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The 'Edge' - a $25b Hudson Yards development in Manhattan - officially opened to the public

The highest outdoor observation deck in the western hemisphere has just opened in New York City. The 'Edge' - a $25 billion Hudson Yards development in Manhattan - officially opened to the public on Wednesday. Soaring 100 floors, the viewing platform is a record 1,131 feet from the ground. It boasts views of NYC, New York state and New Jersey that span up to 80 miles. The attraction has angled glass walls that people can lean and a glass floor that shows the 100-floor drop below. The first of the visitors flocked to the viewing deck on Wednesday and were spotted lying on the glass floor to take in the views.

Man, 55, branded 'paedophile' and accused of grooming 25-year-old girlfriend

***EXCLUSIVE*** MISSOURI, USA: This man was branded a „PAEDOPHILE” and accused of „GROOMING” his partner who is THIRTY-THREE YEARS younger. In June 2014, mechanical engineer, Raynaldo Measimer (58) from Illinois, USA, noticed a comment posted by freelance model and fine artist, Ronyea Keyaira (25) from Missouri, USA, about her attraction to older men. He messaged her and they started chatting and exchanging pictures of each other. Once Ronyea sent him a few of her modelling pictures, he asked her out on a date. On the day they met, they fell in love at first sight and hit it off straight away. Despite people staring at them with judgmental glances, they continued to date each other. However, after years of dating, Raynaldo’s father passed away. This combined with their fear of being judged over their age gap caused them to withdraw from one another for a couple of years. However, in 2018 Ronyea texted Raynaldo to see how he was doing, and they reconnected. Their relationship got serious quickly and despite the backlash they received from strangers about their relationship, they have been going strong for the last two years. When Raynaldo, who has children from the ages of 10 to 19, introduced Ronyea to his mother, she initially thought he was only with her for sex, until she spent more time with them and realised their love was genuine. They have faced many conflicts throughout their relationship; Ronyea has been called a gold-digger and Raynaldo has been labelled a „paedophile” and „sugar daddy” by strangers. Despite all the criticism they’ve received, they have recently bought a house together and plan to have children in the future.

Say Cheese: couple wed at their favourite burger restaurant

Sharon Arteaga and Dylan Welch of Corpus Christi, Texas, celebrate their wedding at local fast-food restaurant, Whataburger. This burger-loving couple were the grand prize winners of a competition run by fast-food chain, „Whataburger”. The prize? An all paid for „Whatawedding”! Artega and Welch, who have been together for five years after meeting at univeristy, fell in love after meeting on a night out and discovering their mutual love for „Whataburger”. So, when the fast food chain ran a competition for six couples to be wed at their local restaurant, they didn’t hesitate. Winnners of the grand prize the couple were married at their local Whataburger, the chain's flagship bay side location, totally free of charge. The big day featured a few unique surprises like a decked-out Whataburger-themed Ford Shelby Cobra for the getaway car, an onion ring bearer, and free Whataburger meals during the orange-and-white-themed reception.

New species of centrotine treehopper named after Lady Gaga

***EXCLUSIVE*** Singer Lady Gaga had had a new species of treehopper bug named after her. American entomology student Brendan Morris spotted some unusual characteristics in the newly identified species first spotted 30 years ago. He said that treehoppers are the 'wackiest, most astonishing' bugs most people have never heard of and believed it struck similar characteristics to ‘flamboyant’ Lady Gaga.

Meet the man obsessed with service stations

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the man obsessed with service stations - including one he regularly visits for fun and another he had his HONEYMOON in. Chris Arnold, 31, says he finds motorway services ''exciting'', ''calming'' and ''glorious''. He spends a lot of time on the road and regularly posts his reviews of them online. Chris has a list of his top five favourites - including on the M6, M74 and A66.

Boy, 13, is sent home from school for selling squirts of hand sanitiser to fellow pupils for 50p a time

***EXCLUSIVE*** A little "Del Boy" has been sent home from school for charging classmates 50p a go - for a squirt of hand wash amid coronavirus fears. Oliver Cooper, 13, picked up the £1.60 tub of Johnson's child hand wash from a Tesco store as he waited for the school bus. He offered a squirt to his mates, who suggested he could charge people to use the cleansing product.

World’s smallest dinosaur discovered by scientists… and it looks like a two inch long pigeon

***EXCLUSIVE*** The world's smallest dinosaur has been discovered entombed in Burmese amber. It had wings, bulging lizard like eyes and a beak packed with 100 sharp teeth - and measured just TWO INCHES long. The unprecedented discovery has "blown away" scientists. The miniature bird-like dinosaur "looks like it just died yesterday", say the international team. It lived in Myanmar 100 million years ago - at the same time as its giant reptilian cousins.

Greenland and Antarctica are losing ice SIX TIMES FASTER than in the 1990s with sea levels set to rise 6.6 inches by 2100

Antarctica losing ice six times faster than expected. According to a new report, Greenland and Antarctica are losing ice six times faster than in the 1990s – currently on track with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s worst-case climate warming scenario. The findings, published in two separate papers in Nature, show that Greenland and Antarctica lost 6.4 trillion tonnes of ice between 1992 and 2017 – pushing global sea levels up by 17.8 millimetres. Of the total sea level rise coming from melting polar ice sheets, around 60% (10.6 millimetres) was due to Greenland ice losses and 40% was due to Antarctica (7.2 millimetres). The combined rate of ice loss has risen by a factor of six in just three decades, up from 81 billion tonnes per year in the 1990s to 475 billion tonnes per year in the 2010s. This means that polar ice sheets are now responsible for a third of all sea level rise.

Coronavirus sees Bentley unveil $2 million roofless car online

Bentley has unveiled the Mulliner Bacalar, a $2 million open-topped car with interior trim that's made from trees that fell 5,000 years ago, stating that only twelve of these vehicles will be made. The company had planned to reveal the Bacalar at the Geneva Motor Show, which was to open Thursday, but that event was cancelled due to concerns about the coronavirus. Like many other automakers slated to present at the show, Bentley decided to unveil the car online instead. The Bacalar is a Barchetta, a type of open car with no roof whatsoever. (The word means ''little boat'' in Italian.) There's not even a removable cloth top. So, in the event of rain, the Bacalar would be best served by staying in the garage. Named after a lake in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.

Man with the massive tuna which he wrestled from THREE sharks

***EXCLUSIVE*** Cole Harrison, 29, was on a 2,000 mile trip between Tahiti and Fiji in the South Pacific when he went on a dogtooth tuna fishing expedition near the Cook Islands. Incredible footage shows him snag a massive fish - but then enter a battle with three hungry reef sharks who wanted a meal. He was involved in a tug of war with the predators - with them pulling and biting on the tuna while he tried to reel in the catch.

This is the moment a highlining man crossed a mountain in the heart of Switzerland - while wearing a DINOSAUR costume

***EXCLUSIVE*** Samuel Volery, 35, from Zurich, Switzerland, went to the mountain Pilatus on Saturday to highline, to let some beginners highline and to shoot some videos. He soon came up with the spontaneous idea to see if he could walk the line while wearing the dinosaur costume.

Camel train with shadows

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two nomads lead their camels on their daily 80km trek through the desert beneath the bright sun. The camel's long legs cast shadows over the 50m high dunes they are being led across. The striking images were taken in the Sahara near the medieval trading town of Chinguetti, in Northern Mauritania. Photographer and guide Miguel Bruno captured the photographs while exploring the area with his clients.

Pair of otters enjoying lunch

***EXCLUSIVE*** A hungry young cub is seen eyeing up its mother fish supper as she takes a huge bite. The moment was spotted in the tropical wetland area of Pantanal, Mato Grosso, Brazil. The feast was captured during a guided tour of the area by investment banker Marco Pozzi, 49, from Milan. Marco said, "Our guide knew where the otters den was, we needed a bit of luck to find them though." "It was actually a sort of training fishing session for the otters, but the mum ending up eating the whole fish."