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You can now Airbnb in an actual hobbit hole

***EXCLUSIVE*** FAIRFIELD, USA: Live like Frodo Baggins for a night in this real-life HOBBIT HOUSE - but hurry, it’s already fully booked until OCTOBER. Snuggled in the countryside of Virginia, Hobbit’s Dream is a gorgeous holiday home with a 100 per cent rating on the accommodation website Airbnb. Auburn circular wooden facades hark comparisons to fictional homes in Middle-earth. An enticing double bed complete with fur blankets hints to the ferocious beasts found in the The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Dragons, fireplaces, and fairy lights complete an inviting fantasy feel. While the ceilings are a little taller than the homes are in J.R.R Tolkien’s 1937 book The Hobbit, up to four guests can stay at the unique dwelling snuggled in leafy Fairfield, Virginia, United States. Although the property is currently fully booked until October, you can stay at the Hobbit House for just Ł199 a night. The luxurious listing is on offer thanks to Tolkien superfans Randy and Linda Holland. Mr Holland even offers vintage craftsmanship workshops for that authentic Tolkienesque-feel. Guests can take their self-carved wooden Hobbit Pipes, Wizard Staffs and broomsticks home with them after their once-in-a-lifetime stay.

This tiny Pomeranian dog has been left without a nose - following a cancer battle

***EXCLUSIVE*** Poa became known as 'Poa No Nose' after having surgery to remove the upper part of her snout to fight off a fast-growing cancer in her mouth and nose. The 13-year-old dog, who is three quarters Pomeranian and one quarter American Eskimo, was taken to five different vets but the could only offer therapy to slow the eventually terminal illness. Owner Anna Prosser, a producer and host living in Seattle, USA, eventually found a vet who said she could operate but warned the aftermath of surgery can be harder for humans than dogs because of the disfigured face can be difficult to look at. Ms Prosser said: "The vet reminded me that Poa didn’t look in mirrors, and as long as she could get snuggles and treats, she would heal and be perfectly happy. "Even when she was at her sickest, Poa made it clear that she had no intention of giving up so, given that option, I knew it was the right choice." Poa had surgery in August, three months after finding the cancer, and wore a cone and Ms Prosser said: "On some of the most terrible days, Poa sneezed blood, refused to eat, and was agitated all through the night. On good days, she slurped you wet dog food and didn’t hide any of her medicine in her doggy bed.

Union Jack bunting converted into Coronavirus masks

***EXCLUSIVE*** A market trader has shown British spirit by showing how to turn Union Jack bunting - into corona face masks. Mike Watts, 68, runs souvenir and gift shop A Nice Little Shop, in the Guildhall Markets in Bath, Somerset. And the canny shopkeeper has come up with a way to keep customers and tourists visiting his shop during the coronavirus panic - by stitching together his own, novel virus face mask. The garish mask is created from stitching together two pieces of Union Jack bunting, which is strung across Mike's shop, so that they resemble a pair of underwear.

Fit for a king!: Nine-bedroom 15th century medieval mansion with its own moat, pub, car museum and 110-acre grounds goes on the market for £4m

***EXCLUSIVE*** A medieval mansion with its own CAR MUSEUM and PUB could be yours for Ł4m. Striking photos of the nine-bedroom house, which dates back nearly 1,000 years, include the home’s dining room with its stunning hand-painted trompe-l'’il ceiling capturing the lush scenery surrounding the mansion; the cleverly designed car museum which depicts local village life; and the home?s stunning timber-framed façade complete with a moat and stone bridge. Another tempting photo shows the property’s very own traditional pub The Plough Inn - the perfect spot to while away a fortnight of self-isolation if the current coronavirus pandemic calls for it.