***EXCLUSIVE*** PANAMA CITY, PANAMA: Meet the brave SEVENTY-EIGHT-YEAR-OLD pensioner who has been diving with DEADLY TIGER SHARKS for over SIXTY YEARS. Breath-taking shots show American underwater cinematographer, Mike Bolton (78) from Panama City, Panama, coolly hi-fiving the nose of a fearsome tiger shark. Another shows Mike - just inches from dangerous teeth - calmly stroking under a shark’s chin. And an above water shot shows all-smiles with Mike’s supportive wife Becky (67), who helps with his dives. Mike has been diving since he was 17 and has been a professional ocean photographer since the days of Kodak film. Mike’s recent „jaw-some” portfolio was taken on a Sony a7rll around the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. The ex-competitive spear fisher has dived for buried 17th century treasure, but his true passion is to learn more, stay humble and pass on to others his experiences and knowledge about sharks and ocean conservation.

Don't play with your food! Five lion cubs stroke a baby giraffes back and neck before killing it

***EXCLUSIVE*** SOUTH AFRICA: The shocking moment FIVE YOUNG LIONS tenderly PLAY with a BABY GIRAFFE before savagely turning it into lunch has been caught on camera. Images and video footage show a pride of cubs as they disregard table manners and play with their prey by calmly brushing and stroking the neck of the poor giraffe before finishing it off with a sharp gnaw in the neck. The young giraffe is eaten alive and continues to spasm long into the video recording as the hungry lions tuck in. Heart-breaking images show the giraffe?s mother forlornly watching on as her dead-eyed child, along with a big cat?s blood-eyes stare down the barrel of the camera lens. The dramatic family feast was captured by amateur photographer and doctor, Desmond Chu (47) from Sydney, Australia. Shot in the Madikwe Game Reserve, South Africa, on a Nikon D800 and Nikon D500, Desmond was remarkably only 16 feet from the kill.

Ultra-rare prototype of Nintendo PlayStation sells for $360,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** Back in December last year, Heritage Auctions had offered up the last surviving prototype of the “Nintendo Play Station,” and last month, within 24 hours of bidding, its price had already soared beyond $200,000 USD. Now, the retro device has been officially sold for a staggering $360,000 USD, marking a record price for the most expensive piece of video game memorabilia sold publicly.

GRIT AND GRACE: Women at Work

GRIT And GRACE: Women at Work: From India to Africa, tea fields to technology, women are the resilient hard-working backbones of their communities. Many of these women live in post-conflict or hard-to-reach areas, yet illuminate their shared determination to create better futures for their families through their creativity, ingenuity, and drive. These women from Africa, Asia and Latin America share stories of how they have risen above their circumstances to empower themselves through their tenacity and resiliency. On average, women make up just over 40 percent of the global agricultural labor force, yet own less than 20 percent of the land. Many have joined co-ops to learn the skills of building their business from kitchen garden to profitable business. Microloans and mobile money are taking women to another level. By starting their own businesses women are opening bank accounts and taking control of their own money. In many of these war torn countries, especially the Congo where a women is raped each minute of every day, nearly every woman has suffered some unspeakable atrocity. The numeracy, literacy, and job-training programs offered to these women gives them usable work skills. This offers them not only a sense of financial stability but equally as important it gives them a sense of self worth through like-minded community. Ask any of them why they do these jobs and it’s for the education and betterment of their children. Women in these countries are always somehow going to be the ones to figure it out for their families. Empowering women in the developing world not only benefits their immediate family, it benefits their whole village, their nation, our world.

The terrifying Island of the Dolls

Mexico, Mexico: The Island of the Dolls is a place that only Don Julian Santana Barrera inhabited for more than 25 years in a chinampa of Xochimilco and that today represents a horror scene for tourists, with a large number of dolls hanging from the trees and decorating the cabins It has become a worldwide attraction that represents folklore, terror and Mexican traditions in Mexico City, Mexico.

Carrots harvested in sea of orange

***EXCLUSIVE*** Farmers appear to work in a sea of orange as they sort thousands of carrots to take to market. The harvested carrots are washed before being sorted and packed into vibrant blue boxes. Photographer Abdul Momin pictured the farmers harvesting the carrots in Sirajganj, a city in Bangladesh.

Plywood stacked like giant crackers

***EXCLUSIVE*** They look like a stack of crackers you might eat, but on closer inspection you will spot a person drying plywood in a courtyard in northern Vietnam. The pieces of wood will take a full week to fully dry before they are sent to factories to be made into furniture.