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Couple who spent £50 turning an old van into their eco-friendly home are now travelling the world 'sustainably' by driving slowly, recycling and living a 'minimalist lifestyle'

***EXCLUSIVE*** This couple moved into a van FULL-TIME to be more ECO-FRIENDLY and only spent FIFTY POUNDS renovating it. Social entrepreneur Nathen Fitchen (27) from Trowbridge, Wiltshire was brought up on a narrow boat on the UK’s canal network until he was 18 years old. From there he went to University College London and completed his degree in Earth Sciences in June 2014. After a short stay in France and Italy in 2014, Nathen knew he wanted a life on the road full time and has been living in vans since 2015, and only came back to the UK to earn a little extra money to continue his travels. But then in June 2018, Nathen met social entrepreneur, Josephine Blossfeld (22), when they were volunteering in Lisbon, Portugal. Although they’d only seen each other in passing before, they soon ended up living with the same mutual friend and it wasn’t long before Nathen had the itch to travel again. He asked her to come with him and they have been travelling together ever since. When the two lovers moved to New Zealand in 2019, they bought a 1993 Toyota Hiace for just Ł1,420 (2900NZD). They spent an additional Ł730 (1500NZD) on the mechanical work and managed to renovate the van with a tiny Ł50 (100NZD) budget.


30-stone ‘micro pig’ rescued from flat is now best friends with cockerel

***EXCLUSIVE*** A huge pig rescued from a first-floor flat by firefighters because she grew so fat is enjoying a new lease of life - after becoming best friends with a cockerel. Twiglet the porker had to be carried out on a stretcher after spending months gorging on takeaways, porridge and chocolate and ballooning to a whopping 30 stone. After four months at a rehabilitation centre the hog now boasts a slimmed down 25 stone figure and is "happier than ever" - after getting a feathery new friend. Thumper the cockerel arrived at the centre in November just weeks after Twiglet and the playful pair immediately struck up the most unlikely of friendships. The double act spend most days cuddled up in the barn they share together and Thumper can regularly be seen perched on his pal's broad back. Both animals reside at Peppers Field Equine & Poultry Rehabilitation Centre in Worksop, South Yorks., where sick, neglected and unwanted pets are looked after.  Trustee Chloe Watson, 33, said: "We're all really surprised and so happy about the relationship Twiglet and Thumper have struck up.

This tiny Harry Potter book handwritten by J K Rowling is expected to fetch up to £150,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** The 1.6inch x 2.4-inch green 31 page flip-book was handwritten by Rowling in 2004 - in between the release of the fifth and sixth books in her series. It contains quotes from the first Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone alongside little wizarding-themed cartoon drawings. Rowling, now 54, has used the tiny book to scrawl out the Hogwarts 'welcome' letter Harry receives at the start of the first book - which outlines the equipment Harry needs to attend the magic school.

Anti-nazi 'graffiti grandma'

***EXCLUSIVE*** 74 year old Irmela Mensah Schramm photographed at U Bahnhof Rathaus Steglitz, Berlin, Germany. From Deutsch Welle; ‘Irmela Mensah-Schramm has been well known in eastern Germany for decades for her specific fight against far-right hatred. The 73-year-old Berliner covers up fascist or neo-Nazi symbols and tags in public places with graffiti of her own, often sketching hearts, or simply painting over racist, offensive language. She also scrapes off stickers with xenophobic slogans.`

A grieving daughter is convinced the spirit of her late dad has been captured on camera by ghost hunters at a haunted pub where he used to be a regular

***EXCLUSIVE*** Katie Taylor, 33, believes the image of a "ghostly hooded monk" is a spitting image of her father Roger, who used to frequent The Black Dog, in Grantham, Lincs.  She made the chilling discovery as she scrolled through Facebook on the anniversary of his death and found an article about Retford Ghost Hunters.  The paranormal investigators had visited the 17th Century pub and shared their creepy findings on social media including the sighting of a ghostly figure.  Katie, of Sheffield, said she was left with goosebumps when she spotted the image of her dad staring back at her from beyond the grave.  And she was left in shock when she showed her mum - only be be informed Roger was a regular at that exact boozer when he lived in Grantham.

Photographer captures jaw-dropping cave ice formations

Alaska, United States: Anchorage-based creative Paxson Woelber has captured stunning photographs that illuminate the massive ice formations he recently stumbled upon in an Alaskan cave. Part of Castner Glacier in the Eastern Alaska Range, the expansive chamber is replete with glimmering crystals that jut down from the ceiling in some areas, whilst coating the walls in others. Enduring temperatures below 30 degrees Fahrenheit, Woelber discovered that the cave was formed by a stream that opened towards the back; geothermal heat warms the interior, causing the high temperature of the air inside to meet the colder drier air from outside just inside the cave’s mouth. This interaction causes moisture in the air to condense, creating the giant formations. The artist described the experience as feeling as if he were exploring the inner portions of an asteroid. „Near the mouth of the cave, branching tree-like crystals hung down over a foot from the roof of the cave” he says. „Toward the back, the crystals were smaller and more tightly-packed, like the crystals on the inside of a huge geode”.

Stunning moment B2 stealth bombers from the US fly in to RAF Fairford after carrying out training missions in Europe

Three USAF B-2 stealth bombers landed in Britain today as they continued to conduct military drills in NATO airspace amid heightened tensions with Russia. A Bomber Task Force deployment left the US base in Lajes Field, Portugal and performed bombing runs over Garvi Island before landing at RAF Fairford. The first plane arrived at around 11.15am in the Cotswolds, with two arriving at the RAF station late in the afternoon, Gloucestershire Live reports. According to a USAF press release, the B-2 Spirit aircraft - which are capable of carrying either conventional or nuclear warheads - conducted military drills with US NATO partners in Europe to 'deter adversaries' and reassure 'allies'.

Badger looks like it is levitating as it dashes through the snow

***EXCLUSIVE*** A badger looks like it is levitating as it dashes through the snow. The young animal tucked its paws and hind legs into its body as it was airborne, making it look as if it was hovering above the ground. This male badger broke into a run in this wooded area of Hlinsko, Czech Republic, after spotting food being handed out by animal rescue volunteers.

Four tigers climb trees for food

Bedfordshire, United Kingdom: Zookeepers snapped this striking image of four Amur tigers at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo - all practising their climbing skills at the same time to reach their breakfast. Parents Naya and Botzman led two of their 19-month-old cubs, Czar and Dmitri, on the synchronised climb, which was caught on camera by keepers.

Seaweed farming and fishermen in China

***EXCLUSIVE*** Neatly organised wooden racks at a seaweed farm create a mesmerising pattern. The photographs show seaweed farmers floating on small wooden boats as they tend to their crop. The sea vegetable is grown on the wooden racks here on the 40 sq km (15 sq mi) Xiapu mudflats, China, and is then distributed and sold across the country. Photographer Dr Kah-Wai Lin, 36, from New Jersey, USA.