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Woman who started graying at age 21 says she has never felt sexier or more confident since she embraced her gray hair in her thirties

***EXCLUSIVE*** A beauty influencer - who would obsessively dye her hair after she started going gray at age 21 - reveals she has never felt sexier, happier or more confident since she fully embraced her natural silver hair in her THIRTIES. Nikol Johnson Sanchez, now 44, from South Florida, USA feeling ashamed when she first discovered gray hairs at 21 years old whilst working as a model on a photoshoot. For over a decade, Nikol saw her changing hair colour as a negative sign of aging and went to great lengths to cover her silver locks - sometimes even dying her gray roots every two to three DAYS. However after the painful experience of infertility and failed IVF, Nikol decided enough was enough and ditched the dye for good at age 38.

A tiny home fit for a hobbit! Retired war veteran and police officer converts van into charming Lords Of The Rings inspired home where lives his dream life

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Royal Navy war veteran has converted a van into an incredible LORD OF THE RINGS themed home for himself. Former police officer Glen Herbert who served in the Royal Navy during the Falklands’ war is now living his dream of a „solitary pagan life” on the edge of Devon’s Dartmoor national park. Despite Glen’s experience in the forces, he very much think of himself as an artist and has poured his incredible talent for wood carving into the van. Glen has turned standard plywood into remarkable middle-earth inspire mirrors and carvings that festoon his 3.5 tonne Luton van. The van is even named after Radagast the Brown wizard, who appears in the Hobbit movies. Despite the spectacular nature of Glen’s creation, it could pass for a normal van as the shutters can cover all of the wood carvings. The only give away being the chimney that pokes out of the top.

A company that sells butt-shaped pillows has failed in its quest to secure the rights to Kim Kardashian’s famous derriere

***EXCLUSIVE*** The founder of „The Buttress Pillow” attempted to secure investment from Shark Tank’s TV business tycoons Kevin O'Leary and Daymond John - but the deal ultimately fell flat. „My main goal was to get Daymond to get us a meeting with Kim Kardashian” and get the rights to sell her butt [in the shape of a pillow] - claimed The Buttress Pillow’s founder Jia Guo in his online „butt blog”. „It was clear that they didn‚Äôt have time to be an active partner and were just in it for the money”, continued the disgruntled business owner, 27, who is based in Philadelphia, USA.

People living in fear of catching the deadly coronavirus are being offered the 'ultimate protection' - three ex-MoD nuclear, biological and chemical cabins

***EXCLUSIVE*** The green-coloured, aluminium Cold War cabins boast 'full protection' against viruses including COVID-19 and are being advertised on eBay for £15,000 a piece. The advert says the NBC Marconi cabins are fully operational and also protect against EMP (explosion of electromagnetic energy) and can accommodate two people.

These stunning images show friends playing hockey over ice with frozen bubbles

***EXCLUSIVE*** Full-time photographer Paul Zizka, 40, captured the shots last Winter at the Banff National Park, Canada. The bubbles trapped in the ice are formed from methane which is released by bacteria after consuming dead organic matter.  Mr Zizka, who played ice hockey on artificial rinks and on frozen ponds and lakes when growing up in Eastern Canada, said: "I love visiting the various frozen lakes throughout the area every year and this is an ongoing series I've been working on every Winter.

A man thought to be Britain's oldest ballroom dancer has no plans to hang up his dancing shoes - despite reaching the grand age of 100

***EXCLUSIVE*** Eric Castle has been a regular on the ballrooms of the UK and beyond for 88 years after he was taught to dance aged 12 by his older sister. The retired engineer even met his late wife Evelyn at a ballroom dance - and the toe-tapping couple would regularly glide along the floor together. Now, despite waltzing into his centenary year, he still attends a weekly dance class and even visits the famous Tower Ballroom in Blackpool three or four times a year.

Scotland's last flute maker

***EXCLUSIVE*** These pictures show beautiful handmade woodwind instruments - crafted by Scotland’s last flute maker. George Ormiston has been making flutes and piccolos for 42 years and is one of less than ten remaining manufacturers in the UK who make the instruments from wood. Geroge, 68, who played the flute as a boy, has two workshops - one in Bo’ness, Falkirk and another in Stirling - where he meticulously crafts his instruments by hand. The trade has been classified as endangered on the Heritage Crafts Association’s list of endangered crafts.

A beach artist spent two hours drawing an 100ft crocodile in the sand with a garden rake

***EXCLUSIVE*** Claire Eason’s huge reptilian artwork remained for about four hours before being washed away by the tide on March 9. The retired GP’s inspiration came from a line of exposed rocks which glisten in the sun when wet at Beadnell Bay in Northumberland.